9 Best Free Sandbox Software For Windows in 2022

Free Sandbox Software is used to separate running programs to becalm system failures or some malware present in the computer websites or files from spreading throughout your pc. You can even run the untested, unverified, untrusted third-party websites without causing any problem or damages to the host operating system.

Sandbox software provides a controlled set of resources for programs to run and also stops another network to access and inspect the operating system by highly restricting those networks. This is also designed to restrict the malicious code from harming or entering your pc.

The virus or malware can enter the pc when you download free software, and it spreads into all the programs which results in affecting the pc and also your work process. This sandbox antivirus software is widely being used for cybersecurity purposes ideal for basic uses and amateur users.

You can use firewalls to protect your network systems and also your operating system nut if you want to add any extra or special protection to secure your operating systems from being attacked by the malware and virus then you can easily go for free sandbox softwares which are completely free and provides a secure connection to your with no cost. With millions of sandbox downloads on Google Play store, it is widely popular in the world. 

Top 9 Free Sandbox Software to Use in 2022

Sandboxing software or sandboxing programs has a virtual sandbox feature, which is very much important for the security treatment of the sites on which you surf on.

Here are 9 best free sandbox software’s to use in 2022:

1. Glasswire

It is free sandbox software that offers free monitoring as well as a firewall, but this software is suitable for a small business network and home use. The firewall setting can be different like you can have a home network setting and also a public wi-fi network.


It helps in blocking incoming connections, disabling popups from the untrusted sources along network management. The monitor will always stay on, and it tracks all activity on your pc, looking for malware.

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2. Tinywall


The tinywall is one of the best sandbox software secures all the native Windows Firewall, Windows Defender. This software gives the threat information is available on demand. The great point about that is that you won’t get your computer frozen in the middle of something. This software is completely free and requires very little space about 1 MB on your pc so, this firewall doesn’t have many features.

3. Sophos XG firewall

Sophos is an open-source sandbox software. It is being used in the cybersecurity field extensively nowadays because of its great business protection software. This advance free sandboxing software offers most users to run multi-user wi-fi networks.

Sophos XG firewall

Sophos XG can install on your pc, and also it has its operating system (OS), but when you install it, this wipes out the existing OS and all software installed on that device, and also, the operating system cannot reinstall.

This software offers anti-malware protection and gives you web security and URL filtering and also helps in system management.

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4. ZoneAlarm free firewall

This freeware sandbox software can be easily installed on Windows 7, 8, 9, and 10. This software provides some great features which make it the best choice for home wi-fi networks and laptops that is connected to the internet in public places. Once you download and install all the files and register with your email id.

ZoneAlarm free firewall

This free sandbox software offers you the secure connections which hide you from the hackers, hides your identity, and also resists the malware and virus from entering your pc. Malware.

This augmented reality sandbox software will give an extra feature of protection to your connections when you get connected to public wi-fi hotspots providing a secure connection from attacks.

5. Comodo free firewall

Comodo is a cybersecurity software house that produces a firewall for all versions of windows sandbox software, which provides you with access to many features like blocking incoming connections. These sandboxing tools can be used to protect you from malware. 

Also, this software monitors your ongoing threats, with a constantly updated threat database, so you will get alerts when it has detected risks. Comodo is one of the best sandbox for PC available in the market.

Comodo free firewall

This sandbox software environment uses AI to create a profile of normal operating behavior on your computer so that it will block suspicious activity. You can even choose to block selected websites using this software, and it also consists of browser cleaning. 

6. AVS firewall

The AVS firewall best sandbox program makes sure that it is not easy to find its firewall software easy to find on its website. So, we can download it from Tucows or Softpedia free software distribution sites. This is one of the best sandbox for windows 10. This firewall is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10 sandbox software.

AVS firewall

The firewall is made to block the incoming connection requests. It has got the feature to select which sandbox app on your computer are allowed to connect to the internet and a security level feature. The software monitors the activity of surfing as well as system security, which includes an ad and popup blocker and parental controls.

7. Outpost firewall

You can download this free sandbox software from software distributors like File hippo and Softonic. This software provides security over untested websites and network connections.

outpost firewall

It even contains the features of excellent security utility, which consists of automatic whitelisting for well-known software. This anti-leak module blocks suspicious outgoing messages and also acts as an ad-blocker for your website.

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8. Privatefirewall

Privatefirewall is developed by a Privacyware company that builds a security system designed for business networks. You are allowed to download and install this software for free from software distributors, such as CNet, and Softpedia.


This software examines the log files on your computer to look for malware and also protect those log files from unauthorized edits or deletions. You can whitelist or blacklist any website that you need. These avast sandbox software will enhance your PC perfromance to fight with outside malware. The sandbox security system will help you in any condition. 

This software will also monitor email activity, disable infected, or banned websites from accessing, thereby securing your connection and even the operating system.

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9. openDNShome

This free online sandbox software covers all of the internet-active devices in your home, including DVRs and smart TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones, and all other devices. Families widely use this because of its parental control feature.


There is no need to install any software as it has cloud storage working based on network sharing, which in turn helps from securing pc from hackers. It can be the best sandbox for the current windows 10/8/7. 

Final Words

Protecting your pc while playing on these sandbox software for free from threats and other malware is an essential thing as the virus and the malware slow down the working of your pc.

Now you can secure your wi-fi network and also secure your information when you connect to public wi-fi. So, these free sandbox software will be of great use to you. I hope you try the above-mentioned free software and secure your pc.

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