9 Exclusive Best IP Camera Software Reviewed [2022]

You probably thought that what is an ip camera? IP Camera Software is software that allows you to keep a check through cameras. The IP camera software is also known as a web convention camera. An IP camera system is a sort of webcam. Thw software are also known as surveillance software of your house, shop or office. 

An open source ip cam software is used to record and transmit video information over systems and the web. The IP camera recording software is a liberated gadget and involves just a link to the web. It interfaces with an associated web gadget like the best NVR software NVR (Network Video Recorder) and some other gadgets. You can access all these free NVR software from anywhere. 

IP cameras or Wi-Fi cameras are inexpensive and simple to set up. This makes them ultimate for home security. With a remarkably negligible struggle, you can range out Wi-Fi cameras all-around your home.

These can support you with surveillance for your infant’s room; watch out for your passage when you hear a weird commotion in the night or to keep a check on your employees or any other thing.

Introducing Top 9 Best IP Camera Software 2022 [Reviewed]

Well, we all know in today’s world security webcam software is very crucial. For this particular reason, people are installing cameras around their homes, company, and other places wherever essential. You can choose from the below list of best free IP camera software for 2022 or best ip camera viewer.

1. iSpy

iSpy is software created by iSpy Connect. It is a publicly available security program. Once this software is installed, you can access the audience on the iSpy web page or your own. If IP cameras are Pan Till Zoom (PTZ) empowered.

iSPY Best IP Camera Software

It has a wide range of features. It has audio monitoring, which is a rare feature found in video surveillance. With its text-to-speech feature, one can easily talk via the website. You will have the option to screen and tune in to the misc. Installed.

Support scheduling is also provided similar to remote access with iSpy connect. While any suspicious motion is seen, users will be immediately notified through emails, tweets, or SMS.

The program has a feature to take time-lapse and snapshots. iSpy lets the user upload Secure File Transfer Protocol(SFTP) and File Transfer Protocol(FTP) frames in the iSpy server and have full authority over camera moment detection properties.

One can likewise interface this IP Software from anywhere to gain admittance to live audio-visual and regulate the camera.

You can transfer the video directly to distributed storage. The IP camera software is available, both versatile and web. iSpy is like-minded on systems running Windows 7 and up.

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2. IP Camera Viewer

This Wi-Fi camera application does specifically what its name says. The TeamViewer is constructed for IP camera viewing software. It can also use this to outlook analog CCTV cameras.

IP Camera Viewer
IP Camera Viewer

Users can set up to 16 CCTVs to this application to see them on your screen consistently. Installing this software is easy; in a few minutes, the app is ready to be used.

The application surveillance section notifies its users about new updates. This, in fact, is one of the most significant features of the app as it keeps users updated on the latest technological advances and necessary features.

For alerts and alarms, one needs to sign up for Security Monitor Pro for an expense. Its wide range of security cameras makes this a great choice for iPhone users. TeamViewer is available for the iPhone and iPad.

3. ContaCam

ContaCam is an un-paid and publically reconnaissance program. It offers support for HD cameras and free webcams. It is a versatile program that can be used for manual snapshots, labor-intensive footage, live webcam snaps, and security surveillance.


Provides full support to Windows 10. It has motion detection that accompanies movement recognition and is fit for recording 24/7. Suspicious activities are detected and displayed in your browser, and the program can send images via email and FTP. It allows remote access through Dropbox.

ContaCam supports IP cameras, network cameras, DV (Digital Video), WDM (Windows Driver Model), and webcams, and the webserver has Intranet and secret phrase assurance. It has a snapshot feature that can be used for recording movies, taking game screenshots, and more.

USB webcams support is also provided. ContaCam has all the necessary features to turn the computer into a CCTV system. It has an advanced feature that allows customers to specify the range for motion detection recording.

Live feeds can be received via web servers, the Internet, or Intranet. It takes a long time to learn through trial and error testing. It was designed for the Windows platform, but it can run on the iOS and Linux platforms also.

There is no application adaptation available yet. Developers say this software will never be compatible with mobile.

4. Xeoma

Xeoma is one of the free software. It is an effortless application to set up. Users should ensure all IP cameras are associated together in a similar system, with a committed IP address.

Xeoma one of the Best IP Camera Software

It incorporates a checking of all associated IP delivers on your system to consequently recognize joined Wi-Fi cameras. After recognition, the application will show them all in a network.

It comes with the manual record any camera at whatever point you like, take a screen capture of any camera. You can open an application to watch out for all cameras on the double frame.

Xeoma Lite is the free form of Xeoma that permits the checking of up to 4 IP cameras without any delay. In Standard Edition, you can screen up to 3000 IP cameras with devoted cloud administration.

