9+ Games Like [2021 List]

The Covid-19 virus affected us in many types. Most of us were supposed to be working from home. Many of us may not be comfortable working at home because we have a habit of being present in the office. Many things keep us badly involved in work, like phone calls, emails, and online meetings, etc.

Besides all this, we cannot manage small breaks to relax us and connect with our friends and colleagues. These days, getting quarantined at home and following social distancing has taken us far from these small happy moments of our lives. Here we have games like skribbl io for you.

We have tried something to give you small happiness and make you entertained while working from home. Here we have presented some of the multiple player games like skribbl io which will be enjoyable to play with your friends, family, and colleagues. The games we have listed are simple to be played and require only laptops, browsers, and a nice network connection.

Some of the Games listed in this article:

Top 9+ Games Like To Have Fun In 2021

1. House Party Games

It is one of the best games like skribbl io because it is a game that allows you to be connected with 8 players at a time and gives you four options to select. We have included this game in our list because it gives us options to select one game out of four games which we can select, Chips and Guac, Heads Up, Trivia, or Quick Draw.

It helps us to play four games at a time. Chips and Gauges, which are very similar to card games, you can choose an illustrative card to couple with a statement card in this game. To play Heads Up, you will have to explain a noun to one of the people who cannot see the word.

Trivia games ask questions from you and your teammates, and the person who gives the correct answers will be the winner. And last but not least, Quickdraw converts your chats to drawing, and everyone will have to guess what the chat was.

Anyone should use it because of the features provided by it. The game helps you in inviting your near and dear ones to play with you. In it, you can connect and play with eight players, which is a great benefit of playing this game.

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2. Jackbox Party Packs

It is also one of the best games like skribbl io because it is not one game in which we get to see many games. We added this game to our list because it is particularly created to be played virtually.

This game consists of many games, so if you want to play this game, so you just required one person as the leader of the game their screen should be shared, then room code should also be shared afterward you will have to go for entering room code and name of yours then after you are allowed to play the game.

Anyone should use it because it is particularly designed for giving a wonderful virtualized gaming experience to the player.

3. Spyfall

It is the best game because it is designed for playing with many players at a time. We add this to our list because it provides you with a realistic gaming experience. In This Game, a group of people is told a particular location except one who does not know anything is called a spy.

Some of the questions asked by the players to each other, for knowing who the spy is. Anybody should play it because it is a very entertaining and enjoyable game.

4. Secret Hitler

It is the best game because it is based on the secret agent concept. We add this game to our list because it will be a very interesting game for adventure lovers. In these games, two teams are there, The Liberals and The fascists.

Whom, the people, will not be able to see but everybody. Anybody should play it because it gives you an awesome experience and great for adventure lovers.

5. Scattergories

It is the best game because it improves your creativity level. We have added this to our list because it helps make your performance better and saves some of the resources like pen and paper. It works like a list of letters will be provided to you. Then after you ordered the letter start with those words; every categorized list is time allotted.

Anybody should play it because it’s several benefits provided, some of them are:

  1. It increases your creativity level.
  2. This saves your time.
  3. It saves your resources.

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6. Codenames

It is the best game because it has mystery in it. We added this to our list because it is very much popular among mystery lovers. This game is the type of online virtual board game, and you will have to guess the word set by another gamer for playing this game. Anyone should use it because it is a good exercise for the brain and entertained by mystery elements.

7. Mad Takes

It is the best game because it helps us to increase our knowledge about words. We added this game to our list because of its unique concept which even helps many people in increasing their word power Mad Takes is a free online ad-lib word game.

The designer of these games is Roger Price and Leonard Stern. In this game, you will be given some words and then you will have them in the story where they are required. Anyone should play it because for increasing his/her word power.

8. Kahoot

Kahoot is the best game because it helps the person in boosting knowledge of a person. We added this to our list because this game is very beneficial for increasing your knowledge and IQ level.

Kahoot is the type of multiple-choice question creator which is made for improving the knowledge of people. For joining the quiz, you need to enter the entry code. Anyone should use it because it is a wonderful game for increasing knowledge.

9. Charades

It is the best to be played because it is real, not a virtual game. We added this game to our list because it is a game that existed between ancient times. This game is played by a person who becomes an actor and acts like a syllable of a word and phrase together, chased by the whole phrase together. Anyone should play it because it is a game that doesn’t require many things. And it is truly a real game.

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Can You Play With 20 People?

No, it has a max limit of 8 players per lobby.

Can Two Players Play Skribbl?

Yes, two players can play Skribbl.

What IO Games Can You Play With Your Friends?

Top eight games to be played with friends 2020:

Is Skribbl.IO Fun?

Yes, it is a very enjoyable game.


We hope that after knowing these games list prepared by us, many people will get support to fight with the Covid-19 virus and stay motivated and strong these days.

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