9 Best T-Shirt Design Software to Use in 2020

Designing your T-shirt is not an easy task as it should have a creative design with proper placements. Earlier T-shirt designs were not in a boom, but now that’s not the case. With the availability of T-Shirt Design Software, it becomes easy to design a T-shirt.

Nowadays, there are plenty of T-shirt design software options both for experienced professionals and beginning amateurs.

This vast range of T-shirt design software options enables creating T-shirt design easier.

Some T-shirt designing software is providing printing options too, which is a great deal.

9 Best T-shirt Designing Software in 2020

As said before there are so many T-shirt designing software ranging from the high-end design tools to free T-shirt design software focusing on beginners and online services.

1. CorelDraw Graphic Suite

It is one of the popular T-shirt designing software solutions. In the beginning, it comes with a 15-day free trial; after that, you can buy it or can go for the subscriptions.

CorelDraw Graphic Suite Best T-Design Software
CorelDraw Graphic Suite

The major thing about this Tshirt design software is that it creates vector graphics and also allows you to work with other formats as well.

It is easy to use, and its vast library has over 7,000 clipart images, 1,000 high-resolution images, 150 ready-to-design templates, 1,000 typefaces, and 500 fountains, bitmap, and vector files.

The full-image editing software version lets you add text, graphic, and join different images together.

The pre-designed templates and images are good for designers who need practical materials.

It also allows you to add some attractive features like shadows, symmetrical designs, mosaic, and more.

Non-Destructive Effect feature lets you give various effects on your picture, which gives a great result. 

2. Designhill T-shirt Maker

This T-shirt maker is a perfect application if you need to create a custom t-shirt of your own.

It is one of the best solutions with its in-built tool that makes the process easier. You can view the design taking the desired look as you add text or other elements.

And also it enables you to change the color, placement, or font. Adding logos, images, and drag or drop elements to see its effect in real-time is also possible.

If you are someone who is not having a good idea in t-shirt designing, then a Designhill t-shirt maker is the best way to go.

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3. Printful

Printful’s t-shirt design software allows you to create high-resolution designs. It even allows you to download the design without any charges.

Printful T-Shirt Design Software

You can use this software for almost all kinds of clothing, accessories, and more.

After picking your t-shirt styles and colors, you can upload your artwork or create from the starting using the software’s necessary font and clipart options.

You can even add text to both the sleeves with an outside label. Once you get the exact design you’ve been looking for, then you can send it for printing or download the file to your pc.

4. Adobe Illustrator

First of all, it is not suggested to play with Adobe’s high-end graphic software to create your occasional t-shirts.

Adobe Illustrator one of the best T-Shirt Design Software
Adobe Illustrator

But if you are a professional, then Illustrator is an excellent tool for designing high-quality shirts.

This software mainly focuses on vector images, so you can quickly scale up or down the size of a text or logo without any compromise of the quality.

Your design will look outstanding on a t-shirt as it will look on a business card, billboard.

If you are thinking of screen-printing your design, Illustrator simplifies the whole process of creating layered, spot-colored files that your print store needs.

Adobe offers some published tutorials with sample files to make it user-friendly.

5. GraffixPro Studio

GraffixPro Studio is also one of the best T-shirts for designing software. As compared to other t-shirt design software, it offers a little more choices to the designer.

Graffixpro Studio T-Shirt Design Software
Graffixpro Studio

It’s a paid version, and if you want you can contact its team for a demo. This software has many options and advantages for people who run a t-shirt printing business.

It is the best software designed for those who want to make a t-shirt printing a source of living.

There are more than 45 fonts, more than 350 images, and numerous t-shirt templates. This software is easy-to-use even for beginners.

It has some features that make a distressed look, add shadows as well as play with the artwork.

You are allowed to use either your artwork or use the library for readymade designs.

Besides, this t-shirt design software has some other features like barcoding, quote generator, and inventory management.

6. Inkscape

Are you able to afford paid design tools software? If not, then you should use easy to use free t-shirt design software.


Then InkScape is an open-source, vector-based design tool that has the most features as same as Adobe Illustrator but of no cost.

In this software, there are no specific t-shirt temples or tutorials available, but you can leverage other users’ designs also.

Once you have learned how to use this software, it becomes easier for you to apply your attractive design to your t-shirts.

This free t-shirt design software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

It also enables you to turn a bitmap image into vector images with the help of a tracing function.

It allows you to scale up and scale down any image in size as required for the design with the option to export it in a suitable format for screen-printing.


This software is a professional substitute for Photoshop and other photo management software. GIMP is an open-source graphics editing software suitable for a viable alternative for excellent design work.


You have to practice for some time to get familiar with GIMP as you do with other high-end t-shirt design software. It has free tutorials and to get started.

They also offer paid courses focused on improving your skills and helping you to create great designs that you can export in a suitable printing format.

This software is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux providing a variety of layout and editing options.

8. Placeit

This software is suitable for both the newbies and professional designers to create realistic mock-ups for your T-shirts.

Placeit T-Shirt Design Software

It is one of the best online t-shirt design software as working with this application is easy, and there are hundreds of templates to get started.

It doesn’t have a library of clipart images through, but a curated selection focused on each segment of the template, it speeds up the process and leads to a better result.

You can also customize backgrounds, colors, etc. Whatever changes you want to make to your design, it gets reflected in the mock-ups in real-time.

It even lets you upload an existing artwork if all you require is a mock-up.

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9. Fatpaints

This T-shirt design software is free to use, and one of the most significant advantages of this software is that one doesn’t need to download or install it.

Faitpaint Top T-Shirt Design Software

All you need to do is to log in from your browser and start creating your masterpiece designs. You will require Adobe Flash for the proper execution.

This has some extra features like more than 900 typefaces, 3D templates, and a huge collection of vector clip arts.

This t-shirt design software helps you to create 3D graphics and images that will make your shirts pop.

It is very simple to modify any changes in your design with other elements and tools. 

Final Words

There are a considerable number of T-Shirt Design Software for you to create a design for your t-shirt or start a custom t-shirt design business.

This lets you get attracted by people and get your creative juices flowing.

Put your imagination on your T-shirts as these software’s will provide you with the help to do so and get printed on your favorite fabric.

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