14 Of The Best Fake Text Generator Websites/Apps [2022]

Do you have any idea about fake text generator apps? You can now generate your own amusing text messages and chats. Hang on with this article to acquire the most up-to-date facts and solutions to your questions. As we all understand, nowadays, everyone is involved in several social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others.

In this age of the internet, when we are constantly connected, everyone is socially engaged. The younger generation has never been more active in embracing it and taking full advantage of it. You can also make fake text message chat pranks online if you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Once you’ve selected any one of these fake text generators, you may add or delete it as you want. As well as try all of them one by one whenever you like. After all, who doesn’t enjoy playing tricks on their friends and having a good time doing it?

14 Of The Fake Text Generator Online Tools [Tested]

These apps will change everything in your chat while yet giving it a totally real touch. Here are a few apps that may be used to make entertaining fake text messages and fool or troll your friends. The messages made with these apps appear to be genuine and are often sent by the sender.

#1 iFake Text Message

iFaketextmessage fake text generator

The website iFake text message generator that enables everyone to make fake text messages. This is the greatest website for making fake SMS messages on the net. There are two primary characteristics that distinguish this service from competing iPhone Text Message production sites:

1. More flexibility and settings are available with iFakeTextMessage than with any of their opponents.

2. iFakeTextMessage produces a better image than any similar fake text snapshot site, with higher clarity, quality, and authenticity.

With thousands of choices and endless capabilities. iFakeTextMessage.com will let you utilize your imagination to come up with new and fascinating methods. To fool your pals and make any text message picture you can think of.

#2 Zeoob

Zeoob fake text generator

You may utilize zeoob’s social media fake text creator software to teach your employees and learners by developing marketing material without really posting on social media. With their Messenger Text Generator, you can create Facebook Messenger Chats and digital marketing material.

It’s the greatest imitation of a Facebook chat room. You have complete control over everything, including emojis and the ability to post your own personal photographs. This Messenger Chat Generator is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

The rights holder protects all graphic content. It is only permitted to be utilized for private purposes. Compose your post as desired, then select the “Save Your Chat” option to save your status/post.

#3 Fake Chat Simulator

Fake Chat Simulator generator

This is a unique fake text generator app where you may experiment with modern web tools. Such as Vue3 with Composition API, Tailwindcss, and Typescript. Along with new browsers capabilities such as dragging and dropping and picture loading. You can easily send a fake text message online using this program.

Please have a look at the source on GitHub. Also, I believe that setting up a brief chat session to trick or astonish someone is quite beneficial. You may establish an infinite number of users and configure photos using drag-and-drop, and users can also alter their color. 

A fake group chats discussion on Whatsapp, Facebook, or Telegram may be readily generated. You may post messages to your chat once you’ve created members/users. After you’ve set up all of your messages, you may use the “play” button to see the chat discussion in real-time.

#4 iOS7Text

iOS7Text fake message maker

Prank your pals by sending bogus iPhone iOS7 SMS. iOS7Text.com is a free fake text maker app that allows you to duplicate iPhone texts. You may create messages, upload your original photographs, and even include a timestamp and a variety of other features.

Right now, try out our fake iPhone SMS generator. It is a very straightforward app. When you visit the website, there are clear options to change your name, time, date, and even the name of your service provider.

It also provides you with an option to set your battery. You can even choose the option to choose the wifi symbol along with the signal. Lastly, you can add your own picture in the fake chat. Overall, it is amazing software.

#5 Fake Detail

Fakedetail fake text maker

Prank your pals by creating your own fake chat. You have complete control over your profile, including the ability to alter anything, add emojis, and even upload your own photos. This Generator has nothing to do with the iPhone text messenger. Generate fake text message conversation with the help of this program.

The copyright holder is responsible for all artistic content. It’s only suitable for personal usage. You can fully customize your chat according to your needs. You can even change the color of your text messages. Lastly, when you are done generating your chat, it lets you download your chat. It is free software with basic features that is easy to use.

#6 iPhone Fake Text

iPhoneFakeText online

iPhoneFakeText is a fun HTML software that lets you make fake iPhone text messages. You can both modify and save discussions so that you may resume them later. Numerous pages/screens and Unicode languages are also supported. Create your own text messages using iPhoneFakeText tool available online.

It is a simple and straightforward software but has limited features. Like Name, Date/Time, and message. You can also add images in the chat. However, there are not many options to customize your chat. But still, this app can get your work done for free.

#7 Fakeimess

Fakeimess fake text message conversation

A web-based tool for false iMessage chats creation on any iPhone. You can construct false iMessage chats with any actual or false sender no. They highlight the significant security flaws in texting with iMessage Messenger software.

With this excellent iMessage Chat Generator, you can make false chats that appear exactly like iMessage. This software makes it simple and entertaining to anonymously send fake iPhone texts. Simply use Generator to create an imessage fake text.

With this Maker, you can customize every aspect of an iMessage message. They provide a completely free iMessage imitation service! To spoof iPhone texts, there is no need for a membership, hidden fees, or registration.

