How to Fix Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found

Many times when you are trying to play a video online, a message pops up saying No Playable Sources Found, So if you want to Fix Error loading Player continue reading. Now the first thing that comes to our mind is that our internet connection is faulty, maybe.

But many times it happens that everything, including the internet, is working well and still this error shows up.

Now, there can be several reasons for this error popping up and depriving of watching the video.

Fix Error Loading Player: No playable sources found

Some of the reasons for this error may be an overload of browser cash, an outdated version of Flash player, or an outdated browser version.

We have discussed some of the ways to help you fix this error; please go through each of them carefully and, hopefully, you will find a solution to your problem.


1 – Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player How to Fix Error Loading Player
Adobe flash player

Step#1. Go to the Control Panel of your PC.

Step#2. Under the Programs, go to the Uninstall a program.

Step#3. Search for Adobe Flash Player and uninstall it.

Step#4. Visit the official website of Adobe Flash Player and download the latest version.

Step#5. Run the setup and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step#6. When the installation completes, restart your browser and see if the issue resolves.


2 – Delete history of browser

Delete history of browser
Delete history of browser

Step#1. Go the browser you use and hit Ctrl+H.

Step#2. A page showing all the history of your previous searches will show up.

Step#3. Now, look for the Clear History option and select it.

Step#4. Clear the history and especially the cached data.

Step#5. Now, restart the browser and see if the error fixes.


3 – Update the browser

Update the browser
Update the browser

Step#1. Go to the settings of your browser and look for an Update option. Many times Update options are listed under the About column.

Step#2. Update the browser.

Step#3. Restart the browser after the update completes. 

Step#4. If the outdated version of the browser was the cause of the error, then the issue will be resolved.


4 – Update your Windows

Windows How to Fix Error Loading Player

Step#1. Go to the Settings of your computer.

Step#2. Go to the Update and Security option.

Step#3. Check for updates and, if available then, download and install them.

Step#4. Restart your computer and check if the issue still exists.


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5 – Add exceptions for Flash

exceptions for Flash How to Fix Error Loading Player
exceptions for Flash

Step#1. Open your browser.

Step#2. Go to Settings.

Step#3. Look for Advanced Settings.

Step#4. Go to Content Settings (probably under Privacy).

Step#5. Find the Flash feature and the website to its list.


6 – Use Safe Mode using Network (for Windows)


Step#1. Press Windows + R.

Step#2. A window will pop up for Run.

Step#3. Type “misconfig” and press OK.

Step#4. Go to the Boost tab under System Configuration.

Step#5. Select the Safe boot option in the Boot options.

Step#6. Save changes and restart the PC.


7 – Switch Off ActiveX filtering (for Internet Explorer users)

Switch Off ActiveX filtering
Switch Off ActiveX filtering

Step#1. Launch Internet Explorer.

Step#2. Open the Settings and select Safety.

Step#3. Now choose ActiveX filtering.

Step#4. Uncheck the ActiveX option if it is checked.


8 – Scan for virus or malware

Scan for virus or malware
Scan for virus or malware

Many times it happens that some virus or malicious program is interfering with your browser and is not allowing to play videos. To tackle this situation, the computer should be scanned for viruses or malware.

If you have an anti-virus installed then simply run the virus scan and fix the issues, if, any found.

Still no good?

If even after applying all the above techniques, the problem still exists then we will advise you to contact the website on which the error pops up. They will guide you through the steps then to resolve the issue.

We hope the article was helpful and solved your problem. You can let us know if you want to know about something else.

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