13 Best Rainmeter Skins For Windows in 2020

Rainmeter Skins are a free and open-source work area customization programming for Windows. Utilizing Rainmeter Skins you can totally modify your PC according to your inclination. These skins, for the most part, change the presence of your work area gadgets, symbols, toolbar, and backdrops.

1. Enigma

The first and one of the most adjustable rainmeter skin on the rundown isEngima. This famous rainmeter skin offers 100 customization alternatives in an easy to use the board. Clients can alter and customize anything accessible on this skin.

Gadgets on Mystery show World time, Climate, Media playback status/control, different RSS channels, Speedy notes, CPU and Slam utilization, Continuous dynamic procedures, and considerably more.


2. Hardware

Hardware is the following great rainmeter skin that repeats the shading plan and hardware inside your PC bureau. This skin will improve the visual appearance of your gaming arrangement. In the event that you save some time modifying this skin and finding a coordinating backdrop, at that point your arrangement will stick out.


TECH-A will be a negligible rainmeter skin that offers a cutting edge look and feels to your work area. On the off chance that you need to control your PC from your work area alone, at that point TECH-A will dazzle you.

This negligible skin shows date and time, Smash use, CPU use, and circle segments. Besides, you can alter this skin to straightforwardly get to significant documents and organizers.


The name of this skin says everything, MNML UI makes your work area look spotless and profitable. This rainmeter skin does as such by evacuating the messiness and the basic gadgets of this skin show time, date, and temperature.

Do look at this skin in the event that you were searching for negligible skin.

5. Razor

Razor is a standout amongst other rainmeter skins that offers translucent gadgets and has a glass-like UI. In view of the customization and backdrop choice, you can either make the Razor rainmeter skin negligible or convert it into a mind-boggling highlight rich skin.

Gadgets on Razor show force and system quality status, climate, date and time, adaptable dock and significantly more.

6. ABP

ABP is an exceptionally adaptable and insignificant rainmeter skin that modifies your work area and increment efficiency. Gadgets on this well known rainmeter skin offer adjustable RSS channels, notes, alternate ways, climate gauge, clock/date, picture slideshow, CPU load, drive-use, media player control, and considerably more.

Backdrop and adaptability unquestionably assume a significant job in the general look and feel of ABP.

7. Simple Media

Simple Media is perhaps the most negligible rainmeter skin that lone showcases the most simple highlights. This negligible skin has an amazing text style and an exceptionally perfect UI. Like other downpour meter skins, Straightforward Media likewise shows date and time, reuse canister status, and temperature.

A decent backdrop matched with this skin will assist your work area with standing out from the group.

8. Elegance 2

The following best negligible rainmeter skin on the rundown is Elegance 2. This mainstream rainmeter skins adjust to various backdrops. Notwithstanding the negligible UI, the textual styles on Elegance 2 are likewise rich. Elegance 2 shows the CPU and Slam use details, reuse receptacle status, time and date, and Media playback data and controls.

9. Neon Space

The following intriguing rainmeter skin on the rundown is neon space. As the name of this skin recommends it changes over your work area into a spaceship cockpit. The UI of neon space looks genuinely mind-boggling and neon shading plan improves the visual appearance of this skin.

What may show up as spaceship controls show time and date, climate figure, CPU and Smash utilization, and there’s a devoted music playback controller.

10. Greenzo

On the off chance that you lean toward green shading over some other shading, at that point Greenzo will intrigue you. Each gadget, symbol, or some other skin component on Greenzo takes after various shades of green shading. This one of a kind rainmeter skin has a devoted internet browser gadget that encourages you to visit any website page without leaving the work area.

Notwithstanding that, different gadgets on this skin incorporate RSS peruser, notes, slideshow, date, time, mail, Winamp interface, and significantly more.

11. LIM!T

LIM!T is an insignificant rainmeter skin that barely has any graphical component. This perfect and straightforward skin is totally mess-free and just shows what’s significant. Besides, every skin component on LIM!T is as content. LIM!T shows CPU and Slam use, media playback, date and time, and climate data.

12. Taboo

Taboo is another noteworthy rainmeter skin that offers a total highly contrasting shading plan. This rainmeter skin utilizes the default Windows symbols and presentations significant framework data in a perfect and efficient manner. You can customize this skin by utilizing a coordinating backdrop.

13. Senja Suite

The last best rainmeter skin for Windows 10 on the rundown is Senja Suite. This moderate skin shows the fundamentals like time, client profile button, media player with controls, and other valuable alternate routes on the work area. Ultimately, the backdrops and shading plan of this rainmeter skin likewise look outwardly great.

Senja suite
Senj suite

Final Words

So these were probably the best rainmeter skins that merit looking at. The general visual appearance utilizing these rainmeter skins intensely depends on the backdrop.

So extra some time looking through a not too bad backdrop. Select the best rainmeter skin for you to structure and appreciate it.

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