9 Best Free WinRAR Password Remover Software

A WinRAR allows you to set a password to the archive folders you want to lock for which you might not be able to recollect every single password for archive files. Therefore, if you have forgotten the password for your archived folders that had your important files, you will have to use free WinRAR password remover software to remove the password.

There are numerous ways to unlock WinRAR files without a password but by means of a specialized RAR file password remover which is more efficient and operative.

You can recover your password in two types; the first way is to install the software on your computer and then used to unlock the locked documents immediately.

The second way is through password recovery website where you will be required to upload the files, and that particular website will take care of other processes.

If the archived folder is unlocked successfully, then, it will show you the notification. But there will be some boundaries of such websites mostly there is a size limit for the files which are to be uploaded and it will not accept if there is a exceed in size.

There are some other approaches which you will get to know, used by the RAR password remover software by the methods that will be used based on the password that may have been set.

Top 9 Free WinRAR Password Remover Software

Some of this RAR remover software’s come with a limitation where it will only let you view partial password digits of unlocked RAR files. In contrast, some software comes with masking options where it will display the whole password if you know a fragment of the password like when you know the first three letters of a password. You can put on them as a mask then the software will show the remaining part of the recovered letters of the password without hiding them from you.

Here is the list of 9 best free WinRAR Password remover software:

1. Free RAR Password remover

Free RAR Password remover software tool has great choices to unlock RAR password and other archive files, such as ZIP and 7 ZIP files in which you can even carry out a masked or unmasked technique to recover RAR password.

You can select the attack means based on the password set and set a range of alphabets, digits, symbols, etc. Now you can apply the Mask option to remove password if you somewhat remember the password.

Free RAR Password remover

Dictionary method comes accessible if you think the password is a dictionary word which is the fastest way and helps you with removing WinRAR password if a keyword is your password.

This RAR password remover software tool can look for numeric, alphanumeric, and alphabetic passwords without any limitation on the number of password characters.

2. RAR Password Genius

The free WinRAR Password Genius software tool offers an interactive interface to remove RAR password via some unlock methods which are known as attack methods by which you can choose from various ways.

RAR Password Genius

After choosing a method, you will need to describe quite a few parameters to carry out the process. Extreme and lowest extents of passwords to aspect for can be set where Character screen for lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, space, and many special symbols to be set for that.

This software will autosave projects after you every step one by one. It even contains masking options where you can extract the passwords.

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3. Ultimate ZIP cracker

Ultimate ZIP Cracker allows you to remove the password for RAR and ZIP files for free of cost. It has a lot of RAR password removing methods, which can be used to unlock RAR files.

Ultimate ZIP cracker

Using the brief scan option technique, the software examinations among the most common passwords, by brute force attack it will search for a password by defining password extent, applying files for numbers and much more, you can also make use of default dictionary to find from a set of keywords.

Using data search, a large number of date combinations can be created for passwords and is capable of matching passwords with manual entry.

4. Password Recovery Kit Standard

Password Recovery Kit Standard is a WinRAR password recovery software tool, which not only allows you to remove file passwords but also lets you find encoded files and reset or remove windows administration password.

Password Recovery Kit Standard

Variety of options helps you to find out password search in the Dictionary when you don’t know any means of a password. This software also uses the filter option to set password length, letter case, symbols, space, or outline.

It follows the Brute-Force attack method to find the password which has a limit to display for the free version.

5.Atomic WinRAR Password

Atomic WinRAR Password, remover software tool, allows you to recover and remove WinRAR password by either using brute-force attack method and Dictionary search method depending upon the complexity of the folder.

Atomic WinRAR Password

You can even enter a prefix or suffix if you have a slight idea about the password and can also set the smallest and largest limit for password length for improved search.

You can manually input the Dictionary to search from a set of pre-defined keywords. The free version gives you limitations for an encrypted password.

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6. WinRAR Password cracker

WinRAR Password cracker

WinRAR Password Cracker lets you remove RAR password with the help of two recovery methods where you can pick Brute-Force method and Dictionary based on your choices to remove the password for file protection. You can set password length, character set like digits, uppercase, lowercase, special symbols and much more. In this software are not allowed to view the full password as of like in the masking option, you will be limited to some characters.

7. iSumsoft

iSumsoft is a mighty password recovery and removing software tool for protected WinRAR archives.


This password removing software tool can be used effortlessly to remove the lost or forgotten password with a proper extraction of files from the protected folder files without damaging the files inside it.

This software has got a greatly advanced technology of GPU acceleration algorithm which recover in a much faster way.

8. Accent RAR recovery

Accent RAR Password Recovery is a very proficient software for removing the lost or forgotten password of a RAR file folder.

Accent RAR recovery

This software also uses an advanced program of the algorithm to remove the old password from the archived files. This has got various types of methods like brute force, masking and dictionary methods.

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9. Asunsoft

Using this software, you can expose your locked WinRAR file folder without a password only using some robust password remove password files within a few minutes which has got a recovery rate close to cent per cent.


This software contains a very user-friendly interface which is very easy to operate and shuts automatically after the removing is finished.

Final Words

This article provides you with a vision to choose the best WinRAR password to remove the software. Using software’s to remove the WinRAR password is more likely best to use rather than using online service as these websites will have a limit.

So, in this article, you will get the idea to choose the best free software to remove the password from the WinRAR files.

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