10 Best Free DLL File Fixer Software For Windows

When you are trying to play a PC game or running a database, you would have come across the missing DLL file error a lot many times, but you will assume this as a common issue and ignore it. The best free DLL file fixer software will come into use to resolve this issue with ease.

It is a Windows code library in which the “DLL file is missing” error can lead your pc to crash. Hence you should require free DLL file fixer software to overcome this process.

This problem may stay on your pc until and unless you install that lost DLL, without which you can’t run the program or application.

There is a neat process to be performed for the software to fix the missing DLL file in the library, but they cannot assure you to get your issue solved. 

So, it is essential to know about the software which can quickly resolve this issue without imposing any charge on you.

Using these traditional methods, you cannot solve the problem straight away, and you will find a lot many DLL software available on the web from which you don’t see a good option.

What Is DLL-File Fixer?

DLL-file Fixer will install the DLL file for you and makes it straightforward to urge a mistake-free Windows written record. DLL-File Fixer may be a program developed by Dll-Files.com.

The original used version is three.1.81, with over ninety-eight of all installations presently exploiting this version.

Upon installation, it defines AN auto-start written record entry that permits the program to run on every boot for the user that put in it.

A regular task is added to Windows Task computer hardware to launch the program at various regular times (the schedule varies betting on the version).

The package is to attach to the net and add a Windows Firewall exception to try to do so while not interfering with it.

The program’s main viable is DLLFixer.exe and has been seen to consume mean electronic equipment of but a hundredth, and utilizes approximately twenty-two.21 MB of memory.

The package installer includes sixteen files and is sometimes regarding fourteen.64 MB (15,354,292 bytes).

So, installing a free DLL file fixer software that can resolve this issue in a single interface with ease and also fix the pop-up errors.

10 Top DLL File Fixer Software To Download

So, here is the list of the best free DLL file fixer software to download to find a solution for the DLL file missing error.

#1. CCleaner

CCleaner dll file fixer

The CCleaner is a popular cleaning software as well as re-fixing software, which gives you a DLL fixer free. You can go to the Registry tab and select the Missing DLLs file, which automatically replaces the misfunctioning files. 

You can even scan your pc for malfunction and also for game optimization with one click, which works smoothly on all the versions of windows.


  • Installs quickly
  • Multiple installation choices
  • Keeps cookies that it is aware of you almost certainly don’t need to delete (like webmail logins)
  • Unobtrusive context menu addition to the Recycle Bin
  • A long history of regular program updates
  • A computer file {is created|is created|is formed} before any changes to the register square measure made
  • Killer feature set
  • Can avoid scanning register keys and values you tell it to jump
  • Support for macOS ten.8 and newer
  • Available as an associate degree robot app


  • The standard transfer page is confusing and makes the program seem to price cash, that it doesn’t
  • The regular installer can add another program to your pc unless you expressly deny it.

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#2. Registry Fix

Registry Fix dll file fixer
Registry Fix

This is one of the most used free DLL fixer software tools. It resolves registry library errors by automatically detecting the missing DLL file.

Allows you to fix them immediately with just one click which enhances your PC’s performance to new altitudes. You can even scan overall pc performance and fix them if anything is found.


  • Search for the files and install the missing DLL file quickly.


  • It Does not support 64-bit Windows.
  • Doesn’t supply any backup/restore feature.
  • It will not provide any scan programming options.

#3. DLL Suite 

Dll Suite file fixer
Dll Suite

This DLL Suite provides us with the heaps of provisions that contain fixing of DLL errors along with restoring the missing DLL option and also removing the dangerous files which are threats to PC.

This software is compatible with all versions of windows, which easily scans the overall pc, which helps you identify and resolve the missing and damaged DLL files, and optimizes your pc to the extreme.


