9 Best Steganography Software Tools to Use in 2020

Best Steganography Software
Best Steganography Software

Steganography is the way of hiding a secret message in a normal object that can be in the form of an image, text, audio, etc. This can be done using some tools and techniques and the receiver can then use similar tools to get the secret message back using the best steganography software.

Top 9 Steganography Software tools to try in 2020

These steganography software tools have two types namely technical and digital. Technical steganography involves physical writing on letters or using microdots whereas digital steganography is of a digital software process.  

Here are 9 best steganography software’s in 2020:

1. Steghide:

This steganography software is developed by Stefan Herzl. This software is used to hide different types of data in images and audio files and also this software can hide data in JPEG, BMP, Wav, and AU files.


The secured secret data is compressed, encoded, and linked with integrity checksums. The users are allowed to opt for the encryption algorithm but the default encryption will also be present. By using a passphrase, a series of pseudo-random numbers is generated to hide the data.

2. Xiao steganography:

Xiao Steganography is used to execute steganography for bump and wave files. These software tools are accessed for the windows platform and are very simple to use.

Xiao steganography
Xiao steganography

In this, you will have to select the file and also the destinated file, create a secret message using the tools provided in the software with encryption. You can even protect your encrypted message with a password. 

3. Invisible secrets 

This software tool is used to encrypt and hide files that are confidential to the company. The encrypted files can be hidden in various formats like  JPEG, PNG, BMP, HTML, Wav files, etc.

Invisible secrets
Invisible secrets

This software also contains other amazing options like email encryption, password manager, file shredder, application locker, IP-IP password transfer, crypto-board, etc. The complete version of this software is a paid version but there is an option to buy a trial version also.

4. S-tools:

S-Tools is a very easy and yet simple software tool that can be used to hide text files in images. This tool is available in zip format, you will have to just extract it and create a simple text file with the data you want to hide.


You are allowed to save a cover photo that contains hidden data and you have to just run the file. Then select the text file and drag on to the image and select the encryption algorithm to secure the file.

The various options like  IDEA, DES, triple DES, etc are given to you. Finally, you should choose a passphrase that will be used to reveal the hidden files from the images, and in the same, the encrypted data can be encoded.

5. Snow:

In this Snow tool, the advantage is spaces and tabs at the end of the lines are invisible when it is displayed in text editors. It makes use of the white spaces to hide the text and this less space large files should be compressed. 

Snow steganography

It works in a flow of secret message which is compressed is encrypted as a secret concealed in text form. Then this data is extracted from the form of text and will be decoded. Later this decoded message is uncompressed as a secret message. You can compress the secret message separately if the file is large.

6. Crypture:

Crypture is a Steganography software tool that allows you to hide your secret data inside a bitmap image file. But the bitmap image file should be eight times larger than the data file in which you want to hide your message inside the file. You can even secure a small size data file as this software tool is very small and easy to use. It does not need any kind of installation, which can be done online.

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7. rSteg:

The rSteg enables you to hide text file data inside an image file in which you can encrypt decrypt the text file. You should choose the image file and enter the secure PIN, drag the text file to hide inside an image file.


It will create a target image file with hidden text in it. If you want, you can decrypt the data from the targeted folder.

8. Our secret:

This tool can be used to hide the secret text file in an image file. The interface is designed to hide and unhide the text data. You should choose the target file in which you want to hide your data.

Our secret
Our secret

Then select the data file to enter the password to secure your message you want to hide and then hide the data in the target file. You are also given the option to unhide the encrypted data.

9. Camouflage:

Camouflage is an easy and simple steganography tool that lets you hide any type of file inside a file. This software has no constrains. You should right-click on the file you want and choose the option of Camouflage.


With this, you can even extract your secured encrypted data file. You can secure the file which you want to hide by using a password and hide your secret data inside an image file.


Steganography is an efficient and creative art of secure communication among organizations. You can encrypt your own data in a secret way where the risk of leak of the confidential data is very less.

It will be difficult for others to hack your encrypted data, they may able to see only the image file. So, the above-mentioned steganography software will help you to achieve this, make sure you try these software’s next time when you want to send encrypted messages.