How to Fix the Err_Cache_Miss Error in Google Chrome

Google chrome is one of the best or most use web browsers used by Windows users, and for staying on top, they have been introducing tons of features lately. It makes the software complex and hence prone to errors. It is no big deal; various kinds of errors come with this level of complexity of the program. “Err_Cache_Miss” in Google Chrome is related to Cache.

This error pops up on the screen when the web browser is having issues caching a site, or a web application’s Cache. There are several causes for this error; some of them can be bad coding of the site, bugged site, or corrupted extension in Chrome.

Sometimes you also face an error on Chrome when you are running it, it shows an error of “Google Chrome has stopped working“. So, first, solve this error, then you can solve the Err_Cache_Miss error.

The point is “Err_Cache_Miss” is caused by many factors that hold up to one, and it can make browsing complex. It is aggravating like the “Google Chrome is not working” error. 

How To Resolve Err_Cache_Miss Error in Google Chrome

There are ways to resolve this issue, but first, find out whether it is due to the internet connection or something else.

1. Ensure the Internet is Working Properly

In numerous cases, it occurs because of a site-side issue not because of your internet. To ensure it is working okay, open any other site apart from the one that you are trying to use in other browsers. If the site is working and other services related to the internet are running, there is nothing wrong with your internet connection.

2. Ensure the Browser is Working Properly

Testing this is a bit easy, try opening a site on Chrome. If the site does not open, then it means it is broken. Now, try it on other browsers, and if it opens, it means your Chrome browser is not working correctly. To resolve the browser issue, uninstall and reinstall because chrome frequently visited sites missing, which can cause the issue. 

There are 4 methods to resolve this issue. But there are 2 different Situations due to which the “Err_Cache_Miss” error occurs. The situations are as follows:

1. Error while accessing some particular website: One of the most common situations of error occurrence. If you try loading a bunch of websites and it shows an error, then you can try the following 2 methods to fix this.

  • Clearing Google Chrome Browsing Data 
  • Uninstalling the Toolbar And Spam/Adware Programs

2. Error while accessing your own personal, commercial, or business website: It does not mean that coding for your website is wrong. It can be an issue with your Chrome browser.

You can try using the above methods. If it does not work. Undo what you recently modified on your website. WordPress users can try disabling any kind of caching plugin in order to test whether those plugins are causing errors or not.

3. Error while using the Chrome Development tool: While using Google Chrome Development Tool, this error message is a common issue because of bugs. Sometimes by updating the Chrome setting to the latest version, such as chrome settings resetprofilesettings. If you are already using the latest version then you need to the wait for next update or try these methods: 

  • Remove Unnecessary Plugins
  • Disable chrome cache

After analyzing and matching the above situation, use the best suitable situation.

It is worth revealing that when the user gets this error. There is no direct fault in the browser. There are issues with caching the website data locally on the computer. This error can also arise when a website codes in an inappropriate method. There are possibilities that any browser extension is conflicting with the proper functioning of the website.

4 Methods How to Fix Err_Cache_Miss in Google Chrome

There are 4 methods to resolve this issue. Methods are as follows:

Method 1: Clear Browser Data

Follow the following steps to clear Browser Data are:

Step 1: Open Chrome. Press the “CTRL + H” on the keyboard.

Step 2: History of all the accessed web pages appears. Select all the checkboxes from the browsed history page.

Step 3:  Click on “clear browsing data.”

Step 4: Restart the browser and check whether the error resolves or not.


Step 1: Open Chrome. Press the “CTRL + H” on the keyboard.

Step 2: On the left-hand side of the web page, click on the “clear browsing data” option.

Click on Clear Browsing Data
History Tab

Step 3: A new panel opens up. Select the time range.

Step 4: Select the checkbox in front of “browsing history,” “cookies and other site data,” and “cache images and file.”

Step 5: Click on the “clear data” button and restart the browser and check whether the error resolves or not.

Click on Clear Data to fix ERR_CACHE_MISS in Google Chrome
Click on Clear Data

Method 2: Use the Developer Tools

Follow the following steps to use the Developer Tools are:

Step 1: Open google chrome.

Google Chrome

Step 2: Press “CTRL + Shift + I” on your keyboard and then hit F1.

Step 3: Settings tab inside of the chrome developer tools opens up.

chrome developer tools

Step 4: Select “disable cache” and apply those settings.

confirm form resubmission err cache miss
Select Disable Cache

Step 5: Refresh the page and check if all previously seen entries inside the network tab are gone or not.

Step 6: Now, press the reload button to resubmit the data. And Your issue will be fixed.

Method 3: Flush the DNS Cache

Follow the following steps to flush the DNS Cache are:

Step 1: Click on the Windows Start button

Windows Start button

Step 2: Open “Windows PowerShell (Admin)” for Windows 10 users or “Command Prompt (Admin)” for users below Windows 10.

Windows PowerShell (Admin)

Step 3: Type and execute each command in the exact order as presented below:

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /all
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /renew
  • netsh int ip set DNS
  • netsh Winsock reset

After typing press Enter in the command prompt. Now restart your browser. This will solve net::err_cache_miss in google chrome error.

Method 4: Remove Conflicting Browser Extension

Follow the following steps to remove conflicting Browser Extensions are:

Step 1: Open chrome.

Step 2: On the top right corner, select the “eclipse” button.

Step 3: Now, select “More tools” and then “extensions.”

ERR_CACHE_MISS in Google Chrome

Step 4: Identify the problematic extensions from a list of extensions. Remove them one by one.

ERR_CACHE_MISS in Google Chrome

I Hope, this method will definitely resolve the Err_Cache_Miss in Google Chrome Error.

Note: It suggests that you try disabling the “toolbars” and “ad-blocking tools.” The use of these extensions can usually bring about problems.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Once you do, restart or reboot your computer. Open the browser and check if the “Err_Cache_Miss” error is gone or not. If the webpage does not open, and the error persists, then you might have an entirely different issue. If you want to know the root cause and fix it, you can get in touch with browser support professionals through the toll-free number.

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