11 Of The Best MIDI Keyboard Software For PC [2022]

The world is getting developed a lot in terms of education and health facilities. Similarly, the field of software was also developed a lot that helps different types of fields to grow and develop easily, especially in the music world. In the digital audio workshop, software such as MIDI and Beatmakers are most compulsory. Here in this article, we provide the topmost 11 Best MIDI Keyboard Software for PC. with the help of MIDI.

The musicians, both the professionals and the beginners, are getting benefited. The beginners can record the music without costly instruments and send a signal of that music to the Digital Audio Workshop.

With the help of this MIDI software, one can easily compose and prepare first-class music without a big investment. They can simply hear the music prepared by them with the help of earphones or headphones connected to their PC.

Knowing how this interface works and manages the music and chooses the best MIDI pick from the top list, you should want to read the article completely to get a basic idea about the working process and the necessary features required for the MIDI software.

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How Does MIDI Work?

MIDI keyboard means A musical instrument digital interface keyboard. Only digital commands and signals will be received and get processed by this software.

This can get signals from various types of musical instruments prepared in different parts of the world.

This software understands only machine language, communicates with the required instrument, and prepares the best music composition through its hardware for the musical artist. This is different from the normal keyboard that we use, as the audio output differs.

We needed to plug a MIDI keyboard into a device that was capable of turning the notes to be played into audio. Some third-party applications depend upon the environment to get installed for the rock-solid performance of the MIDI keyboard software. 

Let’s get into the treasury.

What is the Best Software for MIDI Keyboard?

This confusion is common to many while choosing the best pick for their PC to prepare and compose great music. The help of the features and performance written here will help you get out of trouble.

The software that you choose must need to be compatible with the device that you use and should be within your budget.

We had prepared the list of top and best software for the MIDI Keyboard that is compatible with most of the devices and has more features.

#1. Piano Time [Best For Piano Music]

pianotime best midi keyboard software

Musicians who are mainly focused on the Composition of piano music can have this software. This will be used for the Plug and Play experience by many of the professionals. The performance of this software is so high. 

That the delay of the audio output never happens. This not only allows you to prepare piano music but also allows you to compose your songs. The virtual keyboard will get displayed on your screen. This makes perfect.

The keyboard will help you to learn the music easily. You can import the play notes within no time and can practice upon them and prepare your composition. This is ideal for beginners who wish to learn piano music quickly.


  1. Easy to use and handle.
  2. Free top software.
  3. Helps in importing the Play Notes.
  4. There are some libraries full of play tracks.


  1. Not suitable for professionals
  2. There are no advanced features.

 This is Free MIDI keyboard software.

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#2. Piano 10 [Best For Auto-Chord Function]

piano10 best midi keyboard software

Suppose you want to get communicated with many devices around you so that you are free to get the music of the different professionals. Then this is the right pick for you.

This is an advanced level after the above written free software. There are numerous sounds from which we can choose the best sound that is compulsory for our composition.

The auto chord feature in this software helps find the different paths that will be used in our music. We are capable of adding reverb and echo here. This shows that this software must be a part of our curated list.

Not only the auto chord and the recording features of this software make this different. But also many lessons help the musician to get more idea about the piano music and its play notes.


  1. Recording function.
  2. Auto chord function.
  3. Numerous soundtracks and kinds of music.
  4. Free of cost.


  1. Multiple effects cannot be added.
  2. The soundtracks are not trendy.

This software is free of cost.

#3. MidiEditor

midieditor best midi keyboard software

MidiEditor is best for professionals. Usually, many professionals needed this advanced software due to its various features like the ability to record the clip & edit the clip if required and play it finally.

This helps the musicians to get an idea of their music.

The lines we play during the composition of the music are visible on the Digital Audio Workshop. They help us to make our music more fun and authentic.

This software will advise the errors or changes necessary to the music at the last minute of recording. This is a great feature that helps in minimizing our errors and drawbacks.

So that we can improve ourselves a lot, this is a great and best reason for its inclusion in our top-ranked MIDI Keyboard software.

