9 Best Facial-Recognition Software to Use (2020)

Facial Recognition tech has a great application in today’s world from its use in cybersecurity for your mobile phones, its employment in law enforcement to identify people to its applications in the medical field industry. So we give you a list of the best facial recognition software.

Although Facial recognition has been around for a while, it’s still a very developing field, and there are still significant changes being made in its feature to maintain privacy and also to make this feature more precise and accurate and operate better generally.

For its other more fun aspects, it can also be paired up with Augmented Reality to create some fun features which can be used to edit selfies and pictures adding various effects to them, popularly known as filters which are used by apps such as Snapchat, Instagram 

How does it Work?

Facial recognition software is a part of biometric technology that works on a specific Deep Learning algorithm. This algorithm uses stored face prints to compare the individual’s facial features.

The face can be identified using a still image or video frames or even live. The effectiveness of the facial recognition software depends on the quality and accuracy provided by the software.

Top 9 Facial-Recognition Software to Use

Some of the widely recognized facial recognition software are listed below:

1. BioID

BioID is a multi-factor face recognition app used for user authentication, which enables you to log on to various websites and apps which support it face identification.

Facial-Recognition Software

It uses biometrics to identify users instead of a passcode. Developed by a German company of the same name, it is considering to be one of the best facial recognition apps out there with its easy setup process. 

You take a few pictures of yourself from different angles through the BioId app, which will allow you to register onto the app. 

After the registration, to log in on the app, it’ll require you to take a picture of your face for the verification process. This claims that its software is safe to use on other apps and websites, and they can identify hackers through their patent Fake Defender feature.

The BioID app is available both on iOS and Android systems.

2. True Key

True Key is a product of McAfee Security; it is considering as one of the best facial recognition software that allows you to use biometric technology like BioID to unlock your apps.

True Key Facial Recognition Software
True Key

True Key uses fingerprint or biometric technology to protect and manage passwords. It has the AES-256 encryption method to encrypt data with a multi-function authentication, which helps in protecting the data from third-party interventions.

Once logged in using this too, all of the apps on your phone which require a password will be synchronized with the True Key app for maximum security.

This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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3. FaceFirst

FaceFirst is very popular amongst law enforcement, military, and other organizations, being one of the applications on this list that uses its facial recognition feature to identify individuals from a distance.



Once clicked and uploaded on the app, the picture is matched against a massive database of known persons to identify the individual who helps the app recognize the individual quickly.

The app provides you with real-time security alerts, along with accurate information, push notifications, emails, and text alerts. It also has a feature to add people to a watchlist, regardless of internet connectivity.

All the data uploaded on the app is protecting from third-party access.

Taking into consideration all of the additional features that It provides, it certainly helps organizations to keep their communities safer. This app is already considered as the best facial recognition software by many of its users.

The FaceFirst app is readily available for both iOS and Android users.

4. AppLock

Developed by Sensory, a California based software company AppLock is a facial recognition app that also works on biometric technology. It allows users to unlock using facial recognition features as well as voice recognition. 

AppLock Top Facial Recognition Software

AppLock also provides features to secure your data, social apps, financial information, banking details, and more via face or voice identification.

You first have to register yourself on the app. It will then ask you to sync the apps which you require to be protected through AppLOck and also to select a security level for individual apps. Generally, the app provides two levels of security:

  1. Convenience mode that requires either your face or your voice to unlock the apps
  2. TrulySecure mode that requires you to unlock your apps through both voice and face recognition

Applock supposedly uses deep Learning algorithms that ensure a high level of security and can learn your facial characteristics to improve facial recognition over time. 

While AppLock is not available for iOS users, it is considered as one of the best facial recognition apps for Android.

5. FaceApp

FaceApp is considered as the best face recognition app available for iOS users, with around 80 million active users. The app has been launched for android users as well due to its popularity.


FaceApp allows ut users to compare themselves to how they will possibly look in the future. This is made possible with the vast array of filters available on the app, such as hairstyle, age, gender, skin tone, lighting, etc.

