21 Best Wii U Roms Sites to Download for Cemu

Searching for sites and safe places to download Wii U Roms for Cemu. We have created a list of some of the most popular and working Wii U Roms Sites from where you can get Wii u Roms. For those of you who have no idea, CEMU is an emulator that can run all Nintendo Switch Wii U games with flawless in 4K, 6 GB Smash, and works on gaming consoles and Windows PCs.

Cemu games are Made by two people, Exzap and Petergov, the essential variation, 1.00, was released on October 13, 2015, while the current structure, 1.5.5, was released on August 15, 2016.

Cemu is a PC game solace emulator for the Wii U Roms or cemu Roms or Wii U Roms for Cemu that continues running on Windows.

Ordinarily, Exzap invigorates the emulator once as expected. It is so far the essential eight-age comfort emulator in nearness since the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One were not made sense of yet.

It is a huge improvement and assists with giving gamers an identical positive gaming foundation by concentrating on 60 FPS.

If you have no clue about where to get Wii u Roms or how to play Roms on Wii u then this article will clear all your doubts regarding this. 

Best Wii U Roms Sites to Download For Cemu [2022]

It has ended up being beneficial for the creators to make this work and gives you multi-controller sponsorship to play multiplayer Cemu games for what’s to come.

So, here are the games for wii u list sites to download all games available under one roof. 

1. Mario Kart

This is a baby of the Mario series. The series of Mario Kart comprises various Racing games that bind the gamers with its wonderful interface. This can be like a great tour if you are thinking to download its Wii u Roms on your console.

Mario Kart

In this series, motion controls perform various tactics and super performance tricks that enable users a real experience. There are 3D Graphics and shadow effects for better performance.

This series is suitable for the Wii gaming consoles and has multiplayer functionality also. Augmented reality makes users play most of the day. This was highlighted in many reviews.

Mario Kart series will be downloaded and installed in their CEMU emulators by gamers who are big fans of Mario kart since 1992. Also, not only by them but people fond of gaming can.

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2. Super Mario 3D world

super mario 3D world Wii U Roms Sites
super mario 3D world

These 3D-based Wii U Roms Sites was developed for gamers who are fond of 3D Effects. This game comes along with the ROM and Emulator that suits its design.

So, the search for the pair is not required for this wonderful 3D game world. Many users selected it due to its design of levels, sound basic graphics system, and presentation skills.

There are many proofs for the success of this world, and the console got its craze a lot. A total of 12 million products were sold. There are many new lovers also for this Cemu games.

This Wii game was selected for those gamers who are new to this gaming world and require some 3D designed gaming experience can download this game in their console and enjoy it a lot.

3. Splatoon

To get ”Wii u Roms for Dolphin” this is the site that can assist you the way to it. This shooting video Gaming technology was designed for gamers who are fond of shooting. This game comes along with the ROM and Emulator that needs a match.

Furthermore, some expansions came out for this game, like platoon 2, but these all are inclusive of a different interesting fictional character. That’s scary!


This game, due to its craze, got many contracts with third-person collaborating companies. The reviews are amazing. The gameplay of the humanoid forms starts from here.

This can also be downloaded with an interesting talent so that such deadly scary humans will load your console. Play these games on your console and get stuck to it!

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:-

This 3D action play-based Gaming technology was meant for the gamers who are waiting to save their kingdom. This game comes along with the ROM and Emulator that suits its design.

The ratings for the game are great, and it was the dual-mode tech of Action + Adventure. The kingdom savings method fascinated many of the gamers.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

HD visual effects, combat effects, voice blending technology helped the mission to be more successful. There are dual downloading managing tactics.

This helps downloads to be fast and more secure. This ROM + emulator can also be downloaded easily. Let’s download it, and its amazing gameplay makes us more impressed.

5. Super Mario Maker

This side-scrolling Gaming technology was developed for the gamers and lovers of Mario. This game comes along with all the requirements that suit its design.

