How to Get the Best Possible Experience on a Mac

Their users choose Macs for multiple reasons. Some are merely loyal fans of the Apple brand and are in love with the sleek designs of the devices this brand creates. However, a lot of people value the speed and performance that a Mac can provide. We offer Possible Experience on a Mac.

This can ensure a smooth workflow if the computer is used for work and a fun experience if it’s used for entertainment. Thus if you have a Mac, you are already enjoying its incredible features. To enhance your experience, even more, we want to share some tips about the best possible experience on a Mac by knowing some tricks and taking proper care of it.

Tip 1: Use iPad For The Second Screen

So firstly for your Experience on a Mac, if you are a graphic designer or a video editor. You may need a bigger screen than you currently have. For that, you can use an iPad if you have one and make it your second screen. This way, you can keep some of the open windows on one screen and some on the other.

However, if you have not used your iPad in a while and do not remember your iCloud password. You might want to check out the guide about how to bypass activation lock on iPad.

Use iPad For The Second Screen

Tip 2: Restart Your Mac

It is more than comfortable to leave your Mac in sleep mode; however, you should take the time and restart your computer at least once in a while. The main reason for that is that some apps are still partially running in the background after you have quit them.

To ensure that all of the processes are correctly closed and can be relaunched with no errors, restart your Mac. This will close everything that has been running in the background and improve the speed of your Mac.

Tip 3: Check The Activity Monitor

If you have been using your computer for a couple of hours and suddenly noticed that your Mac has become noticeably slow, then you might want to check the Activity Monitor. Some apps you have open are probably using a significant amount of system resources and slowing the computer down.

To quickly open the Activity Monitor, use the key combination Command + Space or click the magnifying glass icon from the top right corner of your desktop. In the Spotlight Search field, type in “Activity Monitor.” Then, navigate to the CPU tab and close apps that use most of the system’s resources.

Check The Activity Monitor

Tip 4: Use An Antivirus

To Experience on a Mac as the virtual world is getting more advanced so fast, new viruses are created by hackers every day. And even if there was a time that you could have said Macs are such safe computers that they do not need antiviruses, now you cannot say that anymore.

The real truth is that fewer people had Macs. Therefore, hackers targeted mostly Windows users. However, nowadays, the number of Mac users is growing, so are cyberattacks aimed at Mac users. Thus it is only smart to invest in a good antivirus for Mac.

Use An Antivirus

Tip 5: Clean Your Computer

If you keep your Mac in a dirty and dusty environment, dust can soon become the main enemy of your computer. Once the dust and dirt get inside your computer, it will most likely start to overheat, affecting the entire performance of your Mac because the device will be oriented to cooling down rather than loading your beat making app software.

More it, you should prevent the dirt and dust from getting inside of your computer by keeping a clean desk, and it would be best to clean the outside and inside of the Mac regularly.

Experience on a Mac

Tip 6: Edit The Login Items

If you want your Mac to boot faster, try editing the list of login items. The login items are apps and other items set to start automatically once your Mac turns on. In one way, this could be useful. For instance, if you are using your Mac for work. Start your day by checking the email, it may be convenient to have the Mail app as a startup item.

On the other hand, if there are too many login items. They will slow down both the startup process and your computer’s entire performance because they will be running in the background the entire day. You can edit the list of login items by clicking the Apple icon, System Preferences, Users & Groups, and then Login Items.

Edit The Login Items

Tip 7: Have Enough Disk Space

Lastly, To Experience on a Mac, you should always strive to have at least 15% of free disk space if you want your Mac to perform at its best. Once the storage space falls below 10%, the computer will begin to lag and underperform.

Experience on a Mac

To ensure that you have enough free disk space, regularly uninstall unneeded apps. Remove files you do not need, check the Downloads folder for one-time use files. Do not forget to empty the Trash Bin afterward.

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