The addition of a sequencer and the chance to change the rhythm and sound of the track will make the music pattern more unique.


  1. It Posses the best features for Professionals.
  2. Possibility to expose the music.
  3. Supports many MIDI formats and audio files.
  4. Trendy and dynamic music mixers.


  1. The main play notes will not be visible.
  2. The user interface doesn’t fit beginners.
  3. Skills are necessary. 

This professional software is free of cost.

#4. Garageband

Best professional software for Mac devices. This is the best professional software that comes with preloaded music sounds.

This software is a specially designed Creative One. The performance of this product is very high that comes with melodies, Soundtracks, and pattern-based noises.

This makes our chances more to get a piece of great music easily with the help of preloaded music tracks. This software is capable of communicating with most of the devices.

This is one of the best MIDI Keyboard free software. This mind-blowing software makes all types of music a great hit. There are no limitations in creating music of our own here.

We can simply produce a great music track for every type of music. We can also import all types of music files like MP3 and others into this MIDI Software.


  1. Preloaded MIDI sounds.
  2. Ability to import audio files.
  3. Free plugins are available.
  4. Helps in all types of different music.


  1. It Will does not work for windows.
  2. It only works on Mac devices.

This software is free of cost.

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#5. Pianu.com

Best for Online performance. The people who are eager to use the online MIDI Software can prefer this. This software is a great tool that can manage both the requirements of basic and advanced people. This is also beneficial for smartphone users because this also provides mobile operations easily.

Unlike other MIDI software, this doesn’t require any devices to get operated. There is no auto chord feature available here. Even for beginners, some lessons help them to gain active knowledge of making piano music.

This makes the board rock to make sure that this was included in free MIDI keyboard software. This helps many beginners and professionals. There is a virtual keyboard that detects the version of our keyboard.


  1. Operates on online mode.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Free of cost.
  4. Lessons to learn the piano from the start.


  1. No recording option is available.
  2. We can’t get the feel of real experience.

This is a free web-based operating product.

#6. Perfect Piano

Best for Beginners. This software can be simply a solution for students who are looking like beginners. People developed this for creating the best digital studio room like a classroom. The chances of professional usage are lesser than remaining.

There are more soundtracks even here. That helps the learner to create the best music with the MIDI interface. Not only do the recording features of this software make this different.

But also many lessons help the musician to get more idea about the piano music and its play notes. This suits most android devices even. But it doesn’t fit iOS devices.


  1. Eco-friendly user interface.
  2. Best for the learning beginners.
  3. Sustain option is present here.
  4. Lessons to learn the music are available here.


  1. Not suitable for iOS devices.
  2. Advanced features are not present.

This is a free application.

#7. Ableton Live 10

Best for Live performance. Live 10 helps the DJs, EDM performers record and play fast and live music accelerated by its special tools. This makes the onboard noise. The software had an option to make ready-made music tracks that the DJs do at parties. 

Thus this software requires a position in the best free MIDI keyboard software. Also, the professionals looking for a simple, fast, and efficient beat maker can use this. This is compatible with all PC versions and Mac devices.

This makes the software attain a great craze. This software can prepare the music with lots of energy that boost the room with its power pack of effective tools and music tracks. This software can control multiple sounds and the MIDI instruments that are connected with it.


  1. Both Mac and PC versions are available.
  2. High performances can be done with this.
  3. Affordable software with effective tools.


  1. To avail of advanced features, the suite is necessary.
  2. The cost of the advanced version is not affordable.

The price of the MIDI software starts from $97 only.

#8. Logic Pro X

Best for advanced professionals. This is the best professional advanced software that comes with high-end featured tools. The performance of this product is very high that comes with melodies, soundtracks, and pattern-based noises.

Whatever you wish in this software, they are at your fingertips. The platform for this software is Mac devices. The tools, plugins, sounds, and all other capabilities are easily applicable to our music.

This is the best-paid platform for the Mac to get the top music composition easily and effectively. If you wish to use this wonderful software, you should have some necessary skills to produce great results. Installation and the connection of this MIDI software open the lock of great and top possibilities for you.


