11 Best Free Alternatives to InDesign (2021 List)

Looking to prepare brochures and posters for your business, flyers for organizations, and preparing books, magazines, newspapers make you happier. So Free Alternatives to InDesign are also impressive and affordable.

The tool to prepare such was Indesign by Adobe. No need for a professional with InDesign. Indesign makes us become efficient designers.

Its main drawback is that it is costly as it is powerful and for the people with low functionality computers will not work properly.

The people with a low budget can’t buy Indesign. Also, there are many drawbacks to it, like difficulty making engineering concepts and graphics more headaches. It consumes our energy and time.

Don’t lose hope. Here we collected all the 11 Best Alternatives for InDesign.

This software is equally efficient as adobe InDesign, cheaper than InDesign.

So these Free InDesign alternatives are also impressive and affordable.

11 Best InDesign Alternatives in the Market

1. Canva


Best for social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This software mainly covers photos on Facebook, social posters, designing templates, and many sharing-oriented items.

Even if you are using any social media platform, the canvas helps you prepare the most suitable template.

Even though this software free trial is not fully compatible with free Alternatives to Indesign but this is still more enough for small organizations.

As it is low cost, necessary features are there, flexible product and efficient. Also, even in the free trial, you are completely accessible to many features. This makes Canva be one of the best alternatives.

There is an option to prepare the desired size of the templates, edit the publications, understand that graphically oriented data can also be prepared easily.

So it can simply be visible that every individual can use it more easily with a low-cost budget.


  • We can design, print, and work with or without a team
  • Graphics editor, stock photo bank included in the free trial.
  • Mobile version available.


  • Some of the formatting tools was missing
  • Price – Software starts from  INR 999-2200 per month. There is a free trial also.

2. Microsoft Office Publisher

microsoft office publisher

Best for a professional look. This software mainly focuses on preparing professional templates and projects that will possess an official look.

Helps in making layouts, emails that have a professional interface. This software has more advanced templates and layouts.

Office publisher is chosen as a free Alternatives to Indesign because it can provide various fonts, styles, templates, designs as Indesign.

Also, the plans have a free trial. Also, it can satisfy our requirements. This software helps to design the items that suit our purpose. 

It works to create business cards, posters, email newsletters, etc., which improves the quality of work in small-scale offices.

This can improve their audience responses. There are drop caps, text direction, and many more hassle-free additions.


  • The work process speed is high.
  • Makes the project more professional 
  • The free trial includes numerous tools.


  • Weak graphic tools.
  • Does not fit for social media posters, templates, etc.,
  • Pricing – Software plans start from INR 489-619 per month. There is a free trial also.

3. Crello


This software is specially designed for web-based graphics designing. It allows us to create numerous social media posts that are impressive.

This picks the audience’s attention by its visuals only. The people interested in creating presentations can take advantage of its large pack of photos.

The special features like advanced animation designing, editing professional templates makes their place in Indesign alternatives. The projects that had been done with Crello match the stories easily.

The wide range of formatting tools, editing tools, unique designs, and integrated media libraries helps many professional creators develop their work capabilities.

The teamwork can be done with less effort. This software has both professional and personal outlooks.


  • Packed with 30,000 professional templates, 50,000 photos
  • Possess the ability to remove background from images.


  • There is no complete management toolkit
  • Automatic design resizers need to be developed.
  • Software pricing starts from INR 560 per month, pro version. There is a free version available.

4. Affinity Publisher

affinity publisher

This software has many different features from Indesign; there is an option to customize the designs, formats, curves, and create them.

The vector tools present in it make thousands of audiences bind for game developers.

The robust features that help game developers & web designers with its raster design technology made it a strong competitor for Indesign.

Creates a type of happiness in the mind of users with its live pace technology that combines the artistic look with technology.

Affinity also helps to create posters, templates, magazines, stories that make our business more creative.

The game designers are fully optimized with its raster and vector-based technology. There is simplicity with complexity. This allows all types of users to take advantage of it.


  • There is no lag in the case of linking more projects
  • Latest vector and raster technology.


  • Difficult pace for beginners.
  • Costly software for small developers.
  • Software pricing starts from INR 2,199 per month. A free trial is available.

5. VivaDesignerviva designer

This software is mainly for people who look for a limited options program. This alternative is not fully loaded like Indesign.

However, it has numerous typographic tools and numerous layouts that make the project more official.

The free version is full of freedom to access maximum tools and styles. Beyond these, the wide range of typographic tools and importing files’ facilities made a standing alternative in free Indesign Alternatives.

With the help of this software, the document management and processing speed of the work will boost a lot.

It permits us to use both web and desktop versions. All these boundless free tools made its reputation.


  • Web and desktop versions
  • Optimized Four colors mixing technology
  • The free version is there.


  • Difficult for beginners to use
  • Less number of templates, graphics.
  • Software pricing starts from INR 5500. There is free version availability.

6. Scribus


This makes our documents, posters, designs everything in perfect color management.

The output from the printer matches our expectations at high peaks. This helps to make Interactive presentations and official PDF looks.

This open-source application stores its data in XML format that helps in text editing.

The great availability of color pallets and four colors management technology makes it different and compulsory for its presence in adobe InDesign Alternatives.

