6 Of The Best Free PLC Software For Programming [2022 List]

We all are well aware of the latest developed technologies seen in every field like education and industries. In the industries, most of the machines are software-driven. They are working on the control of the digital computer that instructs and orders them. You can learn the free plc software programmable languages on your PC easily.

Such types of wonderful computers which are digitally prepared are coined as PLC. Programmable Logic Controller is abbreviated as PLC. This is used in most industries like textile, food, manufacturing industries, etc.

The main manufacturing units of the industries are getting automated with this PLC. These PLCs are driven by PLC Software. Some of the programming languages it will use are Ladder Logic Diagram, Functional Block Diagram, etc. In this programmable language, both the graphical and text-based software is present. 

Many of the enthusiastic students learning this simulation feel that capital for hardware is necessary. But here in this article, we had removed that barrier. If you read till the last of the article, you may find top PLC Simulation Software that requires no hardware.

Which Is The Best Free PLC Software?

There are different types of free PLC software that are available in the market. Only a few will be available with the inbuilt PLC simulator in it. Only simulation software permits us to check a PLC program.

We had tried to include the Simulation software in our curated list, as it is an important feature that will give us real-time analysis.

The best software in this list comes with designed animations. There will be many options like different automation animated designs, mixers.

There are some necessary options to be included like timer, retentive timer, counters, comparators, functions such as Math Functions, etc.

#1. The Learning Pit

The Learning Pit free plc software
The Learning Pit

Best for Educational Purposes. This is a free PLC Software that helps the students in learning the automation programmable languages easily and happily.

The simulation-driven software helps the students to make a real-time analysis of the program. The main reasons for this software inclusion are its automated filling system, batch mixing system simulations.

This will enable the users to get an idea about the operator station panel and controls, conveyor motors, temperature sensor, and many more required skills in real-time industrial practices.

We have a few more options like intersection traffic light control simulation and Hardware input and output simulator. Such wonderful software must and should be included in our list.

The hardware requirements of this free PLC Simulation Software are computers having DOSBox,640 KB RAM, and an EGA colour display. The installation of this PLC free software is so easy if we visit the website link given here.


1. Automation systems.

2. Mixing system technology.

3. The intersection of traffic lights.

4. Free educational software.


1. User interface needs improvement.

2. Low-end PC can’t give high performance.

3. It can’t satisfy professionals.

4. PSIM PLC training simulation software is free of cost.

#2. Edu Trilogy

Edu Trilogy free plc software
Edu Trilogy

Best for Ladder Logic Programming. This is the best free PLC Simulation Software by which we can learn the ladder logic programming easily and happily.

The software even requests an account creation to get the hassle-free secured package of this software installation program.

This software’s main intention is to provide the best learning platform for the students eager to learn this simulation-driven logic programming language.

The user interface is well developed and equipped with a simple UI that makes the learning process easier. This type of the best user interface is not there with any other software. This makes our list more beautiful.

The high performance, multiple functionalities of this software enable the configuration of the program more advantageous.

Limited features in this software. Even with the options like Program Counters, Relays, Timers, the software gets handier.

As mentioned earlier, this free software can be downloaded with the installation of a software package that comes with our account creation.


1. Best design for LLP.

2. Relays and counters are great tools here.

3. Advanced configurations are present.

4. High performance.

5. Well-designed user interface.

6. Free of cost.


1. The account is needed for installation.

2. Can use only ladder logic programming.

3. Runtime systems are not good.

#3. Machine Expert Basic

Machine Expert Basic free plc software
Machine Expert Basic

Best for Professional programmers. This is one of the best free and secured plc software that also comes with the in-built simulation-driven program.

There are Logic Ladder programming instructions based on control over the system. The friendly user interface enables our time to get saved a lot.

It will contain NC, coils, comparators, timers, counters, operators, and many more Math Functions. The different sections are defined under different categories to choose the control instructions wisely.

This platform is also available in different languages that enable the attraction of more audiences easily. The professionals looking for friendly software can use this to maximize their working efficiency.

The counters, mixers are beneficial. The hardware requirements are DOSBox,640 KB RAM. This is free software that requires some documentation to get installed on our PC.


