9 Best Free Photo Management Software In 2020

In this generation almost everyone has their smartphone, tab or any other camera supporting devices, that too nowadays everyone wants a free photo management software tool that helps them to manage and arrange their photos.

Don’t you want your photo captured in some special moments which cannot be recaptured again to be ion your device?  But you do have the risk of running out of storage space of your device if you keep all the photos with you.

You will have lot many photos on your hard drive, so you will for sure need a free photo management software tool to help you track down a particular photo or remove some duplicate photos. What if your hard drive gives you some trouble even before the back up of your files.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have a photo management software that lets you upload your pics to the cloud that too if the software is free of cost, then it will be a great choice. The right photo management software tool will give you so much more than a simple, organized storage space for your clicks.

Some software tools will even allow you to add some data about things like the camera model which was used, the measurements, aperture value etc. Some of these software tools will also provide you with some basic editing and cropping options.

Top 9 Free Photo Management Software in 2020

So it is compulsory to have some idea on choosing the correct free photo management software tool based on its features provided by the developer which is required according to your need. 

Here is the list of 9 best free photo management software’s that can be used in 2020:

1. Luminar 4

Luminar 4 is really great free photo management software. The good feature of Luminar 4 is that it is straightforward to navigate your library with the help of shortcuts. For instance, if you select ‘All Photos’, you can easily sort your photos either by their date of creation or by their names.

Another accessible and easy shortcut is marking your photo as a Favourite and can also add the star rating to your photos. You can also use folders to manage and arrange your photos which is connected directly to your hard drive’s folders.

This means that Luminar 4 can organize the folders and the other way around and also group your photos in Luminar by using albums without any change in the location of the images. It can also act as a photo editing software tool. 

2. Adobe Bridge

If you are familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud software package, then you will most likely already be very familiar with Adobe Bridge also. It is a photo management software tool that is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Using this software, you can access all the resources and files that you require for your project.

It provides some useful features which consist of metadata generation, organizing files, watermarks etc. Metadata tools help you organize your different photo folders and also you are allowed rename and organize a group of images at the same time. It is very easy to import pics or videos from your smartphone, digital camera and add them to streamline workflow.

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3. Nomacs

Nomacs is small-sized free, open-source efficient photo management software that can be used with all of the most used file formats which include PSD and RAW. It has got some features where you can use it to synchronize various arrangements viewers who use the same local network or computer.

It is a very helpful software tool in comparing photos to identify differences and has a built-in graphics editor and automatic photo adjustment. This software is compatible with Mac OS, Linux and Windows operating systems.

4. XnView

XnView has got nearly 500 photo formats and save as many as 50 different file formats which is accessible for free of charge for educational or personal use and is compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems. This multimedia manager is very simple to use and sleek in the interface. You can be used to get details about the images and arranging them in the order.

5. Google Photos

Google Photos is the most popular best free photo management software tool that you can easily use for your videos and photos. It is very simple and easy to upload a photo to the drive. As and when the videos and photos get uploaded, it is organized by cloud storage automatically.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to sort out your files which is one of the greatest features. It also carries out some basic photo editing tools, and it can directly share and either post it on social media, create a link or add it to one of your shared albums. It has got unlimited backup storage which is a cool thing in photo management.

6. Pictorial

Pictorial and Lightroom functions same, but Pictorial is very easy as you do not have to create a folder and can work directly from your PC’s program. It has got a customizable interface so that it suits all your works. The other useful features are colour correction, image retouching and image arrangement. It is compatible with Mac OS.

7. XnViewMP

XnViewMP is the upgraded version of XnView which has a variety of different image file formats. But it can not arrange your photos automatically other features include tools that you can use to edit the metadata. This software is more than just a basic photo management tool, as this software tool is capable of creating a graphic presentation, slideshow etc. It is compatible with Mac OS, Linux and Windows operating systems.

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8. JetPhoto

This free photo management software tool which is powerful in photo batch processing. It does not contain any cloud storage, and you can use it to share your photos with others by using the JetPhoto Server. If the browser is supported for flash, then you can use JetPhoto software to create a Flash gallery in a flash. this free software is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

9. StudioLine

This is a simple, free photo management software which allows you to rotate, crop, resize your photos and arrange the photos along with tags and description if needed. Then, it will help you in organizing your photos, creating slideshows and sharing with your friends. This works with windows, Mac OS, Linux operating systems.

Final Words

There is a need for organizing our photos and video clips on the storage device. For that, you will compulsorily require photo management software. So you can go through the specifications of different types of software’s from the list mentioned above and choose the correct one which suits your project. Hope you will make use of these good free photo management software.

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