  1. Everything related to all kinds of music is possible here.
  2. Recording and effective tools operation.
  3. Control over multi-devices.
  4. A vast library of soundtracks and music tones.


  1. The cost of the software is high.
  2. Skills are necessary.
  3. Compatible with Mac devices only.

 The price of the paid software is $194 only.

#9. Synthesia – Standalone

This software is highly talented in mixing and recording. This allows our music to get a new stretch and energy with the tones. This mind-blowing software makes our composed music a hit. There are limitations to our creations here. The original music for various types of purposes is available here.

The huge and vast libraries help the musician in mixing the different parts of the music requirements easier. The added vocals are absent here. This is pleasant to hear.

These are the main reasons for this software to be one of the best keyboards for music production. We can also save and reopen the required play notes, files, etc., with this MIDI Software. Both the windows and mac versions are available.


  1. The best soundtrack library is available.
  2. Recording and mixing options are available.
  3. Original soundtracks are available.


  1. The free version will have limitations.
  2. The user interface needs to get improved.

The price of the software is $29/Month.

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#10. Cakewalk By Bandlab

This is specially designed software for the successful recording of guitar music. There are numerous sounds and music pieces that we need to merge and play in our style.

The users, whether they are beginners or professionals, both can attain benefits from this best MIDI keyboard software.

There is an option of saving the progress of our skills, which means there is an automatic backup option present here. The restoration of those files is also so simple and easy.

Even the libraries of this software are also great. This makes its inclusion in one of the best free software for midi keyboards.

Even beginners who have little basic knowledge about this can handle it easily. Multiple arrangements of soundtracks are allowed here. Lovers of guitar prefer this most. The rating of the beats that used this software is so cool that it is interesting to developers.


  1. Free software is available.
  2. The library provides many tones, soundtracks, and music pieces.
  3. Automatic backup and restore options are present.


  1. The user interface is not good.
  2. The software doesn’t work efficiently with many MIDI instruments.

The free version of this software is available.

#11. Tracktion Waveform

This software is best for its splicing and stretching mechanism that never matches with any free MIDI software. This is also preferred in case you need a customized pattern design. This suits many kinds of music with its complex pattern-based loaded stuff.

Because few features which we required might not be there with this version, this was made its pace in selection due to its provision of unique soundtracks and clips of many pop stars and famous artists.

The process to get this software is a little different. The account in this software is necessary to unlock free features. Audio Units and VST usage are possible to some extent with this software.


  1. The user interface is better than others.
  2. Free of cost.
  3. Original soundtracks of a few artists are here.


  1. Advanced features are not available here.
  2. Professionals are not satisfied with these features.

This is free software.

Best Of All

The reviews had shown that for children, Piano Time is a beneficial and comfortable lot. The best among the free MIDI Keyboard Software is GarageBand. which suits most beginners and professionals.

The best software in the paid category is Ableton Live 10. This software satisfies the most advanced needs of professionals. Since there are many MIDI software for the keyboard. The best in our sense are listed here. 

So, choose the perfect software that matches your ideas and the budget in your pocket. We had checked all the reviews and the features of the top-ranked 11best MIDI free and paid keyboard software.

Once, we recommend using any of this software and sharing your amazing experience with us in the comment section. 

Remember, we had chosen this pick by reviews and the features along with the paid version cost. Even though there is some more software like Live 10, Piano 10, Midi editor, they are also hot and fascinating games on our list.


What is a MIDI Keyboard?

It is a type of electronic keyboard that resembles a piano that helps prepare the best control over digital music for DAW.

Is MIDI Software Free?

There are some best-paid versions along with free versions also. Garage band is free software. 

Final Words

MIDI keyboard software is necessary to communicate from different musical instruments, which allows making the best music. Don’t get stopped by your barriers to making great music. Make your musical career interesting and successful with our best-chosen picks for you. After reading this article, you may find a suitable pick for your PC. 

Have a close look at them. In case of any updates or queries, please feel about leave a comment here. Attach with us to get much more safe, useful and best information.

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