1. Different languages are available.

2. Coils and comparators included. Updated versions are available.

3. Highly educated professionals.

4. Advanced features.


1. Undeveloped time section.

2. The download process is different.

3. Skills are compulsory for this software.

4. Beginners can not handle this software.

#4. TwinCAT 3

TwinCAT 3 plc programming software
TwinCAT 3

TwinCAT3 is best in Automation. This global standard free PLC software is driven by software that has more advanced features.

Some of the programming languages it will use are Ladder Logic Diagram, Functional Block Diagram, etc., in this programmable language.

Both the graphical and text-based software is present. Depending upon the programming language that we choose, that type of automation is readily available on their website.

There are multiple runtime system programs in this software. The windows control and automation technology automation suite form the core of the control system.

This software can turn any PC-based system into a real-time analyzer with the help of its PLC, NC, CNC, and runtime systems.

There will be permitted to choose the type of program you want, integrated designs, object-oriented extension, and many more that makes this software more usable in the present days.


1. Globally designed software.

2. Direct manufactures developed software.

3. Real-time analyzing software.

4. Graphical and text-based software.

5. Cloud-Based software.


1. Access to few languages.

2. The learning process is difficult.

3. Skills required.

4. Limited features with free software.

#5. CoDeSys


This Free PLC programming software comes from the direct device manufacturers of CODESYS compatible devices. These are beneficial for both the students as well as professionals. With the help of this PLC software, one can easily handle industrial automation processes.

This program is completely based upon the cloud-based technology that supports cloud storage and enables users across the world to operate easily.

Different types of multi-featured programs and their Fieldbus readily come along with this PLC Simulation programming language. The user can use the Industry Internet Of Things(IoT) to get the benefits of many ideas of development.

This featured top-ranked reasons that made this software most perfect. There is a free software version available on their official website. The control loop library helps in controlling multi-functions at a time.


1. Multifunctionality software.

2. All CODESYS devices are compatible with this.

3. Control loop library.

4. Internet of things for easy learning.

5. Most Industries prefer this.

6. Cloud-based software.

7. Direct manufacturer software.


1. Runtime systems need to get developed.

2. The User Interface is not great.

3. Only compatible with their devices.

4. Not suitable for learning.

#6. OpenPLC


Best for multiprogramming languages. This is the best free PLC simulation software by which we can learn ladder logic programming, FBD, SFC, ST, IL easily and happily.

The software makes us learn PLC programming languages. Comparators, timers, counters, operators, and many more Math Functions. Similar to expert basics.

The debugging instance operation and the toolbars in this software are cool and amazing. This can be observed from the reviews of the users of this best PLC Simulation learning software.

One can easily download this software in the Zip file and install it on their PC without any hardware requirements. Even for minimum real-time experience, requirements like DOSBox,640 KB RAM are necessary.


1. Learn many programming languages.

2. Hassle-free downloading process.

3. Reviews are nice.

4. Debug at an instance is available along with the toolbars assistance.

5. Math Functions are also possible.

6. Free software.


1. I need to get only a ZIP file.

2. Skills are necessary.

3. This is a free PLC Simulation program.

Best Of All

PLC software is beneficial and comfortable with the PSIM(The Learning Pit). The best among the free PLC simulation software is PSIM PLC training simulation which suits most beginners and professionals.

The reason for its preference is its predesigned animations. The advanced features like a traffic light, batch mixer, and automation technology make the learning more interesting and needy.

Both the requirements of the learners and professionals meet here. Since there is much other free and advanced software, the best in our sense are listed here. So, choose the perfect software that matches your ideas and the budget in your pocket.

We had checked all the reviews and the features of the top-ranked free PLC Simulation Software. Once, we recommend using any of this software and sharing your amazing experience with us in the comment section. 

Final Words

PLC programming software is used in most industries like textile, food, and manufacturing industries, etc. The main manufacturing units of the industries are getting automated with this PLC Software.

So its requirement is becoming more important day by day. The learning process will get easier if you choose one of the best picks from our list.

They will run without any hardware requirements you see in the industries. Every PC might get supported by the software mentioned above. After reading this article, you may find a suitable pick for your PC. Have a close look at them.

In case of any updates or queries, please feel about leave a comment here. Attach with us to get much more safe, useful and best information.

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