9 Best Free File Viewer Software For Windows

A Free File Viewer Software is a software that displays the contents of a data file, which is a fast way of finding various types of files without having to install separate software tools to view each data format files, which can be a document, database, spreadsheet and graphics formats.

In Windows, they will provide file viewers by default like Explorer file manager in windows XP, filmstrip in vista, and so on. In general, a free file viewer software that shows up the data stored in a computer file in a human-understandable form that will be displayed on the screen, or it may be printed.

The file viewers cannot edit, create, or modify the files, but it is capable of export data in a different file format or can copy information to the clipboard or notepad. File viewers will have enough knowledge to view the data files according to their formats, and some file viewer converts binary files into plain text which a human can understand.

There are different types of file viewers, like image viewers that display graphics files onscreen. JPEG file viewer has features like thumbnail, image zooming, and so on. To view some other complex file formats, you will require some advanced file viewer software. Adobe has developed a file viewer to view and write across the PDF file.

Microsoft has developed some viewers for Word and PowerPoint documents without any charge. These Free File Viewer Software allow you to make these file formats readable for all the operating systems without any additional add ons.

Top 9 Free file viewer Software For Windows

To the markup formats files like HTML file, you will require a web browser and text editor in view and get the correct results.it is also used to view image files and multimedia files.

Here is the list of 9 best free file viewer software for windows:

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you are in search of powerful software to read PDF files, then Adobe Acrobat Reader is undoubtedly the best. This software comes with advanced options from which you can fill forms that you cannot do using a basic PDF reader software for Windows.

You are allowed to use this software for reading in different modes with other options like text highlighting, adding notes, filling forms, digital signatures, add stamps, and much more. This free PDF reader also contains a tabbed view that can be used to open multiple files.

So, if you want a PDF file viewer with a lot of advanced options, adobe acrobat pdf viewer is a great choice.

2. Nitro reader

Nitro Reader is one of the famous names in the software world. It will try to get the perfect balance between usability and features as it doesn’t come loaded with the features which are not necessary that one never uses.

The user interface has got a great look like just any other application from Microsoft’s Office tools. Apart from these features, Nitro Reader is also capable of digitally signing documents for a simple task using a quick scan option.

You can even secure your documents and make a setting to be opened by the people who’ve received a digital certificate from you.

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3. Google Drive

Google Drive is another way of viewing and editing a PDF file without any external tools, as of like a web browser. It provides an option for an online PDF reader along with the software tool.

Google Drive is also used to store your data, view them, and also share it with your colleagues or friends. You can open and can connect that to chrome apps to this PDF reader and share the link and open a PDF via Google Docs and convert that PDF into a text format that can be edited.

4. Your web browser

If you are searching for a software which is used for only viewing PDF files and you don’t want any other options which have advanced PDF reader software for Windows, and you don’t want any dedicated software.

The normal web browsers you use in everyday use like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, which has got a free PDF reader built-in. When you click on a PDF link, the web browser will open the PDF file on its own, which allows you to use options such as adjustable text size, rotation, download, and printing.

If you want to open the stored PDF files in the system using your web browser, you will have to drag it to an open browser window to open the file, or you can right-click on the file to choose the app to open.

5. Geomagic Verify Viewer

Geomagic Verify Viewer software tool which is a STEP file viewer offers you a different types of tools that help you get a detailed view of STEP files or STP files where you can pick the options like zooming, rotating, etc. you are even allowed to change the visibility of the different sections and also the view mode.

You can even choose to view as a top view, bottom view, left view, right view, front view, back view, etc. Mesh display mode is a great feature that lets you view it in some designs like shaded, texture, and region mode.

Using this software tool, isometric forms of images can also be created with the color adding option to STEP file save as XOV files.

6. UniversalSTEP

A UniversalSTEP viewer is a software that gives you access to the different navigational styles to view STEP files formats.

You have options to view different options like a top, front, side, and viewport along with 3D view along with other cool viewing options like rotate, zoom, change the view of STEP files, and these files are exported to various file formats.

7. Windows photo viewer

Windows Photo Viewer is a software developed by the windows family from the beginning. Previously it was known by the windows picture and fax viewer, and later, it was renamed to windows photo viewer.

In the latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft has universally replaced it with its updated version photo viewer. If it is not working properly, you can update it from the app setting option, which has an easy yet Simple user interface with some features.

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8. HoneyView

HoneyView is the most used third-party image viewer for windows 10, which is very similar to Windows Photos Viewer in functionality, which is very easy to use and features. Still, it contains few extra image formats like PNG, GIF, etc. without any charge.

Using this software, you can rotate images and perform basic resizing and also can attach a link to either Photoshop or Paint along with bookmark images for future references.

9. ImageGlass

ImageGlass is another free photo viewer software that is truly meant for windows 10 has got the modern UI of the software compared to any other photo viewer software tool.

It lets you open a slideshow of all the images saved in a folder which is simple and useful where you can link different image editors to different file formats for particular files like when I open a file with Photoshop; it will open the same file from next time in the same format.

Final Words

As there will be various types of file formats on your pc, you will also need different software tools to view those files. Hence, a file viewer software is must require software to view file format on your pc.

So, you should compulsorily know the features of these software’s which is best suited for you. We hope this article will surely find you the best free file viewer software which you can use in 2020.

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