9+ Best OKR Software For Company, Team & Individuals (2022)

Are you looking for the Best OKR Software or OKR tools to assist you in business strategies and goals? Well, you have come to the right place! This article will help you find the best OKR software and OKR tools to help you in your business strategies and goals.

As we all know how important setting a goal is. Sometimes the workers have this problem with the managers of the companies as they are not clear or do not communicate the goal or their expectations to their subordinates. As it is said, “Setting a clear and concise goal is a must!”.

Do you want to align the goals of your organization as a team? Or Do you want a better communication strategy? Do you want the techniques required for better communication strategies? Well, this article is for you too!

OKR software is a great way to jump-start your business to create ambitious yet attainable company goals and objectives. You can do it manually, but it becomes a very tedious job to do that manually. And then things will begin to pile up. It is worth investing your time and effort in OKR software as it is far more effective. It will assist in the pursuits of your organization, and effective communication will be increased, which will further generate leads.

What is OKR?

The full form of OKR is Objectives and Key Results, mainly the objectives and goals of business planning. OKR helps the organization to define the objectives, progress tracking, and also results in analysis.

What is the Best OKR Software? Top 9 Software Reviewed (Free & Paid)

OKR software, i.e., Objective and Key Result Software, is a tool or software used for developing strategy and process objectives that connect both the organization and the team.

This software can be used to build strategy and track the objectives that were built initially. OKR software can be considered a goal tracker. Here are some of the OKR Software:

#1. Weekdone.


The very first OKR software is Weekdone. This software has a weekly check-in functionality that drives company outcomes, builds goal-oriented company culture, and focuses on teams. If you are a small organization or even a medium organization, Weekdone is probably the best choice.

This OKR software has the standard OKR features set. It includes linking to create the alignment between team goals and company and creating dashboards and progress breakdowns. It also allows linking the initiatives and plans with OKR.

Weekdone also offers different views! Now, you are probably thinking, what do we mean by views, Right? It means you can build like an office dashboard, share context for meetings, and even report views. Leaders can also view member plans, certain problems, and more.


  • PPP Reporting – It keeps you updated with your team’s PPP. PPP stands for Plans, Progress, and Problems, which will help you plan your weekly goals and work status.
  • 1:1 Personalized Discussion – It helps to support or, say, even guide your team personally (1 to 1 level).
  • Analytics – It provides visual and real-time dashboards. It helps you to understand your work status at just a glance.


  • The newsfeed provides transparency to the company and the employees.
  • OKRs are in focus when linking to the team objectives.
  • It offers about 15 days trial for up to 3 users.
  • It offers free setup and onboarding.


  • It is not suitable for enterprise companies.
  • If you use the customization option, it will increase the setup time.

#2. Yaguara.

Yaguara is another OKR software. This particularly focuses on data-driven projects, so it is more suitable for a large business with goals and objectives. This OKR tool helps orient website analytic strategy, product launches, sales acquisition, and community engagement.

This tool is very good at doing is unifying communication and data, so it helps converse about goals, progress in a satisfying way, and setbacks. Here, collaboration is fulfilling and easy.


  • Performance – It provides a single location for real-time performance planning and also tracking.
  • E-Commerce – It allows to accelerate growth and drive the results.


  • It is great for e-commerce teams.
  • This is a very good communication tool.
  • It is very pleasant, and it is a user-friendly design.


  • It provides live dashboards and reports to expensive plans only.
  • It also allows custom integration for enterprise plans only.

#3. Koan.

Koan is an OKR tool. Now, Koan is a status platform that helps you to align your remote workforce. This software helps with goal management, tracking of progress, business strategy, and even more.

It provides two different modes: presentation view and tree view. It helps to organize and even monitor your objectives and goals.


  • Tree View – This view makes it easier for the user to track the relationship between objectives and key results also.
  • Link Goals – This helps to link the goals with one another. It helps to determine how the goals align across the organization.
  • Quantitative Data and Qualitative Insights – It automatically gathers the team’s direct feedback and identifies bottlenecks before they might occur. It also helps track your progress from the beginning itself and apply filters by the group, so it narrows the data down.


  • This OKR software is very engaging.
  • It can build a custom rewards catalogue for the incentives.
  • It allows Employee Net Promoter Scores (NPS) surveys.


  • Reports could have been used for more customization options.
  • It is a very heavy tool.
  • The expiration of the “recognition points” might lead to incentivizing inauthentic use.

#4. 7Geese.

okr software

Another OKR tool is 7Geese. This tool is used for a performance management platform. It helps the user set a goal in feedback, review performance, and create career development plans. This OKR tool helps the user to set daily goals. You can even update the employee’s real-time progress.

7Geese has functions like remote team management. Better accountability drives measurable results. We can provide data-driven reviews and make everyone work towards the goals set to set companies objectives for managing the employees.


  • 1 – on – 1 Coaching – Engage and train your team to discuss your work order and goals with this feature
  • Performance Management Automation – It helps you send a recurring notification to your employee for complete performance management activities.
  • Gather Feedback – It provides widgets, ToDos, and more.


  • It provides integration communication and business apps.
  • It also provides calendar and feedback management.


  • It is not free, and its price is according to per-user, which will increase its costs.

