How to Fix “Connection is Not Private” Error

When you get an error message saying your connection is not private, you don’t need to panic it is just a warning used by google when you are about to enter some suspicious website. Whenever you are about to make a mistake, this error will appear.

How to Fix Connection is Not Private Error

It is a safety measure and is useful in most cases, but sometimes it also blocks our trusted websites. Here, I will tell you the ways in which you can solve connections is not a private problem.

Your connection is not private
Your connection is not private

Firstly, you should know why this error your connection is not private is occurring. As already mentioned, it is a type of security alert by google. It generally occurs when google is not able to verify the SSL certificate, or it notices a problem making an SSL connection with the website.

What is SSL?


Now, you are thinking, what is this SSL, never heard of it? Let me tell you, the secure socket layer (SSL) its primary purpose is to keep the data safe. All the private details like name, address, credit card number, etc. whenever you search something the first thing that Google is doing that it sends the server a request for the site, if it is https, then it will automatically scan and see if the site has an SSL certificate and will then verify it to see if matches with the privacy standards. Now, some of the reasons for this error

Reasons for this Error

  1. The SSL certificate must have expired.
  2. You need to check the active period of the SSL certificate as it does not last forever. 
  3. You should know that the SSL certificate only belongs to the domain and not a subdomain.
  4. There may be some problem with the website’s main page.
  5. Some of the untrusted organizations must have brought the SSL certificate.

Now, let us move to the solution part.

Method 1: Reload the Page

Reload the page-Connection is not Private
Reload the page

The first thing that you should do when you receive the error message is to reload the page as sometimes the google is not able to request the server for verification, and there are chances that the SSL certificate reissued. 

Method 2: Don’t Use Public Wifi

Public wifi
Public wifi

If you are not using your cellular data then use any secured wifi, make it a point not to use public wifi of café, airport, station, etc. do you want to know the reason behind this? Let me tell you as the public wifi generally runs of https the data are not encrypted as it should be so, anyone using the same public wifi can easily get all your personal data. Here when your google automatically shows your connection is not a private error to warn you.

Method 3: Delete Cache, Cookies and Browsing History

Delete cache cookies browsing history
Delete cache cookies browsing history

If you have not cleared your cache and browsing history for a long time, then it may get overloaded and cause a problem. To solve the problem, you simply have to clear your cache, cookies, and also browsing history. To execute this process, follow the steps given below:

1. Open your google chrome and click on three dots on the top right corner of the window.

2. Then click on more tools.

3. From the submenu, select clear browsing data.

4. Now check on the box next to browsing history and cached image and files.

5. Then hit on a clear data button to complete the process.

Once the process completed, you can check chrome to see if the error persists. 

Method 4: Try Incognito Mode

Incognito mode
Incognito mode

If you don’t want to delete all the cache files and browsing history, then you don’t need to. First, you can check whether it is the cache that is causing the problem or not. To check this, you can try using the incognito mode as incognito is the window that works without browsing history or cached files. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the google chrome. Then from the menu that appears click on new incognito mode. 

Then try to open the same website here and if the site began then the problem is because of the cached files only that means you need to delete all the browsing history and cached files. If you still don’t want to delete them as they may be necessary, then access the website from incognito only. 

And if the website still doesn’t open, then it means there is something else that is causing the problem. So, try solving the problem with the other methods mentioned.

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Method 5: Check the Date and Time of Your Computer

Date time
Date time

This method may seem a little odd, but google may send the error message when the date and time are not set correctly. The browser counts on your computer date and time for SSL validation, so if your date and time are not correct, then it may be the reason for the error. 

Go to setting or press windows key and me, then navigate to time and language. Then make the required changes you can also put the time and date to automatic mode. 

Method 6: Check the Antivirus


Sometimes the antivirus may cause hindrance as it scans all the SSL certificate, https it scan automatically so to solve this problem you need to stop the SSL scanning feature. You can simply disable the antivirus to check if that was the cause of the problem or not. If after doing this step your problem is solved, then you need to change your antivirus so that this error does not occur again. 

Final Words

This connection is not the private error is generally common as we usually connect to any public wifi which is not secure, your SSL may have also get expired. The methods mentioned in the article are simple and can be executed. I hope this article was a help.

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