How to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET in Google Chrome

DNS is a short form for Domain Name Servers. DNS loads the web pages from the host or cloud. Due to slow internet connectivity or some other issues people use to face DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET and may not be able to connect to the cloud. The DNS Probe Finished No Internet error generally occurs when DNS Cache Load fails while trying to connect the webpage.


“DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET” error arises when the user has no connectivity to the internet. In many situations, there are issues with your Internet connection settings, Wi-Fi network, VPN, proxy, or firewall. Apart from these issues, there are many more reasons preventing you to access a web connection. There are several methods to fix this problem.

Methods to Fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET in Google Chrome

1. Check Your Cables

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error occurs because you have problematic Internet connectivity. First, you should check your modem, router, or LAN cables. Disturbed cables might cause a drop in Internet connection. Ensure if all the cables are connected properly to the modern for proper connection.

Check Your Cables

2. Check Internet Connectivity

Best way to determine whether the computer is having a configuration problem, by connecting to the same connection using different devices such as a laptop, or a smartphone. If another device connects smoothly with the internet, then there is an issue with your computer. One can try restarting your modem or router. 

Click on Internet Option
Check Internet Connectivity

3. Use Public DNS

Google Public DNS is the most reliable public server. The Google DNS servers will bypass the default DNS servers provided by ISP and help to resolve the domain name quickly.

Use Google DNS
Use Public DNS

4. Flush DNS

Computer stores the DNS records in a cache file and uses it for easy finding the IP addresses of the websites. When the site changes the DNS server of the site or if our computer DNS records are corrupted then it may end up in showing DNS related problems in Chrome. Flushing DNS on our computer or Mac might help in resolving issues. Follow steps below to flush outdated DNS stored on your computer:

Click on the Windows Start button

Open Windows PowerShell (Admin)” for Windows 10 users or “Command Prompt (Admin)” for users below Windows 10.

Then, type and execute each command in the exact order as presented below:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

Flush the DNS and Reset TCP/IP
Flush the DNS

After typing press Enter in command prompt.

Now restart your browser.

5. Clear Browser Cache

After browsing tons of webpages, the computer might have accumulated a ton of cache files. These files may interfere with the internet connection. So, you need to clear this browsing history and cookies from the beginning of time, restart your computer and check if the problem persists.

Clear the browser cache

6. Use a VPN or Proxy

Sometimes our Internet Service Provider (ISP) may block the site or access to certain DNS servers outside the country range. In such a case you may encounter DNS related error. You can overcome this problem by using a reliable VPN service to bypass the ISP network and access the block sites.

Use a VPN or Proxy

7. Check Firewall Setting

Check whether your firewall setting is allowing Chrome to access the internet. The chrome app should be allowed through the firewall so that it has access to the net. Try disabling the firewall and check if you can access the page. If yes, troubleshoot the firewall settings; otherwise, enable it to secure your computer.

check firewall setting

8. Uninstall antivirus

Antivirus is something that everybody needs to protect their computers form different kinds of viruses. If you have an antivirus installed on your computer and encounter DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error. Ensure your antivirus is not working or you can temporarily disable it. Sometimes uninstalling the Antivirus program mostly McAfee resolves the problem.

Uninstall antivirus

9. Ping the Site to Check the Response

Follow the following step to check your ping response in Windows 10.

Press the “Win+R” button. Enter CMD in the text box and then press enter.

In the Command window type “ping site-address”. Example ‘ping’.

Hit enter and you will get replies of the ping.

Ping the Site to Check the Response

Follow the following step to check your ping response in Mac.

Press “Command+Spacebar”. Search for the “Network Utility” application.

Go to the “Ping” tab and type site address.

Enter the number of pings and click on the “Ping”.

Note: Ping command may use any IP address or webpage address to verify whether the webserver hosting site is working or not. If it gives no response then the problem must lie with the server. You should wait and let the owner resolve the issue.

10. Update Network Adapter Driver

Due to glitch, the network adapter may create some trouble or it may require new software drivers. Steps to update the driver:

In the Windows search bar, search “Driver Manager” and open it.

Expand “Network adapters”. Right-click on the active and correct adapter.

Click on the “Update Driver” or “Update Driver Software” option from the menu list and search for the “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software” option.

Start searching for the latest updates.

Once the latest update is found is easy to follow updating steps. 

Update Network Adapter Driver

Note: If you have a reputed brand, drivers are usually updated. Unluckily, if windows can’t locate the latest driver for the network adapter. Then you should visit the official website of the adapter manufacturer to locate and download a suitable driver for your network adapter. 

11. Disable DNS Prediction Services/ Fix DNS Probe

Follow the steps below to Disable DNS/ Prediction Services or Fix DNS probe of your computer:

Open Chrome settings and scroll down to Advanced settings.

Search for ‘Use Prediction Services to Load the Pages more Quickly’ and simply uncheck the box.

Restart the browser.

Disable DNS Fix DNS Probe

12. Try resetting TCP/IP

Follow the steps below to reset TCP/IP of your computer:

Open Command Prompt window.

Try resetting IP

Type the following commands:





netsh in ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

Press enter

Final Verdict

In general, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error implies that there is an issue with your internet connection. With these solutions, you will be able to fix most of the issues. The best key solution is probably located in the simplest arena; you may not need to change the advanced setting. If you exhausted all the simple solutions, then the issue may be somewhat more complicated, although this is a rare chance.

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