11 Best Karaoke Software for Windows & Mac

I am sure everyone has tried to sing in front of a mirror or inside a bathroom once in their lifetime. But singing with karaoke is quite a different thing. Now, anyone can enjoy karaoke in the privacy of their homes with their computers. All these karaoke software for windows or Mac will help you maintain your singing skills.

When you search for the best karaoke software and need a few key features that include a tuner, song management, so you can schedule songs as you like.

There are tonnes of 11 Best Karaoke Software for Windows & Mac out there, and they are not equally efficient in doing their job, so we are here with our article. In this article, we emphasize various karaoke software and introduced 11 Best Karaoke Software for Windows & Mac explore them below:

Top 11 Karaoke Software for Windows & Mac

1. Kanto Karaoke

First, on our list comes Kanto Karaoke that supports almost all kind of multimedia and video formats which are available.

Kanto Karaoke Software
Kanto Karaoke

Apart from providing you with a premium karaoke experience, it also gives the option to record your voice and listen to it later. The CD+G player in Kanto Karaoke allows you to convert your Mac into a professional karaoke device. 

Some of the features are active performance management, unlimited playlists, edit audio settings, and full-screen mode. It comes in free and paid versions for users.

2. KaraFun

KaraFun is one of the most popular free karaoke software for Mac and windows around. It’s simple, and the lightweight interface makes it easy to use. You just need to load up your songs and connect your microphone then just hit play.

KaraFun Karaoke Software

This Karaoke Software for Windows & Mac has more than 21000 songs enlisted and has the option of offline sync so that you can enjoy it even when you are offline. It comes with a dual-display screen and also has various customizable options. KaraFun also has a wide range of features like pitch change, live recording, and mic effects.

3. OneKaraoke

If you have the necessary Windows management skills, then you must go with this software. It is the simplest to manage karaoke software available for users. 

OneKaraoke allows you to organize your songs and also allows multiple types of files like WMV, WMA, DAT, midi, mp3, and many more. It offers you many options to operate it with. It provides various options like the Fast Forward, Replay, Pause, Skips song, etc. too. If you want to have a simple UI, then go ahead with this.

4. iStar karaoke

If you fond of a night of fun with karaoke, then iStar will surely help you with one. It can convert almost every file and play them for users. 

Once you imported the file of your choice, you will be able to use all songs in a list of your choice and play as you like it. You can also categorize the playlist, which is creating by you. It also supports various kinds of multimedia files so that you can import them from multiple sources.

5. Siglos Karaoke Professional

Siglos Karaoke Professional is what you should get if you want something like robust and professional for real singers, and if you don’t care so much about ease of use and simplicity, then this one is for you.

Siglos Karaoke Professional
Siglos Karaoke Professional

It is available with a two-screen display. You just need to do is load all your chosen songs on it, and you are good to use them. Siglos Karaoke Professional helps you provide people with the best karaoke experience just like a karaoke machine and that too at your device.

6. Aria Karaoke Pro

Are you looking for the real karaoke experience, then you should try out Aria? One of the most popular karaoke software for Windows or Mac. Aria will produce excellent entertainment for your friends and your family. The interface of Aria is straightforward to use and clean.

Aria Karaoke Pro software helps you in compiling all your songs, which can easily be selected and play whenever you want to play. There are many modes available in it which you can use anytime.

7. PC DJ karaoke

In our list of best Karaoke Software for Windows & Mac next one is PC DJ karaoke. As the name suggests, it has all the features that are required to provide you with a fun-filled evening for the users.

PC DJ Karaoke Software
PC DJ Karaoke

It has got a robust set of professional features and a UI that is easy to use. It has everything you’d expect in a club-grade karaoke software, including support for multiple file formats, singer rotation, singer display. To test your creativity there are platforms like car design software that provide you a free hand to design your dream car and explore your creativity. 

8. KJams

kJams is another Karaoke Software for Windows & Mac for its users. It is best for the professionals as well as beginners due to the basics provided in it.

KJams Karaoke Software

KJams comes in two versions as a lite version and a pro version. The lite has just about the most basic features like playing different music formats, managing playlists, and adjusting pitch. The pro version is where things are lovely like you get a powerful singer management tool with a second window to output lyrics.

9. Karaoke Builder Player

If you’re looking for a simple to use karaoke software for Windows or Mac, Karaoke Builder Player might be best for you, and this software is free and simple to use. It is perfect for beginners that don’t want to spend money on karaoke tools.

Best Karaoke Software is Karaoke Builder Player
Karaoke Builder Player

It is capable of playing ZIP files directly or any other file from the zip archive. You can play the data only by dragging and dropping them into the software. Additionally, it supports CD+G functions such as color fading with scrolling.

10. Just Karaoke 2

Just Karaoke 2 is one of the software which is created for the ultimate singing experience along with a host who is excited about karaoke. It gives a karaoke platform that is clever and provides you with a simple user interface. It provides you with a playlist and the history of the singer.

Also, it gives an auto rotation of songs, among other various features. Just Karaoke 2 also provides a list of 80000 + songs that you can use, and you can download your favorite song too.

11. Advanced Karaoke Player

Advanced Karaoke Player provides a facility in which you can store all your favorite tracks under one single software. This karaoke software for windows allows you to sing your favorite song whenever you feel like it.

Advanced Karaoke Player
Advanced Karaoke Player

Advanced Karaoke Player manages all kinds of media files and gives you enjoyable experiences. The music is obvious and can be enjoyed along with your singing and practice. It has various levels of fun while signing with the help of it. You can control this Karaoke software with the help of a few keys in it.

Final Words

We have listed the 11 best karaoke software for windows and Mac for PC, giving out the features that they provide. All the above-listed software are pretty good and user friendly. Go ahead and select the most suitable software as per your needs. I hope you guys like this article, share your feedback and suggestions in the reply section.

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