13 Of The Best Tumblr Alternatives [2022]

This article is about the best Tumblr Alternatives to use in 2022. From long-range interpersonal communication administrations to texting applications, to video sharing sites, there are various methods by which data can be imparted online to other people.

In any case, with regards to giving contemplations and thoughts viably over the web, there’s not a medium that works better than blogging. Most likely, this is the explanation that nowadays, anybody and everybody, from people to enormous enterprises, has a blog.

Out of the many blogging stages accessible out there, the Verizon possessed Tumblr is likely the most novel.

13 Of The Top Popular Tumblr Alternatives

Worked around a “short-structure” blogging approach, it lets clients post content, pictures, just as interactive media from the simple to-utilize dashboard.

#1. Instagram

Gone are the days when Instagram was just utilized for sharing pictures. These days, content makers from all around the world use Instagram for microblogging. This is our first Tumblr replacement in today’s time.

Instagram Tumblr Alternatives

It is safe to say that you are thinking about how it is even conceivable? You can do microblogging on Instagram in the subtitle area.

Advertising specialists have likewise demonstrated pictures with the long type of subtitle. Like with microblogging perform better than with short inscriptions.

#2. Twitter

For starters, the miniaturized scale blogging webpage is stacked with a scope of highlights to let you associate with your devotees.

Gathering information to make sense of the assessment of an enormous number of individuals to speaking with devotees using a direct message.

Twitter Tumblr Alternatives

It’s without a doubt hard to locate a more deft stage than Twitter. So, on the off chance that you are chasing for a stage that can keep you in a state of harmony with the most recent happenings and let you share your perspectives with millions, you must be as of now ready for tweeting.

#3. Pinterest

If you are somebody who wants to make computerized craftsmanship, infographics, printables, and worksheets, at that point, Pinterest will be only the ideal spot for you. Pinterest is about visual blogging.

Pinterest Tumblr Alternatives

The leading superpower that you have to appreciate Pinterest is innovativeness. Likewise, individuals from around the world use Pinterest to get motivation.

Ahem! Ahem! It may be the ideal opportunity for you to rouse somebody with your inventiveness. Pinterest is most likely one of the top Tumblr alternatives for inventive originators and substance makers.

#4. DeviantArt

Indeed, I have explicitly chosen DeviantArt for the people who are searching for a Tumblr alternative for sharing a work of art. DeviantArt is not even close as famous as its renowned partner, nor does it brag a scope of customization instruments.

DeviantArt Tumblr Alternatives

Yet with regards to finding one of kind workmanship, it’s superior assistance. The specialty network is extraordinary for investigating imaginative substance and having vital motivation.

Another outstanding component of this stage is that it’s not merely constrained to advanced craftsmanship. On the off chance that you are acceptable nearby drawn craftsmanship, it can give enough introduction to your inventiveness.

#5. Ghost

As the consequence of an active Kickstarter financing effort, Ghost is an open-source blogging stage that is expected to make composing and distributing content straightforward. The ghost depends on the Node.js run time condition, which makes it very quick and responsive.

Ghost Tumblr Alternatives

Much the same as WordPress, Ghost is additionally accessible in two variations, a web server facilitated bundle (beginning at $19/month) or a self-facilitated one ($5-10/month).

The ghost is in a dynamic turn of events, with highlights. For example, outsider applications, post-examination, and designer devices in the pipeline.

#6. WordPress

It’s challenging to discuss blogging stages without referencing WordPress. Without a doubt, the most well-known Tumblr elective that you ought to consider.

WordPress Tumblr Alternatives

It comes in two variations, a free and open-source content-based substance, the executive’s framework (CMS) that can be introduced on a web server, and a freemium blogging stage that causes you to kick your first blog off in quite a while.

It is very adjustable, on account of the many topics and usefulness upgrading modules accessible for it. Not merely that, it has all that you’d anticipate from a strong blogging administration, including multi-client support, informal organization reconciliation, Search engine optimization, and custom labels/classes.

#7. Soup

It can be a strange name; however, Soup precisely reflects as one of the Tumblr alternatives in both UI and highlights. In this manner, we are presenting a solid defense for a vigorous Tumblr alternative.

