9 Best Transcription Software for PC in 2022

It’s difficult to take notes during an interview or a speech where every point made by the person is valuable. So, you can take the record of a meeting and later cut out a part of a long speech or a section from interviews with the help of transcription software. The best transcription software will make your work easier and faster.

There is a number of transcription software available online that works for you. But choosing the genuine one is really difficult as there are many options available in the market.

Top 9 Transcription Software for PC in 2021

But, no worries in this article, we have got a list of Best Transcription Software for PC that will work for your system. Here’s our pick of the best.

1. OTranscribe

OTranscribe is a very simple transcription software. It is an HTML5 app that can be used straight on your web browser. To start, all you need to do is upload an audio or video file, or a link to a YouTube video for transcribing. This app automatically saves your text, so if you accidentally refresh or exit, you can come right back to the app without worry.

Best Transcription Software

No sign-in required, and it can export to different formats, also send to your Google Drive. This user can control a text editor and an audio player at a single point in time. OTranscribe allows you to manage each and everything through your keyboard, from transcribing to rewinding the audio. It has a simple interface and requires no download for use.

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2. Inqscribe

This is another transcription software, InqScribe that features a flexible editing environment for users. It is basically designed for researchers, transcriptionists, and film and video professionals who work with extensive audio and video data.


InqScribe may be a powerful transcription tool that allows you to play audio recordings and videos and sort your transcripts within the very same window. This is an excellent feature as it gives you better visibility over the entire transcription process.

You can easily share transcripts. Transcripts save separately from media hence they are easy to email. Or copy and paste your transcript into any word processing system.

3. Express Scribe

Express Scribe is a well-known professional transcription software specially designed for typists and transcribers.
It is often easily installed on a Mac or PC and provides you the power to regulate everything by simply using your keyboard or by linking it up to a pedal.

Express scribe

This tool lets you control audio playback so that you never miss any text. Express Scribe supports both audio and video playback and plays most formats, including encrypted dictation files.

The tool comes in two versions: a free version, and a premium one. Also, the free version has got foot pedal support and is able to play all major audio file types that make it worth using.

4. Dragon NaturallySpeaking

It is one of the transcription software that uses robust transcription features to turn your recordings into text quickly, easily, and accurately. Dragon Naturally Speaking uses a minimal user interface and does most of the things automatically.

The transcription software has three functionalities: voice recognition in dictation with speech transcribed as transcription, recognition of spoken commands, and text-to-speech.

dragon naturally speaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a very versatile speech recognition software that can also help you transcribe audio recordings a lot faster. If you aren’t fast at typing then no worries, this tool will save the day.

5. Transcribe

This is another transcription software on our list known as transcribe. Transcribe converts the interviews, podcasts, and many other audio recordings into text automatically.

Best Transcription Software

It supports multi-language speech recognition and does the speech-to-text analysis. It has two options for its users. First, the normal way of making a transcript by typing. The other one is the dictation feature where that converts voice into text using the voice recognition feature.

All you have to do is connect a microphone to your computer and begin speaking what you hear. It’s a kind of job that needs some practice.

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 6. Scribie

It is a highly accurate transcription software with a choice of plans. Scribie offers both manual and automated transcription services. The manual transcription service of Scribie offers full accuracy and a 36- hour turnaround.

It is a highly accurate transcription software with a choice of plans. Scribie offers both manual and automated transcription services. The manual transcription service offers full accuracy and a 36- hour turnaround.


As with other human-based services in that category, you upload an audio or video to the location, then watch for a team of freelancers to finish the work. Like many other transcription software, Scribie charges per minute of video transcription you order.

Scribie’s powerful overall accuracy and a cheap automated option for easy transcription jobs make it a superb choice for anyone looking to save lots of while and energy.

7. FTW Transcribe

The FTW Transcriber is reliable and easy-to-use transcription software. It gives great time-saving features like automatic timestamps and premium sound quality and much more.

Best Transcription Software
FTW Transcribe

This transcription software is designed to meet your requirements. It improves your productivity and saves you time spent on repetitive manual tasks like the insertion of timestamps.

Not just on your desktop, you can run this software on your Android smartphone or tablet. Also, this software works with both hotkeys or a foot pedal.

8. Trint

Trint is an automatic web transcription software with some innovative features that enable users to transcribe video or audio file contents in only a few minutes.

For the transcription, you just have to drop your audio or video files straight into Trintʼs web-based AI transcription software. It uses AI when transcribing contents, which reduces human error and supplies an accurate transcript. 

Top Transcription Software

After transcription, you can Quickly distribute and share your content in a variety of formats. For all users, Trint offers multiple business pricing plans. Besides, there are plans that you can use to subscribe on a monthly basis. For teams and companies, custom plans are provided them.

9. Listen N Write

At the end of the list, we have got another amazing transcription software known as Listen N Write. It is a Software developed by Elefant Software that will make transcribing easier and faster for you.

Decent Transcription Software
Listen n Write

 Listen N Write is basically simple and straightforward to use. It comes with a handy media player and text editor so you can effectively multitask between typing and listening hence, makes the software very user-friendly.

So here a thing that makes this program special besides its simplicity is its media player’s capability to form you listen to your recordings much more clear. This is good transcription software that will save you more time and increase your productivity for sure.

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Final Words

We have listed the best transcription software for PC giving out the features that they provide. Ultimately, the transcription software you choose is up to you. If the software were free so go ahead and select the most suitable one as per your need.

I hope you guys like this article, share your feedback and suggestions in the reply section.

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