Software Cascade Reviews: Details, Pricing & Features [2022]

“Strategy isn’t a thing that you do in addition to running your business. It is your business”, according to  Software Cascade reviews, also called the “World’s Best Strategy Software”.

For the readers who are not familiar with what a strategy software means, it is essentially a planning software for the business, which helps the business in moving towards its ultimate goals.

Strategic planning software should be essential to the core of the businesses as it allows them to share the company’s values alongside their goals online, and they also track the performance. 

With not having proper planning and tracking solutions, businesses leave a lot of money and their resources on the table. Which they could have saved if they had a proper place to align the resources and work together towards the goal. 

Software Cascade Reviews focus mainly on the business itself. It allows the user to layout a business plan and understands how the business is progressing towards its goals.

With the following things in mind, Cascade Software comes on top of the line among the other strategy software, but what is it, how do you use it, or even what is its pricing?

Do not worry, we got you covered. You will be provided with important information regarding Cascade Software in this article. 

What Is Cascade Software?

cascade software

Cascade Strategy brings various elements of a business organization like people, resources, planning, and execution under a single system which helps to further the organization’s performance.

Thousands of organizations and businesses like Johnson & Johnson, the University of Sydney, and UNICEF. In addition to many more, use Cascade to get results and turn their goals into reality. Cascade is intended to be used by Large Enterprises, Midsize Businesses, and even Small businesses.

With just being launched in July of 2013, this software is (according to us) is an all-in-one solution for any business organization as it can be used to make strategic plans, manage various goals of the organization, track the performance, and manage important resources like human capital.

One of the best things about the Cascade Strategy Software is that it enables any organization to improve their efficiency and better save their funds by unifying different essential tools into a single software. 

The software has also allowed the organizations to share their plans, goals, and projects with all the employees. It includes software cascade reviews in it.

This assists the people working to understand better the bigger picture and how they can assist to play a part in this bigger picture. This transparency also enables accountability for all the staff members. 

It is an easy-to-understand software that is very intuitive in most of its features. If you do get stuck somewhere, no problem, the software offers exceptionally good tutorials for itself. On top of that, the support team is great as well.

Every assistance required is greeted with instant feedback, and as Cascade said. “The software has a relatively small circulation,” which enables them to respond quickly and effectively in almost all cases.

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What Is Cascade Strategy?

cascade strategy

For the readers who want to know more about the Cascading Strategy.

It is distributing the organization’s overall strategy in the different departments and creating supporting strategies throughout the entire value chain of activities. In the entire organization to ensure that execution follows, software cascade reviews.

The cascading process is meant to align all the actions performed within the organization with the organization’s ultimate goal.

In simple words, cascading enables the break of the business’s larger goals into much smaller sub-objectives, shared with leaders and various teams.

How Do I Use Cascade Software?

software cascade review

The Cascade Strategy Software is supported on Mac OS, Linux, Web browser, and Windows 10. The software is mainly broken into 3 main feature sets, which are also the core aim of any organization, and these are Plan, Manage, and Track.

It would help if you chose from these feature sets in the software, and the software would do the same function for you.

In Plan features, the software helps you create a strategic plan that will run through your organization. You will need to choose from the Plan option in the software to access these features.

You will start by creating a strategy model, a drag and drop easy interface allows you to build a new blueprint for your strategy moving forward.

Once you have built your strategy model, you can now start by adding objectives, projects, or even goals in the model. With the help of powerful tools in the software, you can empower every team in your organization. 

Now how do you make sure this planned strategy gets done?

That is when the Manage features come into play. With Manage features, you will be able to assign tasks, track progress and risks, and collaborate with your team.

Cascade offers the best of project management, task management, and issue tracking in one place. In this phase, you will deliver goals, projects, and other things that support your strategy created. 

Tracking the effectiveness of your strategy is supported on Cascade as well. Dashboards can be created to give visual insights about your strategic plan earlier created. 

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Cascade Benefits

The main benefits of using the Cascade Strategy Software are its ability to make a good strategic plan and ensure its implementation, communication tools, and interactive plan monitoring features. That allows the user to keep an eye out to align plans with the actual work done in the organization. 

