9 Best Free Green Screen Software in 2020

This article is about Free Green Screen Software. A green screen edit is a background in front of which moving subjects are filmed and it can be made as a separately filmed background which is to be added to the final image. Nowadays a lot of professional green screen software tools which provide amazing effects on the green screen films are available on the internet.

But these video editing software can be costly sometimes and not very user-friendly, which will be ideal for the professionals. For example, Adobe Premiere has the chroma-keying effect, but you will have to pay some amount monthly or annually and it takes time to understand and learn how to use a green screen overlay video.

With the help of the green screen software’s, you can easily colour key the green background in a video file. While removing the background green screen, you will have to be sure that the green background is absolutely clear and has none another colour in it.

Top 9 Free Green Screen Software to Try in 2020

A green screen background detects an object behind using chroma key effect. This software then removes the detected green background from the video clip and an object remains the only visible part to the video footage.

There is no such rule that you should use a Green background, but it is much preferable while chroma keying as the green colour is easily detectable or recognisable by digital cameras which will be used to create video footage.

The green screen software’s are must in the field of the television industry, sports telecast studios, movie making etc. but they must and will use the paid professional green screen software tools.

For the beginners, it is recommended to use free green screen software. Here is the list of 9 best free green screen software’s used in 2020:

1. iMovie

iMovie is a green screen software that helps to bring your moving images together into one professional looking production. Apart from this, you can do the basic video editing functions like crop, rotate, trim, split, etc.

Free Green Screen Software

It also provides a simple interface, built-in sound and animations effects and yet more different easy-to-use effects including green-screen effect. It comes along with the new mac from which you can use it on its cross-platform that is it can be used on your iPhone.

Giving the green screen effect is very easy on this software and also capable of creating the titles and credits for your video clip.

2. VSDC free editor:

It is an efficient green screen software with a variety of functionality like drawing and selection tools and also it contains thousands of colours along with some of the quality filters, transitions, audio effects and more.

free green screen software
VSDC Free Editor

It provides the green screen editing capability software for free of cost for the windows users. The interface looks like a professional green screen editor which shows a steep learning curve as the software itself is very small. Green-screen video by importing files and shaped masks are easy to create.

3. Wax:

Wax is a very simple video editor and a green screen software for your office or personal use. It provides various types of effects which enable users to produce dynamic pieces of video by giving chroma-keying and 3d effects.

free green screen software

 In applying effects for personal use Wax is helpful as a standalone green screen software or as a plugin to assist main video editor software.

It is compatible with all the versions of windows and this allows you to create 2D or 3D green screen effects with Powerful Graphics acceleration. You can also import your 3D files to this software. 

4. Virtualdub:

This is free, open-source green screen editing software, designed for fast processing and versatility of video editing. Virtualdub cannot function as a professional video editing software but it can easily carry out basic video editing like swap audio tracks, add filters, trim clips and adjust audio.

green scren software

 By adding a plugin we can also use it as stable green screen editing software up to some extent. It can also import different formats of files to create a green screen video.

5. ZS4:

ZS4 Video Editor is the new re-defined green screen editor software. It is an advanced video editing software tool having a variety of video effects including excellent colour and chroma key.


 The width and height of the output video can be easily customized, add unlimited music and send controls to audio waveforms and more. The user interface of this software is very friendly with powerful effects and controls.

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Lightworks is a free green screen editor which contains chroma key software which will allow you to create a green-screen video with much-advanced options.

free green screen software

If you know a little bit of video editing also, then Lightworks is a very good choice. You can add audio & video FX to the program to make your green screen video more attractive and you can directly upload the video to YouTube, even 4K video. Best suited for the filmmaker, timeline editing is easy to do.

7. Openshot:

OpenShot is a free, open-source green screen software which has got FreeBSD for Linux, Mac and Windows operating system. The interface is intuitive and you can easily make green screen video with it.

free green screen software

 Option to combine 3D animation with chroma key effects will be available which in turns make your video more creative with rich video effects like slow motion and time-lapse. 

8. OBS studio:

OBS Studio is a free, open-source green screen editor software which is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows operating system. Most people think it is just a video recorder, but it actually does many things, like making green screen video, adding effects to the video.

OBS Studio

As soon as finish recording, you can import video to this software and start doing chroma key effects. You can customize the interface and can create make multiple scenes.

9. Hitfilm express:

HitFilm is a free green screen editor which is helpful to create many creative videos easily. If you are a beginner and don’t have much idea on how to make a green screen video then Hitfilm will also give you an online course where you can learn chroma keying.

Hitfilm Express

You can choose from the presets available which is capable of creating 2D and 3D compositing with Unlimited tracks and transitions.


In today’s lifestyle, everyone wants to be best in other fields which may be related to the field, film making. So it is very important to be creative at video making and editing.

In order to edit a video like a professional, the knowledge of green screen editing is a must. Use this free green screen software’s for your video editing project.

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