  • As aforesaid over, a DLL file diminishes the duplication of code that’s placed away on the circle. It enhances the execution of the program running in the cortical area and foundation.
  • It also helps build immense measured applications that require various come or non-standard speech variations for secluded style.
  • Another massive advantage of utilizing a DLL file is that the institution or there are no trails in the DLLs amendment by relinking it with the programs. In this manner, a solitary fix can profit varied programs in one go


  • Introducing a separate DLL file is often a swathe for a much bigger issue.
  • DLLs from DLL transfer destinations square measure are often obsolete and aren’t supported for DLL files.
  • DLLs files from DLL transfer destinations could be with viruses
  • DLL transfer destinations may have a DLL file fixer, which will cut the price of your PC’s security
  • DLL errors and fixing them because of uncounted documents and their utilization repeat, DLL-related errors square measure exceptionally traditional. No matter if we tend to experience such mistakes, our arrangement of activity is to appear on the net and set it back in its place.
  • As various programs often use a DLL file, it is in areas like C: WindowsSystem32 and C: WindowsSysWOW64.

#4. DLL Tool

DLL Tool file fixer
DLL Tool

The DLL Tool is one of the most used DLL file fixer software that acts to overhaul the errors that occurred in the DLL file, which runs the program runs without any error by downloading the missing DLL file.

You can even optimize your gameplay using this DLL files installer software tool. It assists you with a game optimizer tool that cleans up your disc and enhances the speed of the pc. This software works fine with all the versions of windows by fixing the DLL errors.


  • You will build DLLs individually.
  • It might be quicker to rebuild one DLL installer


  • Calling code from DLL is slower
  • It will impede the speed which is needed to rebuild the whole project with all DLLs.
  • Function names square measure visible. it’s easier to reverse code that uses dynamic DLLs

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#5. DLL Care 

DLL Care Free File Fixer
DLL Care

This software is meant for the all in one work of your pc, which includes cleaning, free error fixer, and so on.

It is also capable of finding and fixing missing DLL files, which also protects your PC from the virus and malware from infecting the pc programs.

It has got an easy and neat user interface, which boosts the pc performance along with DLL missing file error fixing.


  • Great edges 3+ weeks vacation Nice operating hours (for some departments) Clean, open construct workplace


  • If applying for sure as shooting roles, you must clean in mind the employment is intense.
  • I’d not suggest an addict figure here. you’re not treated well in some departments, and your toil can go unremarked. there’s a high turnover because of folks going away.

#6. DLL-Files Fixer

Dll file fixer windows 10
DLL-files Fixer

The DLL-files Fixer eliminates all DLL errors and written account errors from your computer and works as a Free DLL File Fixer. It repairs and cleans your system, removing corrupted DLL files and dashing up the performance.

Its great factor is it is a straightforward to use interface, which implies that first-time users and amateurs simply handle the code. Moreover, it works cleanly on Windows versions like XP, Vista, Seven, and Windows eight.


  • Scans and repairs the DLL errors instantly.
  • Auto-scans the total computer throughout the system startup.
  • Backs up a full system written account before creating changes.


  • Asks for a heap of your time to search out a DLL file.
  • Offers solely restricted options within the free (trial) version.

#7. SpeedyPC Pro 

SpeedyPC Pro dll repair tool
SpeedyPC Pro

This best free DLL fixer software can effortlessly fix the registry errors with a single click. It also rapidly detects all the errors like missing DLL files.

Resolve them and also has got enormous DLL database to enhance the PC’s performance. It automatically finds and suggests the solution for the error without letting you enter it manually.


  • Packs innumerable tools for fixing different system issues
  • Create restore points before creating system changes


  • Doesn’t supply finding a particular DLL file manually.
  • Its free (trial) version provides solely restricted options.

#8. Smart DLL Missing Fixer 

Smart DLL Missing Fixer dll fixer for windows 10
Smart DLL Missing Fixer

This free DLL fixer software tool smartly scans your pc and allows you to resolve the missing DLL file on your system library with the help of its vast databases than any other software of this genre.