The creative gaming technology of 2015 is completely clear and visible in this mind peace game for its users. That makes the user get more excited. The reviews are the best proof.

Super Mario Maker

This game allows experienced gamers to create their interesting game levels and publish them on their site through the internet for others.

Power-ups, goom base, and warp pipes allow the various unique elements like them to be in a single contract.

This makes the controls more powerful, and the experience levels reach the peaks. So download Wii u Roms from it and have a look at it.

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6. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

This is an innovative product for gamers who like Forest Arenas. This game has a unique platform that binds the gamers with its wonderful interface and its features also.

It was praised for its wonderful combat and music play in the background. The active selection of various features was not included here, but also, there is no sweat.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

The users can get this game with a single click. So that the process to download the game for the console gets easier here also. There are more users for this game also.

The design of levels and play of the game binds more reviews positively. Also, their level of difficulty will be a major discussion here. The side-scrolling unique gaming platform makes your console the hottest.

7. Xenoblade Chronicles X

 This 3D action play-based Gaming technology was developed for gamers who like adventures in the forest arena. This game comes along with the ROM and Emulator that suits its design.

This is an open-world super attractive action-playing game for eager gamers of Wii U. This is best for its music software. Also, for its visual screen display.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

It was praised for its wonderful visual shadow effects, combat, and music play in the background—the active selection of various features available here, such as selection of avatar and voice.

The built-in facial features also made its pace. The users can get the game easily with a single click.

So that the process to download the Cemu game for the console gets easier here also.

8. Pokken Tournament

This is also intended for playing the game ROM on the Wii U cemu roms. The game is specially designed for gamers who like the characters of the Pokemon series.

This Cemu game comes from the origin of fighting games like the Tekken series, and this also includes the various characters selected from the pokemon. The three different franchises made this product on the reel.

Pokken Tournament

The 2D,3D versions of this console-based technology made its users interact with the product. The users can get this game very easily with a single click.

This was a very well-known fighting game to the gamers, wherein the battleground two Pokémon take a great battle. Its television series is also available.

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9. Rom Hustler

One of the Best Places to Download Wii Iso, on this site, you can discover Wii U ROMs by determining console or catchphrases.

The primary motivation behind any Protected Room site is to avoid malware or infections, and this site will successfully address your issues.

The Cd ROM and emulators accessible here are principally founded on client evaluations and rankings. 

best place to download Wii iso
Rom Hustler

So you never need to stress over what you get! Moreover, a compact adaptation of Rome Hawker is accessible, which will be progressively helpful.

The latest version of Rom Hustler was launched in 2021. This is beneficial for gamers who are new to the gaming world because it provides a type of search, at which if you enter the keyword.

Then the results are so nearer to your desired ROM. There is an option of activating a security shield that saves your PC from dangerous risks. The ratings and reviews will boost your experience.

10. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

This is a game designed for new gaming platforms. This is an action scrolling special game for the user’s best interaction with adventure.

The users can get this game with all requirements easily. So that the process to download the game for the console gets easier here also.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

The Nintendo game was successful as compared to the previous game cube.

A one-way place for both Action and Adventure was available here. The scene of the gameplay was changed here with its high 108 pixels resolution.

There are many proofs for the success of this world, and the console got its craze a lot. The easy downloading procedure developed is also the main reason. Enjoy the real gaming experience.

11. Wii ISO


This fabulous site is designed only for gamers who are searching for their favorite game in ISO format. The search option will provide you every required game in ISO.

This site has a wide range of Wii Game ROM’S in the ISO format, and there are a million punched packs available here.

The emulator for the Wii is also available here.

The user wants to prioritize if they need the Cemu games in the ISO format for the Wii ISO platform.

Many users are playing the games in this format only. For all such players, the one-way solution is the Wii ISO. So, enjoy the wonderful ISO world in the Wii ISO.

The upcoming cemu roms are mainly designed for the Wii U gaming consoles. They come with both ROM & Emulator.

12. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an installment for the console designed by Capcom for gaming platforms. This is a monster gaming special game for the user’s best interaction with dimensions in a perfect blend.

There is an online version of this gaming software that enables a special chatbot for the players to communicate in between the game and defeat their enemies.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

The dual sword and underwater combat are Japanese technological innovations that make the gamers’ real mode experience more interesting.

 This can also be downloaded with ease so that your console will be loaded by such a new trend of Japanese games. The classic controller pro is also available with Wii U.

13. Emu Paradise


The name resembles the site capability. It’s a pack of millions of Emulators for various ISO’s, video games, and Wii u Roms for Cemu. The downloading speed is simply appreciable.

The user interface is a dynamic thing on this site. This also provides various gaming guides and music free of cost. This makes our info more interesting.

There is an option of playing the hottest Cemu games online without any problems. The faster-downloading speed of this website makes its competitors amazed.

This site is an officially granted paradise for millions of emulators, and the gamer will fully be loaded with the latest and the oldest items. The files which we download are 100% safe here.

14. Portalroms

Visit Portalroms if you are scanning for a speedy site to present Wii U ISO ROMs for the identical, you should go to Gateway Roms.

The website seems, by all accounts, to be responsive, and even more basically, you can without quite a bit of a stretch download the cemu roms from the page.


In other words; the last exchange dates were there from 2016. Or then again increasingly settled titles have not been empowered. If they have some time prior got any updates.

Nevertheless, it is a fantastic spot to get some ISOs to acknowledge your Cemu emulator.

This site is best for people to download the Roms that they wish with security. The responses for queries are fast here.

You can get awesome ISO’S for your emulator here. Many mindblowing top-rated ISO Roms are available here. Then why late visit the site.

15. Chaos Games

Chaosgames is another unthinkable conversation and has been dynamic. Since 2004 that is, in any case, called an official site to give gamers.

The clear customization to playing with the Best Veritable ROMs. All you need is to make a record of it and seek after the strategy.

Chaos Games

This site server works incredibly speedy, and you can get to a game you need. There is a wide scope of sorts of games you don’t consider anyway would appreciate.

The article contains tips for those enthusiasts about games for PC. There are a couple of games that aren’t right for youths, so don’t think each game is valuable for the family.

Your muscles ought to be stretched out to avoid squeezing and improvement of blood groups. This is advantageous for you.

The site is fully oriented for the life of gamers. These words are absolutely clear and visible. As you can visit the site, you will find the true and genuine species over there.

It seems like this site is the official website for gamers. There are even some age-restricted Cemu games also. So be careful and choose wisely.


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16. DarkUmbra

DarkUmbra is the spot for all your custom gaming needs. A very nerdy blend of a PC representations term there!

In other words, their motto over at their site scrutinizes “Your hotspot for custom gaming heavenliness!”.


They have a conversation, a leaderboard to see who is the most dynamic uploader, and stuff over there.

There have not been any situations where an individual gamer who is looking for some moron ISOs for their Cemu emulator has come back with scarcely a penny.

Wii ISO download site

One can scrutinize the substance and see bits of knowledge concerning the games and the Wii u Roms as a guest. 

Be that as it may, the download joins, and various focal points will stow away yet plainly obvious.

You can use your current Facebook or Twitter records to join just like some other site these days, so no sweat there.

Here you can get your loved Cemu games in just a snap. The dynamic staff always update the site with fresh stuff.

The original titles can be found here, so you as solo can download your choice of Roms that you wish.

Yet, you want to register yourself through your FB, Twitter account. Every ISO for CEMU will be found here. So, become a part of it and enjoy it.

17. Cboxera

To get free games on wii u eshop this site discovers a portion of the old and new popular games to play on your PC with incredible outcomes. 

You can encounter quick-speed downloading, and all the servers of it work staggeringly extraordinary.