Soup tumblr replacement

From writings to cites and from pictures to recordings, it lets you post everything, and afterward, some more. It can straightforwardly import posts from an enormous assortment of informal communities and lets you consequently distribute presents on Facebook as well.

Additionally, you can direct your custom area toward your Soup miniaturized scale blog without any problem. Soup is a straightforward smaller-scale blogging stage that works. Simply don’t anticipate that it should coordinate with heavyweights like WordPress.

#8. Medium

Medium is one of the best Tumblr Alternatives. Established by the ex-executive and Chief of Twitter, Medium has immediately ascended to get one of the most mainstream blogging stages in under four years.

Medium tumblr alternative sites

It’s unmistakably one of a kind from the other blogging administrations. It also concentrates more on elements. For example, the nature of substance, and how distributed stories associate with the perusers, instead of measurements like online visits and traffic.

For example, console alternate ways, sharing connections, and the capacity to set permeability, labels, and so on for articles.

You can even import posts from different administrations, just as a tag, follow your preferred creators. There’s additional support for setting up custom spaces.

#9. Mastodon

Mastodon is a great deal like Twitter in the manner it capacities with individuals making posts on the site, following fascinating individuals, and getting followed by individuals who discover them intriguing. A ton like Tumblr and Mastodon is unquestionably a Tumblr alternative you can look at.

Mastodon apps like tumblr

The administration is altogether decentralized and open-source and has a genuinely huge client base as of now. Like Tumblr, you can make posts on Mastodon, and simply like Tumblr. Others can like your posts, repost them, and offer remarks.

The UI here isn’t a great deal like Tumblr to be reasonable. However, it has a ton in like manner to the extent highlights go.

#10. Blogger

Possessed by the tech monster Google, Blogger is one of the most effortless blogging stages out there. What’s more, in case you’ve put resources into the Google environment, this is extraordinary as compared to other Tumblr alternatives for you.


It incorporates an excessively straightforward electronic post proofreader, and you can have up to 100 web journals for each record. Blogger additionally has alternatives for survey nitty-gritty details, for example, month-to-month site visits, traffic sources, and so on for your blog. Goodness, and there is full coordination with Google’s AdSense program also, for simple adaptation.

#11. Site123

On the off chance that you discover the way toward making a progressively customized site a problematic issue, I would prescribe you to look at Site123. While Site123 may not be as adaptable as Tumblr, it offers all the essential devices to let you make gorgeous sites.


What’s more, that too without jumping into a precarious expectation to absorb information. One of my preferred highlights of this site is a strong assortment of formats that can give an extreme rivalry to Tumblr’s contributions.

Being accessible in a wide assortment, they offer you the required adaptability to structure your site to your heart’s preferring. Thus, regardless of whether you need to make a business site, it has got you wholly secured.

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#12. Typepad

In case you’re searching for a basic yet incredible Tumblr alternative, look no farther than Typepad. Having been around for a long while, notable names utilize it.

For example, ABC, MSNBC, and the BBC have their web journals. The beginning is simple, and there are various works in examination devices to give you the best idea of details on your blog(s).


Also, Typepad additionally advances writes on its system, which further builds the odds of collecting traffic. Furthermore, obviously, customary highlights such as CSS-based topic altering, Google Investigation support.

So forth are there as well. Typepad offers a free preliminary. However, you’re although everything requires to give installment subtleties to it.

#13. Posthaven

Need a Tumblr alternative that is going to stay for good? Posthaven may very well be what you’re searching for. Posthaven, in its own words, is assistance that means to keep going forever.

They additionally have a vow that expresses that the administration will never get sold or gained, ever. The makers of the now-outdated Posterous and incorporates highlights establish it.


For example, secret phrase secured web journals, email warnings for blog action, and posts having archives and sound/video content. It ought to likewise be noticed that Posthaven is very youthful and still being worked on.

Final Words

While it’s positively one of the most mainstream and exceptional blogging stages out there, Tumblr isn’t just one of its sort. Additionally, there’s small denying the way that it inclines more towards young people and easygoing bloggers.

In any case, in case you’re anticipating having (a portion of)¬† Tumblr Alternatives¬†with a touch of customization managed by cutting edge blogging stages, the above alternatives are going to serve you fine and dandy.

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