11 Best Tycoon Games | Play Real Business Games (2020)

The best tycoon games give you the ultimate experience of economic simulation games as you go on building businesses and your empire from scratch.

The gameplay mostly involves making up a business plan, building the environment which supports your business and then expanding it as much as you can.

These games mostly mimic real-life situations and feature a lot of different industries.

The first tycoon games came into the gaming industry in the 1980s, and some of them were Lemonade stand, Oil Barons and corn cropper. The first tycoon game was Intopia.

Tycoon games gained mass popularity in the late 90s and the early 2000s with hit games like Capitalism; they continue to make their name in the gaming industries with brand new ideas and innovations, involving much more intricate gameplay.

These games also have very real-life implications as they are simulations of the real world. With AI integration, they serve as training exercises for the people involved in the industries.

Railroad and theme park tycoon games are some of the most popular types of tycoon games to be made.

Top 11 Best Tycoon Games to Play in 2020

Here are 11 of the best tycoon games of all time for different platforms:

1. Prison Architect

Considered to be the best tycoon game for iOS, in this game the player has to take control of a budding prison developer and oversee the different operations involved in building a prison such as hiring guards and management and also forming the layout of the prison.

Prison Architect Best Tycoon Game
Prison Architect

You also have to take care of the inmates as the prison fills up with more and more of them while keeping them secure.

2. Parkitect

Another theme park building game, this game was released in 2018 and developed by Texel Raptor. The gameplay offers the construction of new rides making more customers and earning money through them.


In the game, you have to take control of everything that is going to help you build your park from employee management to financial oversight. Sometimes the best escape from the daily grind is, well, more grinding, just in grinding games this time. 

3. Megaquarium

It is one of the best tycoon games on steam; in this game, you have to assume the role of a business owner who wants to create an aquatic empire.


You start your aquarium with some tanks which consist of some fishes.

In the gameplay, you spend your time trying to make the business better by buying different display items, fishes, etc. to expand your business while also researching new technology to manage the fishes and make the visitors happy.

4. Transport Fever

Release in 2016 by Urban Games; this is the ultimate tycoon game for the fans of railroad games.

The game starts at the beginning of the railroad industry in the 1850s where the steam engine was at its prime. 

Transport Fever
Transport Fever

From there, you have to construct various things in the city to build your transportation empire, which is filled with railways, harbours, airports and many others.

The game features a lot of randomly generated terrains and also has a lot of unique missions for you to enjoy in its full-fledged campaign mode.

5. Jurassic World Evolution

Just like the movies, the game consists of dinosaurs reanimated by a mad scientist. Another product of Frontier developments, the game is considered to be one of the best tycoon games for the consoles.

Jurassic World Evolution
Jurassic World Evolution

The gameplay consists of you building a Jurassic Park as you create the layout for securing the dinosaurs and the people, breeding the dinosaurs and also opening up the park for business.

6. Planet Coaster

One of the best tycoon games for the PC platform, Planet coaster is developed by Frontier Developments. The gameplay consists of the character starting from an empty lot and then building upon it.

Planet Coaster Top Tycoon Game
Planet Coaster

The game-like many other PC tycoon games feature construction and management mechanics which blend perfectly with each other as you build the perfect park with roller coasters, sceneries, and other buildings that offer exciting activities for you to perform.

The game has been available on steam since 2016.

7. Game Dev Tycoon

Game dev Tycoon has been developed for all of the operating systems for PCs as well as android and is one of the best tycoon games available on the android store.

Gamedev Tycoon Game
Gamedev Tycoon Game

Set in the 1980s where the player has to work out of a garage to achieve their dreams, the gameplay consists of assembling a team of game makers and navigating through the gaming industry as you build upon innovative ideas.

8. Two Point Hospital

One of the best simulator games for the PC platform, this tycoon game is a lot different than other games.

Two Point Hospital
Two Point Hospital

The character controlled by the player is in the business of hospital management, where you have to turn a broken-down medical centre into a major part of the healthcare industry as you expand the med centre, hire more medical professionals for working in it and also most importantly keeping your patients healthy. 

9. Crossroads Inn

Crossroad inn features a pub where you have to satisfy the taste buds of your customers as a budding entrepreneur.

Crossroads Inn Best Tycoon Games
Crossroads Inn

The game is set in the fantasy world of Delcrys, where you’re the owner of a tavern making sure that you have happy customers as you built up your reputation throughout the kingdom.

The game was launched in 2019, by the game developer Kraken Unleashed.

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10. Capitalism Lab

Developed by Enlight studios, the game is another addition to their hit Capitalism series.

Capitalism Lab Top Tycoon Game
Capitalism Lab

The gameplay involves the creation and management of a business empire that involves everything from innovating, designing, manufacturing and shipping as you go from an entrepreneur to a full-fledged business person. Capitalism, launched in 2001, is regarded as one of the best tycoon games ever created.

11. Big Pharma

Developed by Twice Circled, the game involves the pharmaceuticals business where you assume the role of a new drug company manager. 

Big Pharma Tycoon Game
Big Pharma Tycoon Game

The game employs the use of your creativity to develop and manufacture new types of drugs while assembling employees and collecting resources as well as shipping the drugs worldwide.

Final Words

This genre of game is very fun to play for the people who have been fans of Tycoon games such as monopoly, as they give you a sense of accomplishment while you construct and build your empires according to your dreams.

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