11 Best Pokemon Fan Games Ultimate List [2020]

Best Pokemon Fan Games

Here is the list of the best Pokemon Fan Games that are out there, although there are a lot of Pokemon games available in the market if you’re a true Pokemon fan you shouldn’t miss out on these real gems down there which will give you the ultimate Pokemon experience.

The best Pokemon Fan Games will make you go on a journey of your own as you discover new Pokemon and “catch them all”, taking inspiration from the show itself which is also all about the journey.

Top 11 Pokemon Fan Games Ultimate List (2020)

You can catch all the Pokemon you want, embark on quests and encounter other players and gym leaders. In this article we’re going to provide you with the 11 best Pokemon fan games available out there:

1. Pokémon Insurgence

In this game, the options are unlimited as you get to choose from as you can find all the 722 Pokemon ranging from generation 1 to 6 with also the Delta species and their Mega Evolutions available.

This pokemon fangames is at the top in the list, it is not all light-themed like the other Pokemon Games as cults and thugs have infiltrated the regions of Torren, and things take a dark turn in Pokemon Insurgence.

2. Pokémon Phoenix Rising

In this Pokemon game, you build back from a war-torn nation and try to unite the ORacles to bring back peace. This is a traditional RPG that has been a significant hit among the Pokemon fans and will surely fulfil your craving for a Pokemon adventure. Phoenix rising also has a quest system, all new towns, stories, and the exclusive PokeStrap along with the classic Pokemon mechanics.

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3. Pokémon Clockwork

Developed by Pokemon Essentials, in this game you are given an objective by the legendary Pokemon Celebi who have journeyed through time to warn you about the danger that the Team Epilson poses to the Rural Rosari regions, where Pokemon and humans live together peacefully.

Your mission is to stop any attempts of Team Epilson to fulfill there evil plan to disrupt the town of Rosari.

4. Pokémon Reborn

A once thriving metropolis, Reborn City is in dire need of repair. This is one of the best games in this list of best fanmade pokemon games. In this game, your mission if you choose to accept is to head over to the city and save the town and bring back peace to the Reborn Region. The game has over 800 Pokemon for you to catch as well as about 50 gym leaders and also features an action-packed storyline along with new effects and terrain.

5. Pokémon 3D

You can experience the full extent of a 3D game with the Pokemon 3D with other players of the world for completely free. In this game you get to explore the terrain of the Pokemon world, battle against real people in the open-world MMORPG, and catch stunning Pokemon as you travel across the land, searching for Pokemon with a big map available to explore and catch Pokemon far and wide.

6. Pokémon Showdown

In this game, you can choose a team of 6 Pokemon and battle against the players from all around the world directly from your browser. With a large variety of fo game modes available that you can customize according to your needs to get the ultimate Pokemon gaming experience. The game features the latest Pokemon and rules to make sure you’re up to date with everything in the Pokemon world.

7. Pokémon Prism

This game features the ultimate ability to play with your Pokemon. It is a fan made pokemon ROMs game; Pokemon Prism can be technically called a hack of the GBC’s Crystal Version. Thus you’ll require an emulator to play the game.

Create your character, and you can explore the whole new Naljo Region, where you can about 200 Pokemon to play with. This game has a lot of features, including mini-games and over 20 gym battles.

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8. Pokémon Ash Gray

This is another game in the list of best pokemon fan made games. In this game, you can head back to the region where it all begins as you assume control of the lead character of the show, Ash Ketchum from the Pallet Town and head out for the adventure of a lifetime.

This is another of the pokemon fanmade ROMs game built upon the Pokemon Fire Red and follows the path ASh and friends took in the original Tv series. You get to meet with Pikachu, Misty, and Brock, then follow their journey. This game features a redrawn mao as well as gym battles with stronger enemies. If you are getting Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application error then solve this from here.

9. Pokémon Shiny Gold

Following the journey of the protagonist through Kanto, this game is another ROM created atop the Pokemon Fire Red. The game features exciting new Pokemon, explores a changing map, and you can battle all-new characters.

Although the game requires an emulator for you to play, you don’t want to miss this classic game.

10. PokéMMO

You can take this game in the list of good pokemon fan games. PokeMMo features a friendly community of players as you embark upon the quest to find Pokemon in this massively multiplayer online game. You can jump onto the free to play servers and explore 3 new regions, featuring exciting and epic storyline with some crazy new puzzles to find who is the ultimate Pokemon Master.

11. Pokémon Uranium

Jump on to this adventure game to discover a whole new region know as Tandor in the Pokemon world; the new area features the original 150 Pokemon. As in this world, the things have gone nuclear; the regions also feature a unique and rare Nuclear Type of Pokemon that boasts of untapped potential and lots of hidden powers.

This game uses the RPG Maker XP game engine to provide you with the whole new experience into the Pokemon world with unlimited content, also featuring 8 gyms and the fabled Tandor League. You have to discover the source of the new Nuclear Pokemon and use them to protect the citizens of the world as you journey through this game.

Final Words

Now you have the list of some of the best Pokemon Fan Games available out there, so go ahead and download some of them and enjoy the games as you journey through the Pokemon world reminiscing the days when you used to watch the popular Tv series following Ash and his friends through the Pokemon World and now you can do the same and catch as many Pokemon as you want and battle with other people to become the ultimate Pokemon Master.