Fix Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

If you have noticed that these days your computer/ laptop is getting slow, then this could be because of digital TV tuner device registration application. This issue can be detected easily if you open the windows task manager or run any security cleaner. 

If you are facing this problem for quite a long time and still not figured how to solve this issue, then you came to the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you ways to solve this problem. But first, let me tell you what a digital TV tuner device registration is.

What is digital TV tuner device registration application?

Digital TV tuner application is a part of Windows Media Center. It is because of this app that your computer receives and display a digital signal. It also helps you to watch digital cable channels. 

If you don’t know that whether your computer has digital TV turner, then you just have to look at your device label if integrated digital tuner, digital receiver and digital tuner is written on it, then your computer has TV tuner in it.

Now, let’s have a look, why is it important to turn off this application?

Do you know why your computer starts getting slower? Let me tell you digital TV tuner is a non-system process resulting from software that is already installed in your system. Whenever you run any installed software, it stores its data on system registry. 

When all these apps create invalid entries on your system, then your PC gets slower. You can also say that when you run Windows Media Center, the digital TV Tuner Device registration application process also run. 

It is normal and occurs in all computers, but if you use multiple processes, then digital TV tuner device registration can be a serious threat.

Now, let us move to the solution part.

Solutions to fix Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

Method 1: Turn it off

The first method that you all can use that will help you solve the problem quickly is turning off windows features. The steps that you need to follow to execute this method are as follows:

Step#1 – Open the control panel by pressing the windows key, or you can click the start button then type control panel in it.

Control Panel

Step#2 – You can also open the control panel by typing appwiz.cpl in the run dialogue box

Step#3 – In the control panel, navigate to programs and features and click on it.

Programs and Features

Step#4 – Click on turn windows features on or off.

Step#5 – Now scroll down to media features and click on + to expand it.

Step#6 – Uncheck the box right next to the windows media player.

Windows Features Box

Step#7 – Apply the changes by clicking on ok.

Step#8 – Then restart your computer and now check if the error persists. I hope this will resolve the digital tv tuner registration application error easily.

Method 2: Use resource monitor

If the above method does not work, then you can use this method to fix your error. This method can be used to stop any process from running on your computer, especially digital TV tuner. Just follow these steps to execute the method:

Step#1 – Open the task manager by pressing ctrl + shift + Esc.

Step#2 – The other way to open the task manager is to open the run dialogue box by pressing windows key and R and type resmon and hit enter.

Step#3 – Click on the Performance tab and click on the open resource monitor located at the bottom. 

Task Manager

Step#4 – You just have to look at the CPUMemory and disk section.

Step#5 – In these sections navigate to ehprivjob.exe process and stop it.

Step#6 – Once you find it simply right-click on it and choose end process. 

Method 3: Uninstall the application to fix the digital TV tuner device registration application

The best way is to simply uninstall the TV tuner from your computer. This will solve all the problems related to the digital TV tuner. To do this follow these steps:

Step#1 – Open the control panel.

Control Panel

Step#2 – In the control panel, navigate to programs and features then click on it.

Programs and Features

Step#3 – On the upper portion, click on uninstall.

Step#4 – Then follow the uninstallation wizard, then close the program. 

Step#5 – Open the Run dialogue box and type regedit to open the registry editor. 

Type Regedit

Step#6 – Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ in the registry editor window. And then look for the folder containing your digital tuner then delete it.

Step#7 – After that, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\eg ui and delete all the entries.

Step#8 – Once the process is completed, restart your computer and check if the error persists. 

Method 4: Disable Scheduled Task

One of the major causes of the digital TV tuner device registration application issue. Disabling this scheduled task may help you fix the problem.

Step#1 – Click on the start button and navigate to task scheduler option.

Step#2 – Then click on task scheduler library option.

Step#3 – Open the Microsoft folder.

Step#4 – Then you have to open the windows folder and disable the ehdrminit task.

Step#5 – Close all the open folders on your computer.

Step#6 – Now just restart your computer to see the changes. 

Method 5: Delete the DRM folder to fix the digital TV tuner device registration application error

Digital Right Management or DRM is a term that refers to any scheme that controls access to copyrighted material using technological means. You have to follow these steps to delete the DRM folder to solve the problem:

Step#1 – Open file explorer or my computer on your PC.

Step#2 – Select program option then click on the data folder.

Step#3 – Now open the Microsoft folder and select the windows option.

Step#4 – Then select the DRM folder and delete them.

Step#5 – Once the process is completed, restart your computer.

Final Words

You can follow the methods described above until you find the one best suited for you to solve the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application issue on your PC. 

The main cause of the error is the invalid entities that is created that the installed apps create, which ultimately slows your computer. I hope this article was a help.

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