9 Best Roguelike Games Ultimate List 2022

In this article, we are gonna give you the best roguelike games of all time. A subgenre of RPGs, Roguelike games are characterized by the fact that their gameplay consists of a dungeon crawl scenario where you progress through procedurally created levels, twist-based gameplay, tile-based graphics also the player character experiences a permanent death.

The best roguelike games feature a lot of exploration and killing mechanisms. The games provide neverending entertainment with new twists at every turn throughout the game and also the RPG element such as special abilities and powerful weapons.

Top 9 Best Roguelike Games Ultimate List 2022

Here are some of the best roguelike games ever made:

1. Enter the Gungeon

A gun-based roguelike, this game is a bullet hell where the player controls one of the protagonists and makes their way into “The Dungeon”, which is a procedurally generated sprawling labyrinth that is filled with fierce foes, valuable loots, and not to forget the environmental hazards.

Enter the Gungeon Top Rougelike Games
Enter the Gungeon

With player progress, the game becomes more difficult and introduces many more traps and enemies. Each protagonist you choose gives you a unique modification to spic things up like reduced load time and extended dodge.

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2. Dead Cells

A 2D game that is all about exploring dungeons that are procedurally generated in the search for blueprints that will help the player to get build better tools. The game features a Souls-like combat style.

Dead Cells Best Rougelike Games
Dead Cells

The game is very difficult and finding the blueprints is not easy due to the large number of enemies found in the dungeon.

The death of a character results in them going back to the starting point with a bit more resources, so the game is basically about how long can you survive.

3. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The blinding of Isaac is loosely based on the biblical story of the same name, a brainchild of designer Edmund McMillen of Super Meat Boy the game has an indie roguelike setting. The game was developed into a full-fledged title but was initially created for a game jam that would have lasted a week.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The gameplay sees the player running from his house after the revelation that his mother has gone insane, controlling Isaac, the game features a very dark and graphic tone.

4. Invisible Inc.

Developed by the Canadian studio Klei Entertainment, Invisible is a turn-based tactical game. There is an espionage agency that has been attacked and you play as a remote operator whose job is to lead stealth missions, and acquire resources and support so that you can take the agency back.

Invisibel Inc one of the best Roguelike Game
Invisibel inc

In each level the player is given 3 days in which he needs to prepare for the final mission, the preparation time features completing various missions around the world, retrieving valuable equipment and information.

The mission details and layouts are generated at every level with changes making the game challenging as well as avoiding repetition.

5. Wally and the Fantastic Predators

A high-speed indie game that brings about a mixture of Legend Of Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog, which is obvious as the main character of the game is Wally, a very cute sword fielding fox who explores random dungeons with different gameplay on various floors.

Wally and the fantastic predators
Wally and the fantastic predators

While one floor can make you dodge giant boulders, the other might remove your ability to see this makes the game much more difficult and fun to play, the same things happen to the weapons and upgrades, with Wally is able to find new game-changing abilities such as using the health bar as a projectile firing ally.

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6. Streets of Rogue

This game combines the best parts of the gameplay found in RPGs and sandbox games to give a game that has player changes at every turn and also features fast gameplay.

Streets of Rogue Best Roguelike Games
Streets of Rogue

Streets of Rogue features the very predictable dungeon-crawling formula but for a twist, the dreary locales are replaced by highly functioning cities that are jam-packed with secrets.

Game features about 20 different character classes ranging from soldiers to gorillas and zombies who can be used to progress through the game by completing various missions.

The game also involves various overly powerful upgrades like shrink rays etc to create a more chaotic environment

7. Risk of Rain 2

Developed by Hopoo Games, this game became a full-fledged 3D third-person shooter from being a 2D game and has gained popularity amongst the gaming community. The game maintains the energetic combat and roguelike mechanics of its predecessor.

Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2

The gameplay involves the survival of the character for as long as you can while fighting through various alien monsters with augmented abilities and fighting gear. Currently, the game features 6 different character classes.

8. Monolith

A shoot-them-up type, the game with roguelike elements, the game features various procedurally generated maps and permanent death of the character.

Monolith game
Monolith game

The gameplay consists of retro 2D visuals with a hyper-energetic soundtrack while the player controls a combat spaceship that is tasked to explore an abandoned facility. The facility consists of various deadly enemies, enhancer upgrades as well as very strong weapon systems.

The 40 plus modifiers in the game with 7 different weapon classes allow you to create different weapon systems that you can use to destroy the enemy and the traps set up by them. 

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9. Noita

Another 2D action game, Noita features a very pixelated screen that is physically simulated, resulting in interactions with both the environment and enemies.

Noita Best Roguelike game
Noita Best Roguelike game

The gameplay involves the player controlling a with who has the powers to burn, melt, or explode anything that crosses their path. the game involves a lot of crafting and creating new magical spells while simultaneously exploring the dungeons in a dark coal mine as well as a cold freezing wasteland.

Final Words:

The roguelike games have a lot to give and the 2D as well as 3 D interactive environments provide a lot of fun gameplay.

Most of these games contain procedurally generated dungeons which makes sure that you face the enemy and finish the level in minimum time also the permanent death and restart from zero gives the game some thrill of high stakes.

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