13 Best Free Bin File Opener Software For Windows (2022)

We are sure you have heard of and know about .bin files on your system. They are the binary files that have compressed code that may be used by different software on your computer. These files can’t be open using the default file manager; hence, you need bin file opener software for windows for opening that type of file.

Other than bin files, many other compressed file extensions are also opened by these bin file opener software. Find a bin file with this free file viewer software for that.

Top 13 Bin File Opener Software for Windows

So, this article will help you out. It is a compiled list of the 13 best bin file opener software for your computer. This software will help you extract and store your bin file. So, let’s get on with it:

1. Frhed BIN File Opener Software

It is a free open source bin file editor software for Windows users. It is an excellent binary file or bin file opener software in which you got various binary data editing tools. 

Frhed BIN File Opener Software for Windows

Apart from bin, you are also allowed to view and edit hexadecimal files. Frhed is one of the favorite software for users because it offers all options to edit bin as well as hex files. It offers some handy tools by which you can adjust the color set, character set, and many more.

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2. Daemon Tools Lite

It is probably the most popular program when it comes to handling disk images in general. This bin file opener software, Daemon, has all the tools needed to open and edit bin files.

Daemon Tools Lite
Daemon Tools Lite

A simple user interface lets you check a disk to see if it is error-free. Using Daemon tools lite, you can create a virtual hard drive, mount the same hard drive, create high-speed RAM disks, and also extract and open bin files.

3. WinISO

WinISO is a freeware bin file opener software to open bin files with limited functionalities. You can browse, Open, and even bin file extractor for pc.

WinISO BIN File Opener Software

Also, this software can easily make bootable ISO and convert ISO to bin and vice versa, bin to ISO. You are also allowed to convert bin to ISO with this software. 

It was pretty impressive for its minimal functionality.  It supports various format that includes. FCD, .ISO. NRG. CIF.VCD etc.

4. AnyBurn

It is a free bin file opener software for handling bin files with support for many image files. 

AnyBurn BIN FIle Opener

You can even burn out your CDs with this tool. In this, you can also access bin files from the extract image file from the menu on the home screen. It is free and lightweight software with a simple, user-friendly UI. It is straightforward to use bin opener Software for beginners. 

For the opening, bin file Click the browse button and navigate to the bin / CUE file you want to extract then click Open.

5. AnyToISO

This bin File Opener software converts image formats into one another. You can even use it open and extract bin Files. 


In the first option, it says file to extract or converts to ISO, browse for your bin file on the source image file text field.

You can hit the button and it will automatically complete the task. After that, you will receive a hyperlink with a click here to open the output folder. It will take you to the extracted data of your target bin file.

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6. Roxio Creator NXT Pro

Roxio Creator NXT Pro stands out for not being just a bin file opener software that can open bin files. It is a whole software package that has got an image editor, video editor, a screen recorder, a disk encryption tool, and more.

Roxio Creator NXT Pro
Roxio Creator NXT Pro

All options are available in a single software that comes at a modest price for users. It is an entire digital suite meant for making the video, music disks, and File extraction. It also has screen recording features.

7. IZArc

If you need a fresh and straightforward interface, then IZArc is for you. It provides access to most compressed and encoded files as well as accessibility to many premium features and tools. It enables you to drag and drop files from and to any folder.

IZArc Bin File Opener Software for Windows

Also, it is capable of composing and extracting archives directly in Windows Explorer. Allows creating multiple archives spanning disks. It can create self-extracting archives and can also repair damaged zip archives. 

It is the most reliable free bin File Opener supporting many archive formats like ZIP, PAK, ARC, ARJ, PDI, PK3, RAR, RPM, and many more.

8. PowerISO

This bin file opener software is much like the home version of the operating system itself, PowerISO has a somewhat restricted set of functionalities on the free version and has got all the premium features on paid.  


You can browse your bin file and open it and can even extract it to the destination of your choice. It is also a good converter too.

9. TUGZip

TUGZip is an excellent bin File Opener software. Apart from extracting the bin file, this software can debug, archive convert, repair, test, batch archive, encrypt, and decrypt Image files on its own.


The Extraction option is available in the Action menu. There are various choices to select if you want to extract or open all files and open the directory after extraction. 

The batch extract bin files are also plausible with this software. It is easy to use and worth trying.

10. Magic ISO Maker

It is another good bin file opener software to extract bin file for free.



You can simply browse and open a bin file from the folder tree available on the left side of the interface. Extract the file from any location on your computer. Save bin files as ISO or UIF in it. Other features let you Burn, make a CD image file, etc. You can operate files of size 300 MB or less.

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11. Bandizip

Bandizip is one of the best bin file opener software that allows you to extract bin files. At the Toolbar menu in the software, you will see an option for extracting files.


There are multiple extract options that you can choose from, like extract automatically, extract to desktop, etc. Save it in formats like .zip, .zipx, .rar, .cab, .egg, .001, .arj, .lha, .pma, .ace, .aes, .7z and many more. Also, you can encrypt archive files too.

12. ISO Workshop

Here is a very easy to use bin file opener software. It is an extraction software that is used to extract commonly used image file formats. You can use it to extract bin files, ISO, IMG, and other files from your computer disk.

ISO Workshop
ISO Workshop

You just have to find the File and open it then select the extract option and extract it at the location you want. It’s as simple as that.

13. ISO Toolkit

At the end of the list of bin file opener free download windows Software, we have got ISO Toolkit. Use it to extract bin files and save bin files on Windows. 

ISO Toolkit
ISO Toolkit

You can also perform multiple other operations with this software such as Burn image files, convert folder to image data, CD/DVD to an Image file, and many more.

To open and extracting.bin files get the Extract ISO option then, browse and select the bin file to extract and choose the output path, then simply remove. It has got a simple and user-friendly UI, which makes it easier to use.

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Final Words

Now, that’s it for this we have almost covered the best bin file opener software for windows, and hope this helps. You can research and finalize the best fit as per your requirements. We hope that you went through the list and will select the one that best suits your needs.

We hope you guys like this article, share your feedback and suggestions in the reply section.

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