9 Best Free Watermark Software to Use in 2022

There are lots of free watermark software available online, which you can use to put a logo or signature on your photo so that no one can steal it.

In the world of the internet, where people do a lot of work online, so protecting their data and privacy is most important. Cybercrime is one of the major problems which is increasing rapidly.

So protecting your photographs from plagiarism and cyber thieves is very important. To protect your data from such a problem watermark, your images are one of the best methods.

Top 9 Free Watermark Software For Windows & Mac

All you need is free watermark software, and that’s why we have rounded up with the 9 best watermark software in 2022, which are available for Mac as well as for windows. The only thing you have to do is download any of this software and make a watermark for your digital content.

1. PhotoMarks

We’re starting things off with comprehensive watermarking software that’s not only cross-platform on both Windows and Mac but also works on mobile devices (iOS only).

Photomarks Free Watermark Software

It boasts batch watermark processing, including text effects such as shadow and stroke. The software is well updated and is well-reviewed across the internet. Though the free version isn’t restricted, there is a paid-for full version that comes with some handy extra tools.

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2. Watermark Software

A key feature that comes from Watermark software is its ability to add a QR code as a watermark. This is especially useful for retail users that want to redirect viewers to their websites.

Watermark Software
Watermark software

EXIF watermarking is also supported, allowing users to input their EXIF metadata onto the photographs during export. They also have a video version called video-watermark. Both versions are available to try for free and for purchase.

3. iWaterMark Pro

 iWatermark Pro is compatible with a broad range of digital cameras, so you don’t have to worry about file formats, as the app lets you import or export photos in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or RAW file formats.

iWatermark Pro Best Free Wateramark Software
iWatermark Pro

The software’s list of watermarking features includes options like Signature, Arc Text, StegoMark, or Metadata that enable you to add visible and invisible watermarks to your photos and videos.

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4. Format Factory

Format Factory is a multi-functional media processing software that can convert pictures, video, and audio into multiple file types. It doubles up as a watermarking software for photos and video and would be a particularly attractive download to those working with video as well as still images.

Format Factory Watermark Software
Format Factory

5. Arclab Watermark Studio

This software has done an excellent job of putting plenty of functions into their Watermark Studio software with multiple layering supporting as well as adding the ability to resize and convert image file types (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP).

Arclab watermark Studio Software
Arclab Watermark Studio

It also exports to web-optimized sizes in its interlaced mode. The former actions can be done on a single image or in batch processing mode for multiple photos.

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6. Alamoon Watermark

If you want a simple way to add a watermark in your image, then Alamoon Watermark is the best software for you. The editor can edit thousands of image together, and a variety of format is also available in this watermark software.

Alamoon Watermark Software
Alamoon Watermark

7. Visual WaterMark

The Visual Watermark software can make a watermark on thousand of images at one time. Users can also add watermark to their videos.

Visual Watermark Software
Visual Watermark

There are 260 fonts available, but you can also import your custom-made fonts and use them to create watermarks. The software adjusts the size and the position of the watermark to each photo automatically, but you can also fine-tune each of these settings manually.

8. Star WaterMark

You can easily alter the size of the text, change its color, add shadows, or position the text anywhere in the photo. Star Watermark has a feature in which the user can use images as watermarks or even create multilayered watermarks.

Star Watermark Software
Star Watermark

This software also has a batch processing feature due to which most of the photographers preferred to use this software.

9. TSR WaterMark

The TSR Watermark Image provides a unique feature of special effects, borders, and crosses that let you create stylish watermarks.

TSR Watermark Software top free watermark software
TSR Watermark Software

TSR watermark is basically for professional photographers who have done photo editing before; they can easily use it through with this software.

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Final Words

There are no ways for photographers to protect their images online on the internet. In a stock website where you post your photographs, there is no guarantee that your photo will be safe.

One of the best ways of preventing your pictures from stealing is to watermark all pictures before you post them on your website or social media.

That is why, in the above article, we discuss some free watermark software options, that are going to help you stop the unauthorized download of your work.

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