This software also helps you to enhance the performance of your pc by optimizing it with one click, which also scans for malicious threats. You can only download the fixed DLL file to your pc very easily.


  • Works seamlessly for many missing DLLs
  • Offers more tools to mend & optimize the whole system


  • Doesn’t realize some DLLs in its info
  • Doesn’t give an associate degree choice to fix a DLL file manually 

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#9. Glarysoft Repair

Glarysoft Repair dlls downloads
Glarysoft Repair

The Glarysoft Registry repair DLL is one of the best free DLL file fixer software which intelligently tenacities are missing DLL file error shown on your Windows 10 PC. It is even capable of scanning and identifying the hidden or corrupted DLL files.

You can even restore the previously resolved DLL file. This also helps your pc to improve its performance without interfering with any other software programs running on the pc.


  • Register Repair offers varied, exciting options like Backup of the system before creating any changes.
  • Analyzes and identifies completely different sorts of different issues too.


  • Couldn’t clean stubborn files, mostly!
  • Doesn’t give a choice to search a particular DLL file.
  • Sometimes fails to hurry up the system because of background operations.

#10. uFlysoft Cleaner 

uFlysoft Registry Cleaner dlls downloads
uFlysoft Registry Cleaner

You can easily scan the whole database registry using this free DLL file fixer software. It allows you to easily detect the missing DLL file and resolve those errors by just clicking on the repair button provided there.

You can even create a backup of files and restore them later whenever needed. It has also got some more capabilities like disk management, Uninstall Manager, program manager, etc. which helps your pc to work very smoothly.


  • Recover lost videos, audio, photos, and different files on waterproof safely.
  • Get deleted footage and different files back even if they’re deleted while alone.
  • Deeply scan your drive to search out the target files and so recover.


  • The skilled version of knowledge recovery may be a bit expensive.

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What is the Easiest Fix For a Missing DLL Error?

1. Do not transfer DLL files from DLL transfer sites in an endeavour to exchange your missing or corrupt DLL file. In several cases, these sites square measure merely sources of malware.

2. Restart your laptop. It’s potential that the matter that is inflicting the DLL error merely is temporary, and a restart is all you would like.

3. Enter Safe Mode to try and do this or any subsequent steps if you are unable to access Windows commonly thanks to this DLL error.

4. Regain the erased DLL file with the help of a free file recovery program. If you think that you have by misstep erased the DLL file, nevertheless, you’ve since vacated the Recycle Bin, a file recovery program.

5. Recovering a DLL file with a file recovery program could be a sensible plan on the condition that you are sure you’ve deleted the file yourself. It was operating correctly before you probably did that.

6. Use a virus scan of your full system. Several “DLL Is Missing” and “DLL Not Found” DLL blunders square measure associated with malicious programs that pretend to be DLL files.

7. Don’t skip this step if you’ll facilitate it. Reinstalling the program that has the DLL file could be a possible answer to any program-specific DLL error.

Is DLL Files Com Safe?

Positive Highlights

  • The website features a “registered till” date so much within the future.
  • The site was published many years back.
  • Alexa is ranking this website high supported the traffic volume ()
  • People area unit giving this web site positive reviews

Negative Highlights

  • The identity of the owner of the website is hidden.
  • The website is in an exceedingly high-risk country.
  • SSL certificate was unknown

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Final Words

All these DLL fixers package windows/mac 2021 square measure very serving to. You’ll be able to use any fixer in keeping with your necessities.

Some square measure is freed from price, and everyone is employed in Windows OS. You’ll be able to get facilitate from this post; indeed, you may realize your answer to your computer problem.

We all will be getting .dll file fixing errors frequently whenever doing any projects. Instead of trying to solve that error on any online website.

Which will not work smoothly and also has got the risk of being targeted by the viruses and some other malware which are not suitable for your PC.

So it is good to download and install the Free DLL File Fixer, which can not only fix the error that occurred but also boost the performance of the system. We hope this article will help you choose the best free DLL file fixer to fix the missing .dll file error.

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