9 Best CPU Stress Test Software to Use in 2020

If you are searching for what is the best CPU Stress Test Software then here is the list of the best software to use. Pressing the power button of a new PC and letting it boot properly is a great thing for a computer or gaming geeks, that too if you have only modified your system by doing some research and assembling all the parts properly.

Everything will be fine until you use your PC to operate everyday programs such as MS Office, Chrome, media player, and some other regular things. But the real test starts when you install and load any high intensified games like PUBG PC or Call of duty at high-resolution settings to stream online and go live on YouTube.

I’m sure that your pc won’t perform the same as is used to before, it will start overheating. The very first thing to do after getting a new PC is to stress test the machine for at least 6 hours to make sure that the CPU, GPU, and GPU are completely stable.

To check this, you will require CPU stress test software which puts PC hardware under excessive levels of stress to track system stability and condition when it is used in a normal environment. The CPU stress software helps you in easily monitoring how your PC is working in extreme conditions.

The main objective of these CPU stress testing software tools is to test the stability by trying to force the PC to fail and find the maximum performance that is possible for your pc at some conditions.

But you should some basic idea about the intrinsic dangers of performing the stress tests on your pc by knowing the pros and cons of the software and also the features provide by the developer.

Top 9 CPU Stress Test Software in 2020

Here we are bringing out 9 best CPU stress test software to use in 2020:

1. Unigine Heaven

Unigine heaven pushes the CPU to the maximum limits. It is one of the most useful and accurate software tools to check the stability of a processor and graphics card under intensively stressful conditions along with this it even determines under maximum heat output the potential of a cooling system.

The software creates real in-game rendering workloads across all the components of machines and gets unbiased results. It extensively puts a load on the CPU and using some of their application and network software, calculates the scores based on the performances under a normal environment.  

2. Prime 95

For CPU stress testing, one of the best free CPU stress testing utilities is Prime 95. Prime 95 essentially utilizes the CPU and generates a very high workload on the CPU.

The process normally takes an uninterrupted 6 hour run on this software which shows that the CPU is in good condition and has no issues over its usable lifetime.

You should know that the temperatures are kept in a reasonable range. There are various options to stress test the CPU and, in these options, the most intense test is the Small FFTs stress test which stresses the CPU the most to make sure that any possible issues will reveal itself in the early stage.

There is another type of blended test which stresses not only the CPU but also the RAM. If you are facing any problem regarding removing password protection from a RAR file, you can use this powerful RAR/WinRAR password remover tool. 

3. HWMonitor

HWMonitor is one of the best free software tools to monitor your PC’s CPU component temperatures. It contains a hassle-free, easy to use interface and gives real-time results such as utilization, temperature, clock speed, and power usage of the pc components.

Both CPU and GPU have got their maximum temperatures, but it is safer to keep the desktop CPUs under 70°C and desktop GPUs under 100°C. Laptop CPUs are designed to keep temperatures under 95°C.

So it is very important to have a CPU stress test software to maintain the performance of the pc in good condition.

4. Internal Processor Diagnostic Tool

Most of the people in this world are owing to Intel CPU based systems; the company itself manufactures your processor along with one of the best CPU stress testing software tools comes directly from the developer.

Intel’s Processor Diagnostic Tool will test the processor, its operating frequency, and all other functionalities, then run to stress testing the CPU in the most intense ways that can be possible.

This software tool is developed in such a way that automatically shut itself down if the CPU overheats.

5. AIDA64

AIDA64 is a comprehensive software tool that reviews full system utility which is of the best use for engineers, IT professionals.

This software tool also offers the System Stability Test, which can stress the CPU, RAM, and also the GPU. It’s another great feature that will notify you if the CPU starts slowing down during the high temperatures.

You have to check the CPU cooler whether it is properly installed or not to check to throttle. 

6. Memtest

This free software tool helps in regular checking of the components like CPU and RAM of your computer. When the RAM does not work properly, it will tend to fail to cause blue screens and inexplicable system restarts.

The very important to run on a new system is the memory and CPU stress test, and memtest will be of great use. It can be installed from the portable USB.

It will tell you if it finds any problems in your CPU and RAM and closes the software automatically in case of overheating during the process. 

7. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

This software is also a yet another product developed by the intel manufacturers, which allows you to overclock, and check for a stress test the CPU, memory, and GPU.

The clean interface is provided along with some new features available on Intel Motherboards and Application Processors.

It will show the tracking of results continuously in the form of graphs during the process which monitors temperatures, maximum core frequency, CPU utilization, throttling, and many other component tests.

8. PCMark

PCMark software tool determines the system’s performance by executing which includes everyday activities, such as playing games, editing photos and videos, browsing websites, and watching movies.

Each test shows low-level workload scores, mid-level test group scores, and high-level workload scores, which can be compared side by side within the tool depending on the component.

In the end, it yields an accurate and unbiased result by comparing system scores for different categories.

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9. 3D Mark

This is a powerful CPU stress test software tool designed for system builders, overclockers, and especially gamers.

It is used to know CPU workload processing and 3D graphics rendering capacities of a wide range of devices like tablets and gaming PC.

It automatically scans the components and gives scores based on the performance. After the test ends, it displays real-time GPU and CPU temperature, frame rate, clock speeds, and tells you whether your device needs up-gradation by comparing it with other devices.

Final Words

By this time, you will know how important it is to maintain your CPU, RAM, GPU, and other components of your PC.

So, it is mandatory to install a CPU stress test software to keep a trace of the performances of your pc components. The list mentioned above of the best CPU stress test software will help you in doing so in real-time.

Make use of these software’s and keep your PC safe and fast. I hope this article will help you in choosing the correct software tool for your CPU stress testing.

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