The people working on the documents, posters, templates and afraid of their data loss can look at this as an alternative.

The XML format makes them free from such. The linking, grouping, blocking, and tool to resize make the work of designers easier.


  • Grammar and spelling checker.
  • Its interface makes the Beginner Learning process fast


  • Slow processing speed
  • Other formats like DTP are not permitted.
  • There is no such pricing plan. The software free version is available.

7. Spring Publisher

spring publisher free alternatives to indesign

This software consists of a special platform that enables us to create business cards, posters, layouts, and designs that match our desires when printouts are observed.

There is an option to make changes for the ready-made creations also.

Indesign-Free Alternatives are not having features of this software. Because this allows the images to be edited, created, adjusted on the designs.

There is an artistic effect applier also.

Various shadow effects are possible here. This allows spring publishers to be one of the free InDesign alternatives.

Organizers looking for impressive artistic creations to make necessary changes to their posters (adding images, codes, text, etc.), people looking for creative layouts, people with a low budget can use this software.


  • Ready-made changes to Templates
  • Highly optimized technology for printouts


  • The free version and its restrictions made users unsatisfied.
  • Software pricing starts from INR 1680 per month. There is a limited free version available.

8. LucidPress

lucidpress free alternatives to indesign

Different people will like different formatting styles. This software can solve this problem.

It has many styles and formatting tools. This software will be used for marketing and educational purposes also.

This software, along with the creation of templates, posters, layouts, and brochures. There is an equivalent option of writing and printing also.

This software allows us to combine text, images, sound, video into our projects.

There is an option to prepare journals, photo albums, and files of different formats. 

The mentioned above things made it into the scope of InDesign Latest Alternatives.

Various things like designing, editing, marketing, printing can do work with this design alternative. People of different organizations can use this.


  • The file will be more secure. This allows the team to be secured.
  • Easy to handle.


  • There is no version to get downloaded for PC.
  • Software pricing starts from INR 910 per month. A free version with limits is available.

9. DesignCap            


This software helps create various information that is graphically oriented, reports, infographics, tables, sheets, business cards, and many such.

The usage of this software is so easy. That beginner can also make new creations that are graphics-oriented.

Even though this software is not compatible with the Indesign, the features of importing data, creating ready-made graphics design on templates, social media arts, etc., made their place in the Free Adobe InDesign Alternatives.

People looking for software that helps import data from word and excel, also importing photos, numerous high-quality templates will need this software.

People looking for good pricing plans also can choose this software.


  • A bunch of images and templates are available.
  • There is an availability of free software.
  • Design sharing is always permitted. No skills are needed.


  • Not fully compatible with Indesign.
  • Free version with limited options.

10. Logo garden

logo garden free alternatives to indesign

This is software build based on particularity. This provides a wide variety of logos and designs for your website designing technology.

The user interfaces are eco-friendly. The ease of operating this software makes it more interesting.

Since this software is mainly intended for creating logos. But also for business cards, website development.

The designs and varieties of fonts, styles, formatting for the script are all designed for creating a perfect logo. But it resembles Adobe InDesign also.

Therefore, this is an Alternative for Indesign.

Lots of brand symbols are present here. This is software loaded with different styles to create a unique logo that suits your organization.


  • The user interface is developed with ease of understanding.
  • Friendly customer support. 
  • Intended to create a logo and business cards.


  • Not compatible with Indesign.
  • There is no paid software. The software is free of cost.

11. QuarkXPress

This software is suitable for preparing complex layouts and designs. This desktop publishing software allows you to edit, prepare and make creative & complex layouts.

This is functional and convenient, user-friendly software.

Besides the complex layouts, there is a feature to prepare illustrations, encoding images, and size adjusting options, making its place unique among all other Alternatives for Indesign.

It is a fully integrated unified content to fulfill content automation, management, and digital publishing needs.

This is widely preferred for website and graphic designers because of its versatile nature.

This software allows users to put the video as a website background. This had options of drop shadows, vector shapes, and many more.


  • Best for creating intensified Graphics Designs
  • Online customer care facility


  • The free version has limits.
  • Less number of layouts, styles.
  • The software pricing plan starts from INR 560 per month. A free version with bounds is available.

Best of All

Reviewing many customer comments from their official sites and making clear about their pricing plans.

We will prefer Affinity Publisher.

It has numerous features and advanced technologies. It was not too much cost for beginners also.

The only drawback is proper skills require to make use of it.


1. Why should an alternative for Indesign?

Adobe InDesign is too costly for small organizations.

This may make them inactive in their business expansion, so we suggest an alternative that suits you

2. Why is the Price of Indesign High?

It is clear and visible that adobe usually provides a powerful tool at a high cost.

3. Were all Alternatives Affordable or only Some?

The above listed were cheaper than InDesign.

The only thing was depending on the features of alternatives.

Their prices may be high or low.

So choose wisely.

Final words

Yes, there are many alternatives for InDesign. The best in our sense are listed here.

So, choose the perfect software that matches your ideas and the budget in your pocket.

Why think slowly?

Move fast look at the features written above?

Choose one of them. 

Write your experience in the comment section below. Inform us about any changes to be made.

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