Cboxera to Download Wii U Roms for Cemu

You can even join the gamer’s visit room and associate with one another to locate the potential ROM that you can depend on and work 100%.

Visit this site to join free and perceive the amount it is worth.

This is a website to download Wii U cemu roms for your emulator and the best platform to download Cemu games to play on PC.

The servers are really fast and secure, enabling you to download your entire Wishlist in a snap.

The gamer’s chatbox helps to get more new stuff for their emulators. Run it, then look at it.

18. Super Mario Bros. U

super mario bros.U

Bros. U is a launch game designed for gaming consoles. The main fictional 2D is very well designed here. This is a 2D side-scrolling special game for the user’s best interaction with 2D.

The Nintendo ds technological analysis said that the game received many positive replies for its best and easy tools. Also, it says that this was a best-selling game for Wii U.

The Bros. U is the developed version of the Bros. Wii, the additional features added mainly for fixing the bugs at the highest levels in the game.

The users can get this game with a single click. So that the process to download the game for the console gets easier.

The Nintendo launch game was successful. So, enjoy the dual-mode game experience.

19. Blue Roms


This software is such a Genuine product. This will provide much fantastic and super Game ROMS free of cost. The system was designed in such a manner.

The experience of its users is satisfied due to its unlimited access to many games at boundless conditions. This is one of the best Wii U Roms downloading sites for CEMU.

There is the search bar’s availability that helps find the willing games by millions of gamers easily. The products are safe to download and real.

If you visit the site, you will find much more interesting free emulators for your device. There is a supporting Dolphin Emulator for this platform.

20. RomsPedia


The best varieties of Rom Games and also their emulators are easily available. We can grab a delightful dinner here. Much more games are fully loaded on a single website.

The user interface is a best friend because its Speed and tools are simply super. The site offers many games at low costs; also, many are for free. The tools are genuine.

The interface will save time as its division of Rom Games and the emulator is done. Therefore, gamers can download their entire Wishlist with a josh.

The downloading process of Wii U Roms is very simple and neat. The platform may be android, windows, Mac, and the RomsPedia will rock on it. So don’t forget to share your experience when you enjoy the site.

21. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

super smash bro.wii u

The game was one of the crossovers fighting games by Nintendo switch 3DS. The game shakes and smashes the ideas and expectations a lot. This was a big success for the developers.

This was not an ancient traditional fighting game, and this is something new that gamers of that time always requires and promotes. Music software was really surprising.

The characters and items are fetched from the various teams and previous releases. That makes the user get more excited. The reviews are the best proofs.

This can also be downloaded with ease so that such new trend-fighting scenarios will load your console. It makes the series more interesting. Play and say!

Where Can I Buy Wii U ROMs?

There are many sites where to get Wii isos or can buy or download Wii U ISO ROMs easily. The top 5 are already mentioned in the article but for more options, some more are also written below;

  1. ROMs download
  2. ROMs forever
  3. Download ROMs
  4. ROMs mania
  5. Emu ROMs
  6. Romulation
  7. ROMs universe
  8. Ziperto
  9. Nitroblog
  10. Game Wii

Are Wii U Games Being Discontinued?

Yes, the game got discontinued in the year 2017. It had mainly two reasons because Wii U had the worst Nintendo consoles and Switch replaced the Wii U.

Is Wii U Dead?

Yes Wii U stopped its service in the year 2017 and is no longer active or producing games, so it can be said the Wii U is dead.

Final Words

So these are the best above-shared Wii u roms sites that are used to download Wii U ISOS Roms for Cemu. This is tied in with making you’re picking your most loved games and direct play on PC.

For a few of us, it might be a fantasy, however on account of Nintendo’s engineers by making CEMU everybody can take advantage of their games from new ones to old ones.

Presently you won’t have to look through something over the top and sit around idly, rather observe the previously mentioned destinations.

Visit them to perceive what things you can get once you can get those particular cemu roms that were elusive.

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