How to Fix Windows Update Error KB4493132 (Solved)

Another Windows 7 update to avoid called KB4493132 has been delivered. It is utilized to show warnings that remind clients that Windows 7 will arrive at its finish of life beginning on January 14, 2020. These warnings contain a connection that goes to a Microsoft page proposing that clients move up to Windows 10.

Microsoft appears to have the skill for bringing back highlights we love to despise. We recently had Clippy delivered for Microsoft Groups, and now we have an update that some will feel suggestive of the GWX warnings that irritated individuals when Windows 10 came out.

The KB4493132 update isn’t accessible through the Microsoft List and will be offered by Windows Update. When offered, the update error will be unselected. However, it will state it is an update to “determine issues in Windows” instead of one that simply shows “End of Life” warnings. Subsequently, clients may choose it thinking it contains bug fixes. 

When executed, the program will check whether the date is between April 18, 2019, and January 15, 2020. Assuming this is the case, a warning will be shown and says, “Following 10 years, uphold for Windows 7 is approaching an end. Change can be troublesome. That is the reason we’re connecting right on time to assist you with sponsorship your records and get ready for what’s next”.

A few clients may request how to prevent Windows 7 end from helping notices. The ideal route is to stay away from Windows 7 KB4493132 fix. Specifically, don’t introduce the update. However, on the off chance that clients have introduced the update, clients can uninstall the particular update that creates the warnings.

In any case, Microsoft says that it gives clients control with a checkbox. Don’t remind me once more. Moreover, on the notices page, there is a Learn more catch. While clicking it, clients can go to Microsoft’s Windows 7 page to know more data about moving to Windows 10.

What Is KB4493132?

Another Windows 7 update called KB4493132 has been delivered. It is utilized to show notices that remind clients that Windows 7 will arrive at its finish of life beginning on January 14, 2020. These notices contain a connection that goes to a Microsoft page recommending that clients move up to Windows 10.

Why Did I Get Error KB4493132?

Windows Update continuously neglects to look for Updates or can’t introduce them. The wellspring of this issue could be different things as :

  • Windows Registry
  • Windows Filesystem
  • Web access
  • Windows Update administration
  • Record defilement
  • Misconfiguration
  • Adware
  • Virus and Malware

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5 Methods to Fix Windows Update Error KB4493132

Our team has analyzed some of the methods and after reviewing we have listed these best # methods.

You can follow these methods step by step with the help of the images mentioned.

Let’s resolve it.

Method #1 – Update Windows

Step 1: Snap Start and start making on your support for “services.msc


Step 2: In your list items, “services.msc” should appear. Open it with a tick.


Step 3: Another window will open containing all Windows administrations on your framework.

Step 4: Quest for “Windows Update.


Step 5: Right-click the “Windows Update” and afterward click Stop.


Method #2 – Erase Unnecessary Data

We will now clean the Windows Update impermanent store envelope:

Step 1: Hold your windows-key squeezed and hit the “R” key simultaneously.


Step 2: A few new windows will show up.

Step 3: Type %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore in this new window and snap alright.

Step 4: This will open Windows Pioneer in the right area.

Step 5: Erase all substances in this envelope. (Clue: Use Ctrl + A to choose all records and organizers)

Presently we will begin the Windows Update Administration once more: 

Step 1: Switch back to the windows Administrations.

Step 2: Find Windows Update.

Step 3: Right-click on it and pick Start.

Method #3 – Run SFC

You can run the Framework Record Checker (SFC) utility on the off chance that the issue endures. This helpful in-constructed device will check your filesystem. 

Step 1: Snap Start and begin composing on your console for “cmd”.

Step 2: In your query items, cmd should appear with a dark symbol.

Step 3: Right-click it and select Run as manager.

Step 4: If you are provoked by the administrator’s secret word, enter the secret word and snap alright.

Step 5: Another dark window will open. You can type orders straightforwardly into this window.

Step 6: Type SFC/scan now and press Enter.

Step 7: This interaction will take quite a while. You can limit these dark windows and work on them.

Return to the dark window after a period and check if the cycle wrapped up. When the SFC cycle is completed, restart your PC. After the restart, you look for Updates once more.

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Are We As Yet Confronting A Similar Issue?

Step 1: Restart your PC.


The next thing is to clean the Windows update download way. These means are just for the experienced client! On the off chance that you jumble up your PC with Regedit, you could free your records! Be careful or utilize an expert instrument to investigate your PC.

Step 2: Hold your windows-key squeezed and hit the “R” key simultaneously.


Step 3: A few new windows will show up.

Step 4: Type Regedit in these new windows and press Enter.

Step 5: In the new windows, you have a route on the left side. Use it to explore to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

Step 6: When you discovered it, look for WUServer and WIStatusServer in the correct hand sheet.

Step 7: If they are not listed, we can’t spotless the download way. Othwerwise erase both.

Step 8: Restart your PC.

Step 9: Attempt to look for new Updates once more.

Are you as yet confronting this issue? We think this is not a typical issue, and your PC ought to be checked by proficient.

As the bleeping computer says when clients introduce Windows 7 KB4493132 update. It will make another executable document: C:\Windows\System32\sipnotify.exe that is dispatched by two planned assignments called Tell 1 and Inform two which live in the Microsoft\Windows\End Of Help organizer.

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Final Words

To sum it up, As per Microsoft, clients can utilize the PC running Windows 7, yet no proceeded with programming and security refreshes are advertised. This will be more dangerous for malware and infections. Additionally, after the cut-off date, Microsoft will stretch out help and security updates to 2023 clients. Nonetheless, they need to pay for broadened uphold. Going ahead, the ideal approach to remain secure is on Windows 10.

Microsoft offers a 3-venture plan for moving past Windows 7: back up significant documents and photographs, look at the most recent computers, and get tips on Windows 10. You can decide to reinstall the working framework to where Windows 7 is introduced. To do this, it is prescribed to back up significant documents before reinstallation with Windows reinforcement programming, MiniTool ShadowMaker.

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