5 Common Mac Problems and How to Fix Them Quickly

Although Macs typically perform better than the average Windows laptop, there may still be some instances when you find that you are running into a few recurring issues or common mac problems. Most of these can be solved pretty quickly without needing you to go to a Genius bar or request any additional tech support. 

So, let’s take a look at five of these common Mac issues and how you can troubleshoot them at home so you can enjoy using your computer.

Issue #1: You are not able to open a webpage

This is one of the most common mac problems users face from time to time, which isn’t necessarily a hardware or software issue. One of the scenarios is likely to have occurred: 

1.Your WiFi on your Mac is off

2.You are not connected to the right WiFi

3.Your WiFi is on but isn’t working

In the first two cases, you can quickly fix it by making sure your WiFi is turned on and you are connected to the right WiFi. For the last one, you want to try resetting your router first and then following up with your network provider to make sure there isn’t a glitch in their system. 

Some of the following issues may require additional steps to troubleshoot, so it’s best to backup your data before you attempt any of the other solutions. 

Issue #2: Your Mac has slowed down

Most often, this common mac problem can be fixed by just powering down and powering on your Mac. Sometimes some apps and processes continue running in the background, so if you are someone that never shuts down their Mac, a simple restart will solve most of your issues. 

The performance can also be affected due to insufficient storage space on your hard drive. Check how much of your storage has been used and follow Apple’s recommendations to optimize your storage. If this does not help, you can try removing files and apps you don’t need. 

Some of these files can be tricky to find. You might have to go into your Finder and type in additional commands for these files to show up. Once you know you don’t need it, you can send it to your Trash and empty your Trash afterward. 

You can remove them directly from the Launchpad with apps, but you might find some installation files still languishing on your system. To get rid of unused and underused MacBook applications, you can instead try some of the best apps that will help you automatically find these unwanted files and remove them. 

If removing files and apps doesn’t do the trick, you can also go into the ‘Other’ storage and try clearing that up. This is an advanced technique, so be sure to follow a step-by-step guide to removing unnecessary files from the ‘Other’ storage. 

Issue #3: Your apps are crashing

If the app you are working on is crashing or freezing, it is likely because there are some other apps and processes that are hogging up your memory and processing power. You just need to look at the Activity Monitor, and that will show you what you need to close. 

If that does not help, you can also try restarting your system. Avoid powering off your system by pressing the power button. Unless you are entirely unable to use the normal method to shut down your system. Forced shutdowns can have a negative effect on older Macs and may exacerbate an issue further. 

Issue #4: Your Mac’s speakers are not working

It may happen that your speakers stop working without reason. This can usually be resolved by resetting the NVRAM. The NVRAM is responsible for storing some specific settings when it comes to the system’s hardware.

To reset the NVRAM, you have to first shut down your Mac. When you turn it on, press Command + Option + P + R. You will hear two “chimes.” When you hear the second one, you can stop pressing the keys. 

Issue #5: You have issues printing documents off your Mac

If you’re not able to print documents, this is usually because of incorrect disk permissions. There is an easy fix for this. You have to use Disk Utility and follow the instructions that appear on-screen. This should fix your printer issues. 

Make sure you have not run out of ink or there is no paper jam in the printer. This is done to eliminate any issues arising from the printer’s incorrect setup. 

Troubleshooting your issues

To solve your problem, make sure you log when the error begins and if it shows up multiple times. There are plenty of support articles by Apple that walk you through how to fix these issues by yourself. And as mentioned earlier, most of these can be solved by a simple restart. If you have a problem that persists that is outside your expertise; you should consider consulting an expert to get the issue resolved faster.

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