Additionally, it can recognize celebrities and allow users to share their old and new photographs like other social platforms. 

FaceApp offers a variety of filters that add to the excitement of facial recognition. Some of these filters are:

Smile Filter – You can edit your smile with this feature to be as you want.

Hairstyles – It allows you to change the color of your hair and also your hairstyle. The app can help in deciding which color is the best fit for you or which hairstyle suits you.

Genderswap – Curb your curiosity and see what you would look like as a boy or girl.

Age filter – It lets you see your older or younger versions.

Skin tone lightening feature – This feature lightens your skin tone to alter your appearance.

6. Face2Gene

Face2Gene is available free for both iOS and Android users, and it also works on PC and Mac. This facial recognition is developed for the medical industry by FDNA, an artificial intelligence agency based in Boston, U.S. 


It employs the use of unique facial features of individuals to help doctors perform genetic evaluations. With its vast potential, it is the best available facial recognition software for healthcare professionals.

Face2Gene helps medical practitioners compare genetic and phenotypic traits to identify different syndromes within individuals. 

It also utilizes Deep Learning algorithms based on syndrome gestalts, built on computational classifiers specific for each syndrome. The app works by converting a scanned photo into facial descriptors, which are then compared to the stored syndrome gestalts by which the doctors can analyze the similarities and identify the medical condition.

AI, on the other hand, facilitates possible phenotypic traits and genes to assist in identifying the possible syndrome.

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7. FacePhi

FacePhi is mostly dedicated to the financial sector. This app works with a facial recognition built by FacePhi’s robust algorithms, during the time of registration, the app requires s the user to enter their personal information, and it also registers their facial features to configure facial patterns.

Facephi is one of the most Facial Recognition Software

FacePhi is a revolutionary product that provides its users with secure mobile banking experience. Using this software, banks can verify their clients’ identities when they are using the bank’s online facilities.

After the registration process, whenever you need to log in, the system first verifies your identity through your username, which could be your ID number, pin, or card, that you were provided with at the time of registration. For further identification, the app asks for a facial scan, which is compared with the system’s database of registered users.

In other words, when you log in to your bank account on your mobile phone, you are required to take a selfie for user identification. Once identified, you can proceed further and avail of all the mobile banking services.

8. Blippar

Blippar is an Augmented Reality based facial recognition app that can identify over 370,000 celebrity faces and perform a quick search on their life, work, and other details. This feature is called Public Figure Facial Recognition.


Blippar makes it clear facial recognition isn’t just to recognize your face for security identification. 

The app also introduced another facial recognition feature named “Halos,” which enables its users to create and customize their AR face profiles to display their mood, moment, or lookalike celebrity.

Blippar also utilizes Deep Learning computer vision, a form of artificial technology through which using a smartphone camera; it recognizes relevant images and real-world objects.

Developed by a London based AR company, Initially, it was developed to identify everyday objects. The purpose was to use this app for AR advertising. 

Blippar is available on both Android and iOS and is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

9. Luxand Face Recognition

Luxand Face Recognition (also know as FaceSDK) is a face recognition feature developed by US-based hi-tech company Luxand. The app is used for various purposes by many organizations worldwide, including face identification, surveillance, biometric identification.

Luxand Face Recognition
Luxand Face Recognition

The app allows you to detect any face once it has been memorized, and the faces can also be named. 

Luxand acts as a photo directory for you to remember the less frequent people in your life. Its features also include detecting faces from still images and live video streams, recognizes gender and age, adding to the authenticity of the generated profile. 

Also, you can use their avatar feature to create your fun avatars and give them different hair colors, piercings, etc. and also create a 3D avatar. 

This app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Final Words

Facial recognition software is still very much a developing technology. It has tremendous potential in many fields, including medical, business, and law enforcement. 

With so many apps launched regularly on both Google Play and Apple Store, it’s hard to choose the ones that are authentic and more secure. 

Thus, we hope that the list above would help you to shortlist some of the software and use them to “recognize” which one suits your needs the best.

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