9 Best Rotoscoping Software (Free & Paid)

Did you just ever feel like removing a person or an object from a favourite picture of yours, and you just couldn’t? Mickey mouse from Disney didn’t get his dance moves on his own and various other instances to come up with to make you understand this term rotoscoping software!!

In simpler words, Rotoscoping Software is a technique animator can use to create realistic motion. Invented by Max Fleischer of Fleischer Studios (and echoed and practised by many others ), it involves taking filmed footage and using it as a traceable model for animation.

The results are fluid and natural in a way animation has never seen before. Today animators still use techniques like rotoscoping to turn real movement into animation. 

For example, some of your favourite movies like Avatar and one of your anime Attack on Titan have some of the scenes which were. The results of rotoscoping, fewer advantages like it helps in capturing detail with clothing on.

Which Software is The Best For Rotoscopy?

The bigger picture tells us about the dynamic camera movements which make animes and cartoons look more realistic and cinematic.

There are many different Rotoscoping Software available on the internet and not just for rotoscoping but also for other editing tricks and tools to help make yourself a version of an animated movie.

#1. Fusion

It was originally developed in 1987 as an in-house software developed for the New York Production and Design. The much more updated version was in 2022 after Blackmagic design acquired eye on Inc. (in 2014).

Da Vinci Resolve, also software developed by Blackmagic design, added an integrated Fusion version in the application.

Fusion comes with a GPU acceleration which makes it extremely fast. Also, a node-based workflow makes it easier to create and edit complex scenes without the use of multiple layers. 


It has several keys for seamless compositing when there is a need to remove backgrounds. Tools that come with it let you troll, track, and animate custom shapes to isolate actors or objects from other elements in the shot, and planner tracking data that can be used on shapes.

So you don’t have to manually animate motion perspective position, added on with movement tracking cameras which is a great deal for Rotoscopers to approve with. One can also create and render 3D models with combined 2D figures.

At one point, Fusion was the most used compositing software used in the VFX industry to help create the most successful movies like Avatar, 300, and series like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, to name a few.

It is available on the internet for free for 1-year for students and educators, at a price of only 2,993 INR monthly and 22,420 INR per year after.

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#2. Studio Artist 5.0

The goal for this application here is to create, render, improvise and add value to your artwork with the help of a ton of presets and effects and Artificial intelligence that can automatically draw and paint.

It is not the most popular software out there but still has many advantages over others. You know what? Auto-rotoscope can live-action your movie with the help of this software.

studio artist 5.0

It is as simple as setting a preset, processing the movie, which is then re-rendered frame by frame, and lastly, selecting the paint action sequence, and viola!!! You have your short anime ready for you in no time.

The newer versions also include vector effects, blend painting, abstract art creations, automatic photo mosaics, etc. It is available for both Mac and Windows and is completely free to use with a slight limitation of the canvas size and the watermark (on the output).

#3. Mocha Pro

It was developed by Imagineer systems limited, which was founded in 2000 by Allan Jaenicke and Phillip McLauchlan.

The company specializes in the development and maintenance of several VFX applications. Mocha Pro being one of them, can rotoscope, render, export, share track, and cross-host workflow like no other.

mocha pro

It is a huge step forward for users like Visual effects and graphics artists who love new opportunities delivered by dense power mesh options and mesh stabilization workflows.

Everyone with rotoscoping will enjoy the ability to roto with fewer keyframes. It has its planar technology known as Powermesh that can do speedy sub-planar mesh, exported to editing hosts like Adobe After Effects.

Newer updates from the 2022 version include the new sub-planar tracking tool designed to track warped surfaces with speed and accuracy and can be used to drive rotoscoping and mask creation. Mocha AE is licensed by Adobe and ships free inside the After Effects creative cloud.

#4. Adobe After Effects CS3

The most popular and arguably the best editing software available on the web. After Effects is a digital visual effect and compositing software developed by CoSa in 1993 and acquired by Adobe in 1994. It is used in post-production processes in filmmaking, videogames, and television production.

adobe after effect cs3

Among other things, it is also used for keying, tracking, compositing, and animation. Most of its usage relies on 3D packages for visual effects. Being affordable and powerful at the same time, it makes more sense to the big production houses.