#8 ios8text

ios8text fake text message creator

The first iOS8 text message maker in the world. Even though they have been using iOS8 for quite some time, individuals still appear to be posting such fake old iPhone texts all over the place. This is an updated generator that can create fake iPhone text messages using iOS8 features.

All you have to do is change the text on your iPhone. Then, to install the image, click on the icons to access the options and tools, and add at least one text. It is a simple software with a variety of features to select from.

#9 ios.foxsash

ios.foxsash fake text message

The best iOS fake text message creator in the world. Even though they have been using IOS for a long time, folks continue to publish these false old phone texts all over the place. They updated the Generator, which was used to create fake iPhone text messages using iOS7 features.

When you visit their website, you may easily find options to modify your name, time, date, and even your service provider’s name. It also gives you a feature for adjusting your battery. You may also choose to select the wifi emblem in addition to the signal.

Finally, you may customize the fake conversation by adding your own image. The only drawback is that it is a paid software.



Link – Android

Yazzy is an Android fake text generator app that lets everyone generate a ‘fake’ chat using various texting apps. Like WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, or the SMS app. So, you may create unreal snapshots of these apps that show you ‘talking’ to someone else. It’s incredibly easy to use Yazzy.

You may pick any apps to make a false snapshot from within the apps. Comprising the previously listed texting apps. As well as others like Google Translator and Ask.fm. You only need to hit the app’s launcher to begin creating your fake snapshot.

Yazzy allows you to utilize unique tools based on the app you use. But overall, you can build a false discussion with whoever you want in just a minute or two. You only need to download and share this false snapshot with your buddies after you’ve finished making it.

Yazzy is an entertaining app that produces fantastic results. It allows you to deceive your friends by generating fake snaps. You may also turn off the watermark in the app’s settings.

#11 Texting Story


Link – Android

TextingStory lets everyone compose convos in the same way that any other messaging app does. With the exception that you may swap sides by hitting the characters.

1. In TextingStory, generate a text convo.

2. Turn your narrative into a multimedia file (video).

3. Take a look at your masterpiece and tell your pals about it.

Get the “Add photos” purchase for picture and GIF support! Allow yourself as much time as you desire to compose your messaging stories. For a constant fast-paced output, the videos are instantly compressed! This is a straightforward app with limitless possibilities. The only limitation of this app is that it is very time-consuming.

#12 Fake Chat Conversations

Fake Chat Conversations
Fake Chat Conversations

Link – Android

The fake conversation is not a verified chatting app. This is a fake imessage maker that lets you build fake convos and tales with your pals. Utilizing the fake chat software, you can play pranks on your pals.

Take a snapshot of your false chat and email, or share them with your buddies. This app is just for amusement purposes and has no affiliation with any other messaging service. Quickly alter mutual discussions and select the fake message’s side.

You may even send false audio recordings and build an endless number of fake chat rooms. Alter the background color and text size of messages, among other things. This app’s only drawback is that it contains a watermark.

#13 Fakenger

Fakenger best fake iphone text generator

Link – Android

Fakenger Prank is fake text generator app that lets you generate false chat messages and share/spread them among your pals and relatives. Fake chat convos are simple to create. This screen will be very realistic, allowing you to effortlessly play a practical joke on your buddies.

To simply share it with your friends, take a screenshot or utilize the app’s Share screen option. Make fictitious Contacts, Stories, and Groups, as well as add fictitious members. You may even manipulate both sides of the conversation with the use of an image or a fake video. Also use dark mode and make bogus audio and video calls.

#14 MeMiMessage


Link – Android

MeMiMessage is an SMS and MMS fake text generator app that also enables you to simulate chat messaging discussions with friends or locally. As individuals in any scenario, write text stories and engage in fanfiction discussion.

For fanfiction authors and Alternate Universe (AU) text messaging chats. This is the greatest app on the Google Playstore. This software allows you to use your imagination and create interesting and fascinating chats.

With thousands of settings and endless potential. Create fantastic fanfic text stories by letting your imagination run wild. The only limitation of this app is that it crashes from time to time which is extremely annoying.

Final Words

Here’s a complete collection of the top 14 fake text generator that can come in handy whenever you need them. Fake texting has recently gained popularity. There are now a variety of websites and apps that allow you to build a fake chat of your own.

In order to trick your friends and make them think something that isn’t true. Using social media to troll others has grown trendy. The majority of what you see on your Facebook status and conversations. As well what is circulated on Whatsapp is fake and generated with a variety of techniques.

If you are a person who enjoys having a good time, you may be seeking ways to spice up your day. If you’ve run out of jokes or pranks, this article will assist you in rekindling your sense of humor. You may discover a variety of fake text generator.

Available to help you break up the monotony of your day. When you deliver fake prank messages to your buddies, it will undoubtedly help you have some childish fun.

So there you have it, folks, a few fake messaging apps and sites. That you can utilize to send incognito messages on Android and iOS, you may prank your buddies with any of the alternatives.

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