This program has plenty of features, but 90% of them are locked off to free users. It takes over too long to learn how to use the system, but it may be worth it if you have many cameras.

The paid version has all sorts of alert systems. This software frequently updates this software works with all most every type of camera.

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5. Security Eye

Security Eye is one of the most well-known professional pieces of video reconnaissances software for Windows. It is a paid software, which is its disadvantage.

Security Eye
Security Eye

On the spot, live streaming can be checked using a web browser.  It can be underpinned with more than 1200 different IP cameras and, works with motion-detection devices alarms, and alerts are sent using email and SMS.

It has a timer feature that allows you to determine when the video feed should start recording. Also comes with the Xvid MPEG-4 Codec.

To use this software, one should have 1GB of RAM and 2GB of HHD space and at least an Intel Pentium 1.8 processor.

While installation, it examines the system for any neighborhood Wi-Fi cameras set up. If it doesn’t recognize any cameras, cameras must be set up by their IP address.

6. CAM Wizard

CAM Wizard is a top-of-the-line reconnaissance application designed for USB and IP cameras. It has all the essential features such as alerts, notifications, motion detection, FTP upload, and schedule are included.

CAM Wizard Best IP Camera Software
Cam Wizard

The device saves recordings to the hard disk drive for easy access to the footage anytime. The device also uses a compression system to reduce the storage space used. The motion detection capability is best.

Its motion detection is advanced and performs consistently. It’s the latest algorithms to keep false alerts to a minimum. As soon as an event is detected, you’ll be notified right away. It takes seconds to install this software.

Fast and accurate program. It links back to the feed-in case there is an interruption. It can take MPEG a JPEG stills, so whether you want clips or images, the camera gets it for you. Also works with computers running Windows XP and up. However, Media Player 10 and DirectX8 or better must be installed on your computer.

7. Ivideon Server

Ivideon comes in two editions, for home and business.  In terms of performance, it is better than other cloud IP camera software. The device sends notifications of storage, whether it is stored in the cloud or HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

iVideon Top IP Camera Software
iVideon Server

It also notifies suspicious movements and sounds. It works as an infant screen apart from it is more efficient. Once installed, the software runs automatically. It can also be accessed to all the cameras linked to the software.

The performance of this software is the same for both mobile and computer. The notification system has been enhanced, so users don’t have to sit 24/7 facing monitors.

The sophisticated algorithms detect activities, traces in fixtures, and other changes that ordinary reconnaissance software cannot see. One of its most promoted features is facial recognition, but it is not very accurate.

It is available for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. The reconnaissance feed is also accessible from the official website.

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8. Webcam XP

Webcam XP is versatile and easy to set up. Designed to work with different types of CCTV cameras, it streamlines checking of your property. Essentially it turns the Internet connection into a security device.

Webcam XP
Webcam XP

It can be paired with mobile, computers and communicates the video to your website. Real-time footage is transmitted. Users can adjust the settings for capturing stills or recordings as needed.

With its motion detector, user has control over its actions. Supports a number of different network cameras and is adequate for industries, commercial establishments, and homes. The software supports USB webcams along with AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, and other popular formats.

Also, it works with Windows media streams, HTTPS posts, FTP. It is featured with tilt, zoom, and pain control options. Its advanced controls also provide options for controlling and restricting access to specific users only. Webcam XP is compatible with Windows XP and up. Webcam 7 offers support for Windows 10.

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9. Genius Vision

Genius Vision is a relatively advanced piece of software, best suitable for business use. This application is available in a wide range of versions, including NVR Lite, NVR subscription edition, enterprise, community, and hybrid edition.

Genius Vision IP Camera
Genius Vision

The Genius Vision is designed to work with a wide range of cameras. After installation, the software can be linked with all cameras at a central hub, and settings can be adjusted accordingly.

There are ample features including a massive array of settings to fit with all most every type of camera to be used with this program. It provides remote access built-in. It is compatible with webcams also.

This software offers full remote control and management via your web browser and smartphones. Another main feature of this program is it also provides a panorama view, visual tamper detection, and you can export videos to AVI.

The tools are very sophisticated and accurate. The drop-down menus are complicated while also thoughtfully laid out. There is a mobile app available for Android and iOS so you can have remote access to the footage.

Its trigger rule and event management make it simple to manage surveillance. It is available on all major platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. Buying a paid upgrade is riskier than buying it from their website.

Final Words

If you’re running a computer for your home security, you don’t want to calm down for anything less than the Best IP Camera Software. These are the 9 best IP camera software 2022.

Getting good security camera software is difficult as we knew in today’s market; one can find various camera software for free as well as paid. We just proposed a concise thought regarding IP camera software. With the listed products, you can get a suitable security system and relax.

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