11 Best Free Movie Catalog Software for Windows

Everybody loves to watch movies in their free time and there are many movies available on the internet nowadays that it is impossible to remember all of their names. This is why we have got a list of Free Movie Catalog Software for you. With this software, you can keep a track of every movie you watch or have, every movie you watched, and whatever detail you want to enter will stay in the software safely as a record.

There are lots of free movie catalog software out there on the market, and they can do their task effectively. Hence it creates confusion to select the best one.

Top 11 Free Movie Catalog Software for Windows

But no worries we have got the big list of best free movie catalog software for Windows. So here is the list.


Eric’s movie database is quite simple to use and one of the best free movie catalog software which lets the user keep track of movie collection as well as TV Series collection by the users. 

You can search the movies by the crew, cast, director, or your own search term. This Movie Catalog Software naturally imports the data from the IMDB page and synchronizes it with your collection. Its many more features are worthy of trying in this software.  

It has a lot of features that give it an edge over its counterparts and makes it entirely user-friendly software with a simple UI.


2. Libra

This Movie Catalog Software shares more than a few common features and can manage more than just your movie collection. 

In this, you can import your collection from other cataloging apps too which is quite impressive. You can enter items by scanning the bar codes on a webcam or actual scanner or can enter your titles manually. 

Libra has built-in tracking, list creating tools for web posting. Also, has an old-fashioned paper catalog print-out of your titles. Libra also has the distinction of being among the free software on this list.

3. Diskcat

Diskcat is a simple movie catalog software that is used for cataloging your diskettes, Hard Disks, Audio CDs, CD-ROMs, LAN drives, and other disks. 

The software is made for typical tasks to be done easily as it is mostly automated and most of the process in the software is carried out without any interference of the user. It can automatically detect drive types and save them in the database with very easy arrangements to be understandable by the user.

It has integrated search engines for movies and TV shows which is very fast and you can get the results of your search within seconds.

4. Ant Movie

Ant Movie Catalog is a freeware and easy to use Movie Catalog Software. It allows you to create and maintain your own personal movie database collection in it.

It allows users to import movies from various sources and also allows you to add movies manually to your list. Also, another key feature in this software is that this can fetch information about the movie through IMDB.

The software is fully free and its source code is also available if you want to make an edit to it or add a feature to the software by yourself.

5. GrieeX

If you are a multi-device user and want to keep all the data with yourself then this is the software of your need. 

The software is very clever as you just have to give it the name of the movie or a TV Show, and it will fetch data through IMDB Database and fill in the fields for you automatically on its own. Also, the software is cross-platform, so you can install it on any device you own Tablet, Laptop, Mobile Phone, or a Desktop PC.

6. My Movie Manager

My Movie Manager makes it easy for you to organize movies and download movies details directly from the IMDb database. You can also mark your movies as watched and favorite. 

Apart from this, you can also sort movies by the title, alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, IMDb rating, year, etc. This software also provides many other features. It has the Option to find movies by categories like Horror, Favourites, Mystery, etc.

The movie details and database are stored locally on your PC. So, you will have all the details of your favorite movies even if there is no Internet connectivity to your device.

7. MovieDB

Free MovieDB is also a good choice to organize movies or Tv shows and add movies from themoviedb.org and imdb.com. You can see added movies in the cover view and list view. 

In this movie catalog software, you need to add a directory and it will automatically search the information. After this, your movies are added to the database and you can click on any movie to see the movie information. 

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Also, it will also download images related to movies, posters, trailers, etc. All your movie database can also be exported as CSV, XML, or Text file to your PC.

8. Filmotech

Filmotech is a powerful free movie catalog software that is quick in performance and provides premium features to the user.

The software is very great in terms of cataloging movies as it can connect your media with a lot of tagging features in it. It can find about any specific movie or a song is very easy in it. It takes just some simple steps and the software finds the data itself giving you the results in the fastest time. 

You can also search the data about the movie directly from the software and it will fill all the available fields of data automatically.

9. moVee 8

moVee 8 is an easy to use free Movie Catalog Software. moVee 8 uses the TMDb data to provide details about any movie, including information about the cast, release date, the budget, and so on. 

It also lets you keep track of your movie collection by providing related information on it. The software has an easy to understand user interface. It fetches the detailed info about any movie in your collection from the web automatically. 

10. My Movie Library

The next movie catalog software on this list is My Movie Library. It’s quite simple and easy to use free Movie Catalog Software and does the job completes correctly. 

This software lets you add movie titles from IMDB and also add movies manually to it. After getting the movie name, you can add this information to the database.

After adding the movies, you can also create custom lists or tags and add movies to any of those tags. This will also help to sort and find movies quickly by just selecting a particular list.

11. Personal Video Database

Personal Video Database is a free software by Simple Machine Forum (SMF) company and its feature are pretty good as a free movie catalog software. You allowed to put as much data about any movie or media you add in it.

This movie cataloging software will give you a response in seconds even if your device is a low-end PC. It has balanced speed and features, still it provides great performance to the user. You can use this software only on Windows platform PC.

video database
Video database

Final Words

Here in this article, we enlisted a comprehensive list of the best free movie catalog software. You can research and finalize the best fit from the list. We hope that you went through the list and will select the one that best suits your needs.

You can install any movie catalog software for organizing your movies and data in software.

I hope you guys like this article, share your feedback and suggestions in the reply section.

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