9 Best Free Data Recovery Software in 2020

The free data recovery software is a software tool that is used to recover the lost files from any storage source. The free data recovery software can recover the files which are accidentally deleted or removed due to virus attack, hard drive damage, or any other reason. 

These software scans and review the storage media and find the removed or deleted files, which can be in different types of file formats like audio, video, contacts, emails, etc. When you delete a file, it will move to the recycle bin, but still, even after you remove the file from the recycle bin, it doesn’t get deleted. 

Most of the data will be deleted from hardware failures, human errors, software corruption, and a computer virus. It is only the path of the deleted file that gets removed by the system and makes it inaccessible.

 Space will be created there in the place of the file, and a binary file is still available on the computer. The file remains in that spot until it is overwritten by any another file, but the parts of the file will be there on the hard drive for more period. 

If you partially delete overwrite the file by another file, then the data recovery software tool cannot recover the file and give you the usable data file. 

Top 11 Free Data Recovery Software in 2020

The best data recovery software should be able to support all types of storage medium and thereby made to recover all file formats of storage media, and also the access should be given to the system from hard disk to the data recovery software tool. 

The process of recovering removed and lost data is fatiguing, and it can only be done using tested data recovery software. This free data recovery software extracts the data from the corrupted file formats and also make it accessible to the user.

Here is the list of 9 best data recovery software to use in 2020:

1. Puran file recovery

This is one of the best free data recovery software with great features and can help you recover files or any other data from different storage media. 

Puran File Recovery Free Data Recovery Software
Puran File Recovery

The software contains different recovery modes like quick scan, deep scan, full scan depending on the complexities of the recovery required. 

It has got a very simple interface with a variety of data pattern lists and can recover all types of file formats. 

The Puran data recovery software identifies the deleted files and does amazing works in finding and restoring deleted files. 

This software comes with a portable version and is compatible with all the versions of windows operating systems.

2. Recuva recovery

This free data recovery software claims to be the one among the best in this genre as this software tool is completely free and allows users to restore files from various devices like hard drives, memory cards, etc. 

Recuva Recovery
Recuva Recovery

It is capable of recovering the formatted data files, emails, word documents, music files, and much more. It is very easy to install and has got a full scan option available to find and restore hidden and damaged files. 

This free data recovery software tool is compatible with all the versions of windows operating systems and supports different types of data types.

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3. Test disk

This is an open-source, free data recovery software tool which can recover lost data files of various formats. 

This data recovery software tool has got a user-friendly interface with good features and gives excellent results. 

This free software allows you to rebuild and recover the boot sector of your pc. You should have some idea of commanding as this software tool works based on the command line to recover files. 

This software works fine with both Windows and Mac OS.

4. Disk Drill data recovery:

This software is designed with a simple and good user interface, along with some good features. This software can restore data from any device with premium data protection. 

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software
Disk Drill

It has the option of multiple scans, saves the scan, and resume recovery. 

This free software shows you the preview of images as pop-ups of the files before starting the recovery, and it even provides you with an option to pause and resume a scan and perform partition recovery. 

Users can filter the files by size and file type, and also you can save the recovery process for later use wherein it can find and restore even older data files.

5. Undelete

Undelete is an ultra-fast and efficient free data recovery software tool where it can restore data files from devices like digital cameras, hard disks, USB storage devices, and memory cards. 


This software shows up the preview of files before starting the actual recovery, and it is also capable of recovering data from multiple file types, including DOCX, HTML, AVI, MP3, JPG, PNG, and more file formats. 

It is supported by most of the Windows operating system versions.

6. EaseUS Data Recovery

This is an excellent best free data restoring software that lets you restore up to 2GB of data free of cost. This software tool has got some good options like deep scan and easy data recovery process. 

EaseUS Data Recovery
EaseUS Data Recovery

It has a flexible data recovery process and Supports a variety of storage drives, which results in an efficient data recovery where it recovers lost data from various platforms from almost all data file types. 

This software can recover data from external hard drives, internal hard disks, mobile phones, and other devices also. 

This is compatible with all the versions of windows and also mac OS.

7. Photorec:

It is one of the top class best free data recovery software that can be used to recover and restore lost or damaged data files from storage media. 

This software can recover deleted photos, videos, documents, and other files. 

This open-source, free data recovery software tool has a very ordinary yet easy interface and is compatible with windows, Mac OS, Linux.

8. Glary Undelete

This is one of the easiest data recovery software tool, which is known for its clean interface and powerful data recovery options. It has features like quick scan, deep scan, and multiple filters to simplify your file search for recovery. 

Glary Undelete
Glary Undelete

It is capable of recovering compressed, fragmented and encrypted files and also can Undelete files on removable devices. You can use the options of filters like filter by file name, file date, size, recovery state of the data file. 

The software flawlessly works with any file formats and is compatible with windows and mac os.

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9. Pandora Recovery

This is one among the most reliable free data recovery software tool which can recover recently deleted files from hard drives, DVDs and other storage devices for recovery. 

Pandora Recovery Data Recovery Software
Pandora Recovery

It has got Comprehensive filters with an outstanding user interface, which shows the preview of the file before running the recovery process. It contains a deep clean, quick scan and more options for restoring along with a one-click data recovery feature.

Final Words

Sometimes your important file may get deleted or damaged by mistake or by device failures. So it is essential to backup your data; under some unfavorable conditions, the data file might get corrupted. 

In these times, you will require a data recovery software tool to get back your data. For that, you will need to choose among the best Free Data Recovery Software.

This article will surely help you to choose the best one by letting you know about the features inside the software.

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