11 Best CPU Temperature Monitor Software in 2020

Is your computer is excessively overheating and your PC begins immediately close-downs, logoffs, or going insane then overheating could be the issue? To resolve this, you need CPU Temperature Monitor Software to maximize its full potentials and capacity. You can only achieve this by regular and constant monitoring with the best temperature monitor software.

Different factors cause a CPU overheating with time. If care is not taken, any one of these factors can eventually lead to overheating and capable of causing severe damages to your computer.

Top 11 CPU Temperature Monitor Software

There are tonnes of CPU temperature monitor software out there and they are not equally efficient in determining the accurate temperature of the CPU hence, we are here with our article. In this article we put the emphasis on monitoring CPU temperature and introduced the 11 best temperature monitor software explore them below:

1. Speccy

Speccy is a CPU Temperature Monitor Software. It has many functions to performs outside monitoring CPU temperature. it is also known as a daily driver.

Speccy supports both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows and also has both paid and free versions for users. The free version will give you advanced insight into your CPU’s health, while the paid version will be your automatic alert system for undesirable circumstances.

It provides the real-time temperature of components with a well-detailed report of your system to know which action to take next. It also takes HD screenshots of the software.


2. Core Temp

Core Temp is one of the most reliable CPU temperature monitor software. It will give you accurate temperature and voltage readings of your CPU components. With Core Temperature, you will be able to monitor the percentage of heat your system generates.

This software is very lightweight and it uses less of the system’s resources. It monitors the temperature of your system and shows the exact temperature. Also, it gives room for add-ons to boost its functionality and gives smooth running. It also provides information about your system as you can find the CPU temperature of each of its speed, cores, and model.

3. HWMonitor

The HWMonitor is a free CPU temperature monitor software that not only monitors temperature but also as trusted hardware monitoring. It works with both 32-bit and 64-bit processors and receives frequent updates for continued support with the newest CPUs.

Also, it reads the various health sensors inside your system. You can also view the temperatures of the various components like CPU, hard drives, motherboard, and graphics card. You can also monitor the voltage and SMART info.

4. Real Temp

If your PC is equipped with Intel processors then this Real Temp is your CPU temperature monitor. 

As one of the best CPU temperature monitor software, the Real Temp is well designed and developed for monitoring all kinds of intel processors including Intel single, dual, quad-core, etc processors. 

It is based on temperature data gathered using a Fluke 62 IR thermometer. It can keep track of and display your CPU temperature in real-time. Additionally, it offers a very usefully high temp alarm and shutdown features as well.


HWiNFO is a pool of professional hardware information and diagnostic tools with the latest components. These tools are designed to collect and show the maximum amount of information about your computer.

Not only CPU temperature monitoring allows you to do various tasks. It is capable of monitoring several system components like motherboard, HDD temperature, CPU & GPU usage, CPU package power, and even RAM usage.

It can work with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. This CPU temperature monitoring software is compatible with both Windows and DOS.

6. CPU temperature monitor

This CPU temperature monitor software is very easy and simple to use. CPU thermometer does just exactly what it is required for users. 

It is too easy to operate and use due to its simple user-interface. It displays the CPU temperature and the current CPU components. 

CPU thermometer not only monitors the CPU’s temperature Also, but it does also have other advanced features. It is ideal for people that need accurate and concise information on their CPU’s temperature.

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7. Open Hardware Monitor

In this list, this is another powerful CPU temperature monitor software to monitor CPU temperature. The Open Hardware Monitor is a freeware software that not only analyzes CPU temperature but also monitors voltages, fan speed, load, and even clock speeds of a computer.

It has got many amazing features like it supports most of the latest hardware monitoring chips. The Open Hardware Monitor is capable of running on 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems.

8. AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme is one of the best CPU temperature monitor software which you can trust. It offers extremely detailed information about hardware components with its hardware detection engine. 

It also provides options to measure the performance of each hardware and the whole system. This CPU temperature monitor software is fully packed with some powerful features like advanced CPU monitoring deep monitoring of the system.

Also, the software monitors sensors in real-time and as well provides accurate temperature, voltage, and fan speed readings to users.

9. SIW

SIW is a popular chip-specific CPU monitoring software. Like some other software on the list, this deals with the overall health of your CPU and computer. 

Not just only temperature you can determine the fan speed of your CPU. Also, you can monitor all other important components of the system such as sound devices, ports, storage devices. You have to check if your chip is compatible so that you can attach a sensor to it, else it will not work for you.

10. Argus Monitor

Argus Monitor is a system utility software for monitoring of temperatures and status of system components such as CPU, GPU, and hard disk drive and can also control the fan.

This is one of the best CPU temperature monitor software with a user-friendly interface and all temperatures are displayed numerically as well as graphically. 

This software runs as a background task, and it continually monitors the health of your hard disk. You will be ready to test Argus Monitor for 30 days, and if you would like to continue using it, you’ll need to purchase a license key.

11. Rainmeter

At the end of the list, we have got Rainmeter. If you are looking for a CPU temperature monitor software that will give you all the features you need in a full package then this one is for you. 

This software has some versatile features which make it so unique from other software. With Rainmeter, you can customize the display of your computer’s desktop. 

Some of the important features it displays are CPU temperature monitor, RAM usage, time, date, weather, disks usage, temperatures, and more. It is quite easy to operate and navigate.


Final Words

We have listed the 11 best CPU temperature monitor software for PC giving out the features that they provide. All the above-listed software is pretty good and user friendly. Go ahead and select the most suitable software as per your need.

This software does not only monitor the temperature of your system, but they have a lot of features and functions embedded in them hence, worth installing.

I hope you guys like this article, share your feedback and suggestions in the reply section.

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