After-effects are incredibly powerful and can be very quick. If you are familiar with software and want to learn animation with no prior experience, it will be a decent idea.

The pricing for Adobe after effects cs3 is set available for different versions of the software, and one can easily get it through any online shop.

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#5. Silhouette FX

The only software for the sole purpose of Rotoscopy has expanded its domain to several other areas such as warping, morphing, painting, 2D to 3D conversion, and different matting methods.

Silhouette fx has the same origin as the Mocha Pro and is regarded as the best rotoscoping software by many independent artists.

silhouette fx rotoscoping software

The best-in-class rotoscoping software offers a plugin for Adobe and OFX. Such that a fully-featured interface for roto, paint, and compositing.

Can now be directly launched from industry-standard VFX apps, including new tools such as brush reshape and point groups, collapse, and distribute.

Silhouette fx is available for free as a standalone version and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

#6. Nuke

Released in 2022(updated version) used by VFX houses the world over because it has all tools necessary to get the job done, no matter how complex the project is.

Nuke has advanced 3D tracking and model building, node-based compositing software, and much more. What makes the software more desirable to the artists’ studios in the Unparalleled Power. 


Performance that meets the needs of modern production works because nuke delivers easy workflows when it comes to new challenges of digital compositing.

This includes industry-standard keying, rotoscoping, vector paint tools, colour collection, and much more. The price of a nuke is placed around USD 9,000 for the complete version of the program. Although there exist some watered-down versions for freelancers and students.

#7. Blender

Developed by a Non-profit organization, BLENDER FOUNDATION is the most popular and free rotoscoping software, which is heavily used for designing 3D models and animation at reasonable rates. 

blender rotoscoping software

It comes with a fully-fledged built-in compositor, which allows you to post-produce your renders without leaving a blender, which is great if one works on his/her projects.

It combines easily with other software and operating systems for greater motion graphics rendering. When it comes to simulation, dynamics, and effects, then blender is your go-to place!!

#8. Autodesk Combustion

It was stably released in 2008, and developed by Autodesk Media and entertainment a digital video compositor used for rotoscoping.

The process of rotoscoping has changed with the appearance of computers, which now get the results done, although the process is still named after the original device.

Combustion was a computer program for motion graphics, compositing, and visual effects developed by Discreet Logic, a division of Autodesk.

Autodesk combustion rotoscoping software

It shares a timeline-based interface and also a node-based interface with Autodesk Media. This is in contrast to the exclusively either layer-based or node-based interface used by some other compositing applications.

Autodesk Combustion 4 software is available for the US $995; upgrade pricing from Combustion 3 to Combustion 4 software is the US $249.00.


  1. 3D composting
  2. Comprehensive motion Graphics capabilities 
  3. Numerous filters and particle effects 
  4. Advanced colour correction 
  5. Tracking and image stabilization 
  6. Powerful vector paint
  7. Morphing, etc.

#9. Synfig Studio

As you know, for a classic 2D Animation, artists need to draw each frame one by one which may lead to time loss, but with synfig studio, we don’t have to lose time.

It is additionally free and is compatible with all operating systems with two options being the stable and the development version.

Synfig Studio

It was developed by Robert Quattlebaum using c++ and gtkmm. Synfig Studio is a free and open-source vector-based 2D animation software. Robert Quattlebaum creates it with additional contributions by Adrian Bentley.

Synfig began as the custom animation platform for Voria Studios, and in 2005 was released as free/open-source software.

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Final Words

Amongst the above-listed Rotoscoping Software. There is one that stands out, AdobeAfter Effects. Not only because it has a market monopoly but also because it has a limitless virtual reality experience and is updated from time to time.

In other words, it brings life to graphics and inanimate objects. Whether it is as simple as animating a 2D figure. A title across a platform OR as complex as making a whole movie out of a 3D world.

Animation is a robust field with a large number of specialities and an even larger number of tools for creating a particular look or style, and we can’t review all the applications.

Still, one thing’s for sure the above-listed Rotoscoping Software in any of those required fields. Better still, they are adding tools, developing and improving the tools they use, and giving back to the community.

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