How to Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Error

MS Word has now become one of the most used apps due to its user-friendly device, and it can easily save your file in doc or Docx both. But sometimes you may get a pop up of Microsoft word not responding, which would freeze your Word.

It is one of the most common errors that Microsoft users find. This pop up indicates that your file corrupts. When this error appears, your unsaved documents can also be lost. It makes many people frustrated; it occurs many times.

Don’t worry; this article will help you solve your problem in a straightforward way. But first, let us have a look at why this error might happen so that you can prevent it next time.

Causes of Error

  1. Your files must have corrupt due to viruses on your PC.
  2. The add-ins or plugin by the third party may corrupt that might disrupt the normal functioning of MSWord.
  3. You should check your hardware and software also, sometimes their issues can be the reason for the Word not to respond. 
  4. The most common is a damaged program on your PC.
  5. Any file related to the software, if deleted, will cause a problem in running the app properly. 

You can wait for the app to respond, you can also close the app and start again or simply restart the PC. If the error persists, then you can follow the steps given below.

7 Ways to Solve Microsoft Word Not Responding Error

1. Start an Application in Safe Mode

1. You can simply start your application in safe mode to see if the problem was due to some add on or not. 

2. If you don’t know how to start the application in safe mode, you can take the help of Microsoft Help Desk.

3. Use the ctrl key when you open the official app, and from the title bar, you can check if Word opens in safe mode or not. 

Holding down the CTRL key
Ctrl key popup window

4. You can also use the safe command line, but it depends on the version you are using.

5. If your Word is now in safe mode, then it means the problem was due to the add-ins.

6. Disable the add-ins for the smooth functioning of the app.

2. Incompatible Device Drivers

1. It always suggests that you should keep your apps and window updated.

2. To update your window, you have to go to start option

3. In that navigate to settings, which has a gear-shaped symbol.

4. Then select update and security.

Update and security option
Update and security option

5. Then in the automatic window update, you will find the update.

6. Download and install all the updates available.

7. Then start the app again to see if the error persists. 

3. Disable the Add-ins

1. Click on File option, then click on Options option and then click on Add-ins option.

2. Open the COM add-ins dialog box by pressing the go button near the window button.

Open COM ADD-ins dialog box to solve Microsoft Words not responding error
COM Add-ins

3. Clear the checkbox to disable all the add-ins.

4. Click ok to apply the changes.

4. Remo Repair Word Tool to Solve Microsoft Word Not Responding Problem

1. Your corrupted word documents can be easily repaired by the Remo repair word tool, which will allow you to open the nonresponding files easily. It detects all the errors in the documents and fixes them quickly.

2. Download and install the Remo repair word tool.

3. By clicking on the browse option path, the app to the corrupted file.

4. To initiate the process of repair, click on the Repair button.

Browse and Repair the file by clicking on the repair button
Browse and repair the file

5. After the process is complete, save the document. 

Save the document by clicking on save button to solve the Microsoft Word not Responding Problem
Save the document

Some Other Ways

5. By using the office repair utility, you can repair your Word.

6. You can also reinstall your Word and start from scratch by using the window control panel.

7. You can also reinstall your Microsoft Office if you are still facing the problem. Important note: uninstalling the Microsoft Office remove Office applications, your files and documents will remain saved.

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Final Words

MS Word is the most frequently used Office application, but like any other application, it also comes along with its share of troubles.

If these are long term and your application is not responding even are sometimes or by reopening the app, then it can easily make you nervous about your work on which you are working. You may think what will happen if all my work gets deleted as you have not saved it yet.

Don’t worry, these steps, if followed, will surely help you to get rid of Microsoft Word Not Responding problem. And as you can see, these are just simple steps that can easily follow. So, don’t worry, your MS word will start responding, and your files and documents will save.

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