#5. Lattice.

Lattice is another OKR software. It helps to engage your remote team and manage team performance. The best thing about Lattice is that it comes with built-in features. This feature helps you to monitor your team’s performance.

It also helps to get feedback from your colleagues and managers. It also allows you to set goals and OKRs into a workflow to drive performance and track the results. Moreover, it also gives an overview of the progress done by the team members of the organization.

It will result in empowering your team and helping you to achieve the goals that were set at the beginning itself. It also provides functions like the custom question to increase the quality of performance. The team will be shared with the reviews. Constants reminders can be shared, and so much more.


  • The Praise Wall – As the name suggests, it lets you o praise your team member in front of the whole organization, which will boost another team member.
  • 1: 1 Meeting – It will also allow you to interact with the team on a personal one-to-one level to tell the team member personally if he or she needs to work on something.
  • Analytics Dashboards – It will allow you to measure the past industry and also compare its benchmarks.


  • It is available for both iOS as well as Android also.
  • This helps you to track the performance of employees.
  • It also allows you to integrate various business apps as well.


  • It does not have better functionality around dual management.
  • It also does not provide a good ability to review and provide feedback.

#6. Kazoo.

okr software

Another OKR software is Kazoo. This is best for peer–to–peer feedback. Over 600 companies use this particular software. Come on, now that is something huge, Right? This software works to highlight performance, feedback systems in the workflow, and also recognition.

Things such as check-ins, sync–ups, feedback, coaching, and more can be done through this tool. This tool has much third-party integration and an open API that ensures that you, the user, can connect when you need what you need.


  • Reporting and Dashboards – The survey’s results can be visualized. Reports can be customized.
  • Interoperability – You can connect to external systems and applications as needed.


  • Again, this tool is also very engaging, just like social media.
  • It can build custom rewards.


  • Lack of pricing transparency.

#7. Perdoo.


This is again another OKR software. Now, this is free software. This OKR tool is a goal management platform. It is for all kinds of businesses of numerous sizes. This tool helps you share the organization’s strategies in real-time, set the company’s goals, and so much more.

It provides a unique thing called drag–and–drop editor. It will help you design and plan your and your organization’s road map and workflow.


  • Slack Integration – It offers an option to share all your work with your team and keep the team in the loop.
  • Ambassador Bot – These bots run the program for you and monitor the goals.
  • Combine KPIs and OKRs – It provides features to get a complete overview.


  • It has an integration of API and third-party apps.
  • This also provides google sheet integration.
  • It also offers a free as well as premium plan.


  • Even though it is a great OKR tool, it sometimes has minor usability issues.
  • It might be a little too expensive.

#8. Timely.


This is another OKR app. It helps you monitor and track your team members’ time and even performance. It also allows you to identify information like team members’ missing hours or even overtime or, say, capacity, workflow, and more.

You can track all the activities from anywhere. All you need to do is download the software and on the GPS tracking.


  • Report Template – You can use the templates to create timesheets or reports for various things such as invoices and payroll.
  • Fill Timesheets – It helps you to fill the timesheets that are not complete.
  • Tagging System – It also helps you identify how your team members are spending time.


  • It provides report templates.
  • This has automated notifications.
  • It has software for both iOS and Android.


  • It focuses more on-time tracking and timesheets.
  • Some integrations are available to higher plans.

#9. Engagedly.

okr software

Last but not least OKR tool is Engagedly. This is a SaaS-based performance management tool. It will assist you with the feedback, goal setting, rewards, review cycle, and so much more. It will also allow you to conduct various surveys.


  • Employee Surveys – It helps you to create custom surveys.
  • 360 – Degree Feedback Tool – This will help you to run multiple review cycles as well.
  • Customizable Analytics – This will let you identify your goals’ effectiveness also.


  • It provides 24/7 live support.
  • This also has webinars.
  • It will allow you to update goal progress in real-time.


  • The is no way to generate reports on blocked users or the users that have discontinued.

What OKR Software Should You Use? (Best Recommendation)

If you are looking for good OKR software, then you should go with Weekdone. This software is very easy to understand, and you can easily cope. You can add your goals and work accordingly.

This OKR software provides multiple features and functions so you can be a step closer to achieving your organisation’s goal. If you are a small organization or even a medium organization, you should try the Weekdone OKR tool. It also has a free version, so you can try that one first and then switch to the full version, which is paid.

As a team leader, this OKR software offers you so much that it makes it easy for you to achieve the organization’s goal. So we highly recommend Weekdone if you are a small organization or medium organization.

How to select the Best OKR Software?

If you are confused about what software to choose, then you should probably focus on the features such as :

  • Enterprise-level of flexibility
  • Scalable
  • Tracking Real-Time Progress
  • Actionable Dashboards
  • User – Friendly
  • And accordingly, you should select OKR software that suits your organization’s needs.

Final Words

To sum it up, there are so many OKR tools and software available in the market. But you should choose the software that will help you manage your team members, and their time and set clear goals.

All these tools will help you in some way, but the real question is the software that will help you in many ways. We have listed OKR software that will help you, so read and select the best suitable software for you and let us know which one you will use and why.

If we have missed something, let us know which software I missed out on.

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