With being used by many big, mid, and small enterprises, Cascade does seem to bring forth the various fruits for the company. With its planning, management, and tracking features, Cascade can make sure that every step of planning and execution is carefully watched. 

Cascade Features

#1. Strategy Planning

Cascade Strategy Software allows building a strategic plan for the organization that would govern most of the decisions moving forward for the organization. The strategy model can be customized precisely to satisfy the needs of the organization. 

#2. Project Management

The strategy is further connected to the goals and projects directly with the help of the Goal management feature of the software. 

#3. Performance Management

Cascade can also handle performance management, including 360-degree feedback. Cascade software can also provide you with various tools that help organizations deliver and execute their tasks. 

#4. Dashboards

Cascade software has a built-in dashboard builder, which allows you to build dashboards, as the name suggests. It also supports bringing together data from Cascade itself and other 500+ applications. 

#5. Survey Deployment

Cascade software gives you a useful feature of deploying surveys, which gives you crucial and genuine insights about your planned strategy, staff members, and even the customers. 

#6. Human Capital Management

Human capital may also be termed as the most important resource of any organization. Essentially human capital means “the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or a population, in terms of their value to an organization”. It has all the software cascade reviews.

Software Cascade provides you with features like Role descriptions, Talent Grids, and Potential assessments, which allow you to have excellent insights about the most important asset of any organization – It is Human Capital. 

Cascade Pricing

Cascade Strategy Software starts from $58 per month per feature and is billed annually. It requires a minimum of 5 users. All strategic planning features, strategic execution features, and unlimited dashboards & snapshots are included in the plan. 

For the users who want to go with a monthly plan, Cascade strategy software is available for $64 with all the same features listed above. 

Cascade also offers a free trial for 14 days, with no credit card required. The software would offer the same features that the paid version would offer for 14 days for free, so you know beforehand if this software applies and is useful to your organization or not. 

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Cascade Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive Design on the software makes it user-friendly and quite easy to use and understand. 
  • Cascade also possesses excellent customer service. 
  • The software can track performance and extract status in real-time. 
  • A lot of things can be done with this single software, so it establishes efficiency as well. 


  • It can only be used in the English language. 
  • Pricing of the software could be an issue for small or even some medium organizations. 
  • The User Interface of the software could still be enhanced a little more.
  • Slightly confusing when you first start using the software, but this should not be a major issue. 

Cascade Alternatives

software cascade

Although Cascade comes on top of the line when it comes to Strategy software. But there still might be users who want new software features or even want to shift from Cascade to try a different solution. Here is the list of Top Cascade Alternatives-:

#1. Asana

This software is a web and mobile application that essentially allows teams to organize, track, and manage their work and projects. While using Asana, the organizations can work faster and accomplish more goals with fewer resources. 

Asana enables the organizations to plan, organize, and track the organization’s progress as a whole and track each assigned person’s progress. 

Asana is best for Start-up organizations and no-budget organizations. It is one of the complete project management software, and if you are a startup, Asana could easily be the one for you. 

#2. Basecamp

Since 2004, Basecamp has mainly focused on efficiency and effectiveness by bringing forth a simple one-place interface in which the users can plan projects. It creates projects, tracks their progress, and manages the tasks. 

Basecamp is a web-based software that allows the user to either sign in through the web or applications. It includes software cascade reviews. 

#3. ClickUp

With a price starting at just $5 per feature per month, this software is best suitable for all startups and organizations looking to work smarter and effectively. All the members of an organization can use this software to plan, organize and collaborate. 

It is one software to replace all. Not only task management, but ClickUp also offers features like docs, reminders, goals, and calendars. 

Is Software Cascade Legit?

Cascade software is legit if you want to take your organization to the next level compared to your rivals. Cascade delivers incredibly important solutions designed to plan, manage, and track the progress and goals of an enterprise. 

With the help of the software, you not only come up with highly effective and comprehensive plans. You also stay on top and have an overview of the current steps being taken in the organization. 

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