9 Best MOBA Games Ranked [Ultimate List]

Multiplayer Online Battle arena or MOBAs come from the famous Real-Time Strategy(RTS) games and you can call a subgenre of the same. In this article, we give you the best MOBA games of all time.

The gameplay of this genre of games consists of players controlling a character which is mostly a part of a bigger team where other real players control other characters.

Top 9 MOBA Games That You Can Play in 2020

The aim is to loot the opponents hold and destroy their base while protecting their own as they collect resources and cover more areas of the map.

Here are some of the best MOBA games that you will definitely want to check out:

1. Dota 2

Just like all the other MOBAs, in this game, you aim to defeat other players and looting them while also securing your own areas.  MOBA is one of the best games in this category.

The gameplay consists of a player controlling their character and facing off with other players, usually, they form two teams of five players.

The game is available on all major platforms such as PC, Linux, and OS X since its release in 2013.


2. Strife

This MOBA game was released in 2015 as an entry-level game for new MOBA players, S2 game develops the game a studio based out of California.

The gameplay revolves around the players forming teams and battling the opponent, destroying the opponent’s hold being the main aim.

The game also features a popular character known as Kratos who is a monkey.

3. Arena of Valor

Having the same parent company as the popular mobile game PUBg, by Tencent Games, the biggest video game company in the world. This game is an adaptation of, Wangzhe Rongyao which is a Chinese variant of MOBA.

There are about 78 characters in the game from which you can choose a role ranging from characters such as Wisp, a child pilot of a mech to a Chinese historical, Lu Bu. The game has a large fan following with close to 200 million players and has been dubbed with the title of ‘Kingpin of pocket gaming’.

4. Defense of the Ancients

The original MOBA, Dota is one of the best MOBAs of all time. In this game, you need to create a team and destroy the ‘ancients’ of the other team which are located in their section of the map.

DOTA by designers Eul, Steve Feak, and IceFrog in 2003. Two teams, Sentinel and Scourge, must fight to the other teams ancient and take control of the map.

With the choice of 112 playable characters, the game allows the players to replay it many times with different characters.

This game is known as the ultimate RTS and even an improvement from the standard RTS opening a very new possibility of a different form of gameplay.

5. Heroes of Newerth

This is another game from California, S2 studios, Heroes of Newerth in 2010. This is the original game from which strife to give way for more casual players by making easy access best lan games for pc.

The further development and maintenance of the game from S2 to Frostburn Studios when S2 got too busy working on strife.

You can divide the team in terms of ‘Legion’ or ‘Helbourne’. The game lasts for around 25-40 minutes and you can also choose from a quick play or a deep intensive skill match.

6. Awesomenauts

You can play the game on Xbox 360, Windows, OS X, and PlayStation 3 and also a newer version that is playable on all the latest consoles.

Awesomenauts is a sort of cartoonish and very addictive game with a 2D style gameplay featuring the heroes of the game. These are obviously the Awesomenauts who are different characters with varying skill sets.

You can play the game in a 3 versus 3 match where the objective is to destroy the other team’s Solar Collector.

7. Demigod

Published by Stardock and developed by Gas Powered Games, Demigod was released back in 2009 for the Windows platform, Similar to Awesomenauts and Heroes of Newerth, the game is named after the characters that battle each other.

Classified into two groups much like all the other MOBAs divided into the Assassins and Generals. The game offers different choices depending on which faction you choose to play with. In terms of gameplay, the demigod is more close to RTS to MOBAs.

8. Monday Night Combat

Developed in collaboration by Microsoft Game Studio and Uber Entertainment. This game is a third-person shooter, with the aim being the opponent’s Moneyball within the arena and to destroy it before the opponent destroys yours.

The game is very close to RTs games and also features a lot of stuff like Tower defense Titles. The things from its genre i.e MOBAs. The teams consist of players who control soldiers who are in the arena. And with a team of 6 players each engaging in a Crossfire of sorts which is the standard model in the game.

9. Realm of the Titans

The game was released in China in 2010 and North America in 2011 for the Microsoft Windows platform. It is developed by Ningbo Shengguang Tianyi, a Shanghai-based studio.

The game features 168 heroes who have 5 usable skills each. The game is constantly launching out updates introducing new characters. There are also four bosses available on the map who can be fought with and killed.

Realm of titans
Realm of titans

Final Words

MOBA games play a very important role in the world of video games as most people like to indulge in these games because of them having short gameplays with less intensive campaign modes.

And also the fact that you will be facing off against a real person. Although these games are fun the communities of these games tend to get a little toxic. You should keep this in mind that they are just games.

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