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11 Best Places to Download Nintendo 3DS Roms (2021)

Are you constantly searching for where to download 3ds ROMs for your console? then, this article is for people looking to download Nintendo 3ds Roms from a few trustworthy and reliable websites. The loop of the internet has many pitfalls to save your time and energy. We made it easy by mentioning all the best places to get excellent Roms for your console with the download links.

In 2011 Nintendo 3ds was launched and become the most successful in the industry. With over 150 million units sold within 9 years. Most of the best sites have different games listed including eShop games, Pokémon sun games, and many in CIA, decrypted and encrypted format you can run and play in .3ds and .cia with the help of of of emulators like Citra on your PC and Mac.

If you are an enthusiastic gamer, you definitely wasted lots of your time searching for Roms websites, but you never ever receive the solution to this issue of downloading Roms. That’s why we have compiled a list of all the useful and trustworthy websites, which you can use in getting the required ROMs for your game. Therefore, reading this article may get you the latest information about all the Nintendo 3ds Roms for Citra.

Where to Download Nintendo 3DS Roms?

1. EmuParadise.

If you are searching for millions of ROMs for various ISO’s of video games like Super Mario and fire emblem then this is the best place.

But you are thinking that what happened to emuparadise?

Is emuparadise shut down?

No. Due to some legal software distribution laws disturbance, the 18 years of service of the emuparadise had come down to darkness. But recently its service was restarted with all perfections.


So the question comes how to download from emuparadise? The greatest battle was ruled by the user interface of this site. The user needs to install an emuparadise script from the original link to get the files on their PC. This site is famous for free gaming guides and their themes, music, etc. competitors of the site get shocked due to the emuparadise workaround script that helps in faster downloading at all times.

You might be thinking that if emuparadise safe then there are many websites to download 3ds Roms but this site is an official website for all types of various Nintendo 3ds Roms and their games. That’s why it is coined as a paradise, hence there is no chance of getting viruses this helps the gamers to enhance their gaming collections. There are no bad replies regarding the disturbances caused by ads. Also, the site provides many online games. If still, you are not able to download your required Rom from it then you can try emuparadise alternative that is also safe and secure.

2. Coolrom.

To download the secured PSP and ps2 Roms on your device easily then this site is mostly preferred. Once you are on the official site, choose the type of O.S. and then select the emulator’s section to download the Roms of your wishlist. There will be fewer chances of confusion in between the names of the ROMs here. Even the responses you had asked for will get solved fastly.

But most of you are not able to open the website and are searching for what happened to coolrom? Due to some copyright issues from Nintendo they had removed the license of the Coolrom.

The games like Super Mario land you wish will come in a second here. The attentive and the best staff of the site always update the games

Nintendo 3ds Roms

The security shield provided by the site while downloading and browsing save your PC. If you want, you can browse the recent updates and reviews of them to get more ideas. So the downloading process from the Coolrom servers is absolutely safe and healthy. The process of getting Gameboy advance(GBA) ROMs is so easy on this site.

So, if you are thinking that is coolrom safe then there is a strong firewall defense that protects the devices from virus, the accuracy of the ratings and reviews shows that the site is completely safe.

3. Romsmania.

To avail a maximum number of games like Mario golf, world tour, and many more for your Nintendo game console then this place is legit. You can grab a delightful dinner here. Lots of games were packed here. The user interface and the tools provided by the site are really awesome. The dynamic and ordered arrangement of various ROMs like SNES ROMs and Wii ROMs will save your time to a great extent.


The cost of the purchase is also reasonable on this site. But there are few issues regarding the romsmania virus that may get with them. But it did not happen in many cases if you choose the original site for all the tools instead of some copyright websites of Romsmania.

There is no meaning of getting worried about the romsmania safe and the malware here because this site is number one in quality and virus-free picks. A gamer can get completely satisfied with this site. The downloading interface will save time as its division of Rom Games. It is advisable to download the ZIP formatted files for your better convenience.

4. Gamulator.

Every retro gamer can get their latest and excellent desired versions of gaming ROMs on this site. The improved ratings and the reviews were witnessed because of its improved chances in providing the many excellent ROMs for Nintendo consoles. any game you ask in the search will be shown maximum.


The hassle of downloading a ROM from this site was not witnessed. Fewer chances of getting viruses from the Roms. But sometimes there are few cases of system slowdown due to few issues. So be careful while using this site if you don’t know about its piracy options.

There will be very secure systems that only show true and original picks. So it is the right decision to choose this site for downloading. If you are downloading the game from the site then The security system provided by the site while downloading and browsing saves your PC from all risks.

5. Portal Roms.

This site is also visited by many interesting console players who are waiting to get ROMs downloaded with secured tools on their devices. Queries and the doubts are cleared rapidly. Getting the latest and trendy pics for your console is possible here. Top-rated games are scrolling at this site.


