9 Best Free Home Design Software in 2020

If you are planning to construct a new house or a flat, then you must know about the free home design software. These free home design software will help you to make plans without the help of the professionals with free of cost.

This free home design software lets you create plans like a pro by offering their designs which can be customized.

Top 9 Free Home Design Software to Try in 2020

For this, you should be knowing the measurements of your site in which you want to build, based on that you will be able to create the home design using the free home design software’s.

1. Smartdraw:

Smart Draw is an effective software tool in the field of home planning. It is so easy to use for everyone including beginners as it offers a neat and understandable user interface. It offers almost all features like floor planning, parking planning, water storage planning, etc.

Smartdraw Best Free home Design Software

In this software, you will find a lot of possible designs and layouts for your new space. It comes with a free trial for seven days and later on if you want to use then you will have to upgrade to the paid plans.

2. Sketchup Make:

Sketchup make provides you with so many features along with 3D planning for free. This software gives you a feeling like working with pen and paper designing as the design and interface are very smooth which feels like moving inside your future home.

Sketchup make Best Free home Design Software
Sketchup make

The free version will be very useful for the one-time designers or the amateurs but not for the professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction department, interior designers. For small projects, this free home design software is the best-suited software.

3. Floorplanner:

Floorplanner is a software that lets you create your home designs in both 2D and 3D angles. This software is very useful to create house planning and also interior design.

Floorplanner Best Free home Design Software

This can be done online without any installations. You can start from the basics of floor planning and then complete the house planning in the plot. It is very simple and does not make you feel complicated.

4. Planner 5D:

Planner 5D is one of the best software used to make home design for free. This software makes you so comfortable in a way that you feel like you are in virtual reality. This software allows you to start from the beginning of your sketch or also you can choose from the template which suits your project.

Planner 5D Best Free home Design Software
Planner 5D

You can use this software on iOS which means you can use this software on the iPhone or iPad. First, you will need to choose the floor shape and size along with the colors then can place any of the interiors in your desired place. Along with all these features, you will also get 3d view and 2D view switch over.

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5. HomeByMe:

HomeByMe is one among the most used home design software tool which is free to use all its features. It assists you with most of the processes form planning to interior designing. Using this software, you can create the furniture of your imagination and can be placed where ever you need. 


In this software also you are given access to switch over from 3D view to 2D view. If you are getting confused about where to place the furniture, then the summary option will help you to choose the right place for that particular furniture.

6. Roomstyler3D:

This home designing software is too easy to use and it does not require any tutorial video also. It provides most of the home designing and interior designing tools free of cost.


The best part of this software tool is you can customize your design how much ever time you want. This will help you with the decoration of the interiors with the furniture, home essentials, etc which will be of great use.

7. SketchUp:

SketchUp is very helpful to create an interior, architectural, landscape, film, and civil engineering designs in a 3D view. This software can be used by beginners and also the professionals for making plans.  It not only comes for free but also provides all its features to work in a 3D view very quickly.


This software tool can be accessed on web applications also so enabling the user to use it where ever and whenever he feels like. You can also sketch your imagination on paper and put it into the software which shows as a reality thereby making the software one among the best.

8. Civil3D:

Civil 3D is one of the powerful home design software tools which is built for construction companies, architects, and civil engineers. This software allows us to make a plan for home designing and also for the interiors with various features given for free.


It can be used for floor planning, parking planning, etc with detailed information of every room. This software offers a free trial of 3 years to the students which can be benefited by other beginners and intermediates also. For the professional works, they may need to get upgraded.

9. Sweethome 3D:

This open-source free software helps the amateurs and also the professionals by providing the templets for home designing and also the interior designing. You can even draw your sketches and customize them as you wish like changing its size, shape, color.

Sweethome 3D
Sweethome 3D

It allows you to give the sunlight effects to your design and also customize lights to create photorealistic images. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and also online from web browsers.


Construction of your house or any other buildings directly depends on the way you plan out You can make use of the technology and make your plans using the above-mentioned free software.

There may be a little bit of trouble or confusion at the beginning of the project but as you go deep into the work you will find it very easy with the software. So, make use of this software to design your houses on your own.

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