9+ Games Like Trials In Tainted Space [2021 List]

Trials in Tainted Space is a game built on word concepts. This is an imaginary and sensual game for desirable people. We got Games Like Trials in Tainted Space for you.

The game plays a story in space where you legally have a spacecraft of your father. In that spacecraft, you travel and observe some creatures of the universe. Trials in Tainted Space are constructed and manufactured by Fenoxo. This game has exceptionally descriptive scenes.

9+ Games Like Trials In Tainted Space You Must Play

Tired of Trials In Tainted Space try new gaming streams. You must try these Games Like Trials in Tainted Space listed below:-

1. Anchorhead

Anchorhead is a game of action and mystery. You enter a city filled with monsters, they defeat your city and plan to destroy it. You need to save the city from monsters.

This game is built on word concepts. You will find new characters in this game. This game has a very confusing setting system and it gives a different look to the game.

Features :

  1. Runs on browsers, pc, and androids.
  2. The game has special visual effects.
  3. The script of the game is special and different from others.

2. The Poor Whore

The Poor Whore is a sensually desirable game. The game has moral and social importance. The game is not very much in demand because of its name. Hence, the game is created from our point of view.

The Poor Whore refers to a needy working call girl. A poor, working call girl moves from village to town.

The Poor Whore

Travels to earn money for living. She gets declined by some clients. As she is a working call girl, her work is normal and known from the medieval period.

By leveling up, you will see the ups and downs in her life and will shock you. These games have limitations as you can’t go through the whole part of the character.

Features :

  1. You go about all in the ongoing interaction while gathering data.
  2. You don’t just behave like a prostitute as you can likewise run into battles.
  3. The illustrations are fabulous with loads of personality to pick inside the game.

3. My Very Own Lith

My Very Own Lith is a flash game issued by Luthier. This is a sensual game. You can discover more personality and characters.

The game focuses on involving Lith sexually with you. The character has variable personalities. There is a choice of selecting gender like male or female. It depends upon your thoughts and imagination.

My Very Own Lith

She will come closer to you by talking with her, flirting with her, and cuddling her. Sometimes it can be harmful to players. Advice is displayed at the beginning of the game.

Features :

  1. You will play as a character of a shy cat through the undertakings.
  2. It is built on word concepts.
  3. It is usable with the development of gadgets that backings the streak through the program.

4. Fall of Eden

Fall of Eden is an identical game to Corruption of Champions and Trials In Tainted Space. It is made and released by Fenoxo. It is full of adventure and sensual games.

Fall of Eden is a word concept game of entering texts. The game begins when you get pulled into a portal that is opened near your neighborhood. The portal entrance pulls you in and takes you towards the god.

games like trials in tainted space

In the game, you vanished in a horrible aircraft stuck in the middle of heaven and hell ruled by Devil Queen Uru. The queen does not help you to come out of it. Survey the plane, find Goddess Aria. She helps and understands problems. By completing all tasks, you can find a way home.

Features :

  1. There are loads of mods to support the ongoing interaction.
  2. It is a book-supported daydreaming game.
  3. Grown-up game for 18+.

5. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure is an adventurous game with mystery. Created and manufactured by the Cabrera Brothers. It is specially designed to run on Windows, Computer and OS X Programme. It introduces new elements run by Unity Engine.

games like trials in tainted space
Cypher-Cyberpunk Adventure

The creator is motivated by ‘Total Recall’ and ‘Blade Runner’ and made Cypher. The game begins inside a dystopian post-apocalyptic cyberpunk universe. A piece was broken off and vanished. The moon passes out on the earth’s surface and gets destroyed.

It includes primary motion and audio effects for the leading character. Using your headphones for a better experience.

Features :

  1. This works on a Macintosh working framework.
  2. This is a single-player game.
  3. The game’s text is the default in the English language.

6. Flexible Survival

games like trials in tainted space
flexible survival

It is a fun game. It is created and manufactured by Indie Game developer Nuku Valente. He works on projects and publishes them regularly.

A suddenly raised bug becomes very dangerous and attacks the public. The bug destroys all cities. They focus on making a personality and live on till defense saves you. It is a sensual game.

Features :

  1. It is only one player experience.
  2. Find new creatures and animals to battle.
  3. Things to redesign weapons and gather from dead monsters.

7. Carnal Soul

games like trials in tainted space

Carnal Soul is an uncontrolled abusive sensual game. It is a personality game with word concepts. Experience the enlive personality. This game is full of animation.

It has an amazing and surprising gaming mechanism. They can make your avatar as you want. Will add power to the personality.

Features :

  1. The game contains great and very much enlivened characters like Marley.
  2. During the interactivity of gaming, you will get a player home with rooms.
  3. The game has so many stages to play through while going around the open world.

8. Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing is a clone game of ‘Corruption of Champions’ but it doesn’t focus on sensuality. It is the same as ‘Corruption Of Champions.’

The Kingdom of Loathing has clearly expressed discussion connecting to the personality. It is a Western theme game.

kingdom of loathing

Begins with a stickman personality that has some limitations. You enter a world of Loathing a weapon in one hand.

You can handle the personality with word commands. It allows you to battle with your enemies and collects supplies from them.

Features :

  1. This is a multiplayer game.
  2. The game has more than 40 experiences that include cooking, destroying things, and that’s just the beginning.
  3. The game has many weapons and protection to double up your gaming experience.

9. Corruption of Champions

Corruption of Champions also refers to ‘COC.‘ It is a sensual game with word concepts. Created and manufactured by Fenoxo. It includes controversial topics. An adult from a village, Ingram has been sent to the world of the Devil to save his village from a Devil’s raid.

games like trials in tainted space
Corruption of Champions

The personality is an ordinary human at the beginning but can customize your character. You can role-play characters and explore new levels and places in the game zone.

Features :

  1. The different individuals, creatures, and weapons you’ll go through your gaming experience.
  2. Explore new stages and personalities and creatures in the game.
  3. The game has unique characters and can be transformed by appearances.

Best of All

So in this list which one is the best of all? I will suggest you go by: ‘My Very Own Lith‘ is the best of all games.

Final Words

In the Games Like Trials in Tainted Space, you can also play different games with awesome audio effects and graphics. Explore more levels and go through the best gaming ever. Dive into the adventurous world of gaming.

I will refer you to the best games you should play and get awesome desires. You will love playing games. Corruption of Champions is played by all and has cleared all the stages now try these games and complete your desires.

Trials in Tainted Space and Corruption of Champions are remarkable to everyone for their fantasy features. Now It’s Your Turn To Try All These Games. Leave a comment below to let me know.

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