As this site offers many downloads, those are directly the links of torrent downloaders. This site was put down because of its techniques like introducing the piracy versions formally. This site is an unofficial website for all types of various ROMs and their games.

The fast browsing and working servers help you to get the fastest download. The downloads done from this site don’t harm your device anymore. 

6. Rom Hustler.

The latest version of Rom Hustler was launched in 2021. The search bar of the site helps beginners to get a happy search of all types of various gaming ROMs like Citra Roms. the game you loved most will be definitely present here. This is the best place similar to Emuparadise to download millions of ROMs.

Nintendo 3ds Roms
Rom Hustler

The site developers provided the Rom Hustler secure vault which will save your PC  while downloading and browsing from many dangerous internet pitfalls. if you want you can browse the recent updates and the reviews of them to get more ideas.  So the downloading process from the Coolrom servers is safe and healthy. Both the Roms for your 3Ds and Wii U will always be available on this site.

7. DopeRoms.

The amazing experience of the dynamic design of the interface and the updating criteria of the DopeRoms had fetched lots of crazes. If you want to download it first visit the official site then choose which type of O.S you want and then select the emulator’s section. Most of the Roms are original ones so there will be no piracy.

DOPERoms Site to Download Nintendo 3ds Roms

Getting viruses and system failures due to these ROMs was not observed yet. The ROMs that are downloaded through this site are not dangerous and will not permit any viruses. The slowdown of the game, damage to the graphics card is less in the case of DopeRoms. Like Emuparadise this site is an official website for all types of various ROMs and their games. 

8. RetroStic.

This heaven was created for the enthusiastic players who are looking for a site that provides all ISOs for their console. Retrostic is well known for its wonderful provision of all kinds of varieties in the latest trendy modes like action and adventure. For all kinds of gaming players the one-stop solution for their downloads.


If you speak about the safeness of this site then it was not a big issue. The hassle of downloading a ROM from this site has not happened. The Retrostic servers are very attentive in blocking such kinds of mishappenings. More than 400 ROMs are getting downloaded and updated on this site.

9. Romnation.

If you are a gamer who needs to download the real experience gaming with more motion controls then you need to visit this nation of ROMs. The ROMs of this site provide Augmented Reality that helps to improve the gamer gaming experience. To get downloaded with the latest 3D technology  ROMs on your device then this site is mostly preferred. 

Nintendo 3ds Roms

 The downloads done from this site don’t harm your device anymore. Even the ads were appropriately designed and allowed by the developers. Less chance of system damage.if you want you can browse the recent updates and the reviews of them to get more ideas.

10. EmulatorZone.

To shake the ideas and the dreams of many users then this site will be a perfect mix. Even though the Emulator Zone did not fetch many users, it was a successful mission. Any Nintendo ROM will be available here easily. Nintendo Technology mentioned that this site is best for its amazing tools and downloads.

Nintendo 3ds Roms

The Nintendo game you wish for your console will come in a second here. The real versions of all the ROMs were scrolling on this site so no worries regarding safety. To avail a maximum number of games for your Nintendo console which are free of all malware then this place is most suitable.

11. LoveRoms.

If the user needs to get the best action and adventure Nintendo 3ds Roms for their device then this site helps you to achieve them. There are no hassles regarding the tools and downloading formats in using this dynamic site. Every gamer will be satisfied with its limited versions. the best picks at the easy process can be achieved here.


There is no meaning of getting worried about the viruses and the malware here because this site is number one in quality and virus-free picks. The system software will be safe definitely because of its original titles instead of duplicates and replicas.

How to install 3Ds Roms?

Firstly download and install CFW. This would make the .cia  version of the FTB get installed and then it permits all the .cia games to get directly onto your home screen without further hassles. Working Forks of FreeEshop permits you to get all other format games easily from the eShop.

If you are a user of an SD card type system in your 3Ds, then you should install FTPD to get the latest .cia files into your system easily. Thus it helps to share the new .cia files into the SD card inside the battery compartment then later using QR or FTB installation methods you can play them.

There are many gaming users who love the installation of .cia ROMs and files because of their privacy techniques and less probable virus schemes.

Final Words

Indeed we prefer Emuparadise for the download of all the best Nintendo 3ds Roms which are safe and secure, it also updates its contents and follows the rules now. Even the user interface is a dynamic thing on this site. The user needs to install an Emuparadise script from the original link to get the files on their PC.

You are now familiar with all kinds of various gaming sites that provide ROMS for the Nintendo console in different formats. You need to grab more experience by following the features written above and select the dream that matches your gaming skills.

Make sure you will share this with your gaming friends so that they may get the latest trending ISO’s and Nintendo 3ds Roms on their gaming devices. Getting a break from your imaginative successes in the game can’t be stopped now if you prefer our 11 places to download the ROMs for your Nintendo console.

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