How to Fix Windows Error Code 0x80040154 Easily

Fix Windows Error Code 0x80040154 – We all are aware of Windows, a procession of undertaking networks developed by Microsoft and published as a fraction of its Windows NT household of operating policies. It is the successor to Windows 8.1, broadcasted nearly two years ahead, and was disseminated to manufacturing in 2015 and was considerably published for the wider world later that month.

One of the fundamental designs of Windows 10 is to centralize Windows knowledge across numerous appliances, such as desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Windows also acquainted the Microsoft Edge web browser, a virtual desktop system, a window and a desktop management element called Task View to support fingerprint and face distinction login with new security inscriptions for enterprise climates.

As a fraction of this undertaking, Microsoft developed Windows Mobile alongside Windows to modernize Windows Phone Microsoft, the aforesaid mobile OS. But Windows has faced a lot of problems. Still, Suppose you are on someone alliance like at the house. In that case, you can operate an anti-virus scanning on your tool to earn confident it is not contaminated with malware.

Suppose you are at a department or shared system. In that case, you can ask the configuration supervisor to operate a scan across the hierarchy, glancing for misconfigured or infected with the tools. In this particular article, I’m gonna explain:

How to Fix Update Error 0x80040154 on Windows

You must be bothered or even nasty when experiencing update omissions on your window. Well, it’s just a regular thing that happens with all the people. But If you have obtained the Windows update error x80040154, we have to strive the explanations remembered below to remedy it.

Be confident that the Windows Update building up SFC/DISM scale scans can often do surprises for those in difficulty. Well, to fix this particular problem, you would not need a professional. However, Troubleshooting PC difficulties are our specialist. If you know Windows updated omission, while operating Windows updates, we’ve got the solution 0x80040154. This is an error of the Windows Update Standalone Installed scans.

Significant or important system files are forgetting or Windows update services are halted during the establishment of Windows updated in the Windows update omission 0x80040154 promptly accomplishes most of the time. People are often marvelling themselves how to understand this, and thus, you have to compile the most reasonable explanations to fix the Windows update omission 0x80040154.

Error code 0x80040154 implies the restricted service does not prevail as an installation service. This can be apparent when you open the Services console (services. MSc), the Windows Update assistance or the Background Intelligent Transfer Service

How to Fix Windows Error Code 0x80040154 Easily

There could be numerous reasons to have window error code 0x80040154. To fix the problem, first, we have to understand how the problem has occurred; there could be a lot of possibilities to look forward to discussing some of them. The could be harm performed to the PST file through third-party malware, or there can be a Virus, some Damaged or false profile.

Unregistered DLL file, Unlawful undertaking or unexpected deletion of significant network files. Over exceeding the PST file size limit, Faulty Add-ins, Improper building of Outlook profile. The incomplete composition of the email account and some other aspects might influence the file. As we can discern, the PST file is extremely susceptible, and it clenches detailed account evidence of a stoner. Hence, we need credible explanations to rectify the omission.

1. Re-register the inetcomm.dll file in Windows

It often transpires that unregistered or eliminated inetcomm.dll file oversees to the opinion error 0x80040154. When this file is resisting, you will get the same error whenever you attempt to obtain new emails. The only explanation is to re-register the table.

Step 1: You can Begin with the Run window and write regsvr32 inetcomm.dll and then click the enter key, where you’ll receive on-screen rules to enrol the file, and the omission will be overhauled quickly.

Step 2: All you have to tolerate while registering the file as that one secondary error could command your whole data.

2. Look for the Anti-Virus Software

If the enrollment of the DLL file doesn’t help, then give rise to the definite Anti-Virus software. A destructive virus may be violating the file and overseeing to stance mistake code 0x80040154.

Step 1: So, you require to update the software and operate a scan of the entire network.

Step 2: After the scanning stops, it would eliminate it instantly if there is a problem with the system. Nonetheless, if there are no problems, try maiming the anti-virus software and learning new emails. If nonentity happens, then we can eliminate the possibility that Anti-Virus software is resulting in the omission.

3. Attempt Opening Outlook in Safe Mode:

Step 1: We want to open the Outlook application in Safe Mode to review if it still hurls the opinion omission 0x80040154.

Step 2: Then you can easily Exit the concerned app and tap on it while clutching the Ctrl key.

Step 3: On-Screen it will be inquired if you need to open Outlook are method or not. Tap on the Yes button and operate the program. Therefore, there would be an attempt to emails to be sure if the difficulty is overhauled.

4. Rebuild or Reinstall MS Office

Step 1: A great explanation to settle the opinion error code 0x80040154 is to overhaul or reinstall the MS Office completely and make sure that you recoup additional files before you commence the procedure. 

Step 2: It can be exhausting as you are uninstalling the comprehensive whole MS office with no backup. The only option left is the outlook data file, also phoned the OST file will become unapproachable.


Step 3: Firstly you have to press on the right and fed. Open the menu and choose the Apps and Features choice from the record.

Step 4: You can also assign the MS Office commodity you need to overhaul and tap on Modify. Here the Office suite restoration will instigate, and there you, once the procedure ends, survey if the difficulty is settled.

5. Opt for the Microsoft Office Support and Recovery Assistant Utilities

Step 1: One alternative is left to fix the environment error 0x80040154 if the difficulty is with outlook composition. Then there are’ in-built comeback apps Microsoft Support & Recovery Assistant will help during such moments.


Step 2: Start with the utility and operate an Advanced Diagnostics to specify the difficulty in the Outlook composition. As soon as the software specifies the situation, it will commence the tangle together. When it stops, it can begin by getting modern emails. And if frivolity struggles, then begin a professional Outlook repair tool.


6. Try Professional Outlook Repair Tool

Suppose you can’t figure out a reasonable way to settle the outlook error code 0x80040154. In that case, we can propose the Stellar Outlook Repair equipment. This software can rebuild the honesty of the PST file, which is often the overseeing cause of such omissions.

It will reconstruct and regain the data of your Outlook report with exactness. People can download the software for no price from the authorized site.  

Step 1: But first, you have to Inaugurate the proposal, and you will glimpse the Home tab, and then On the top left side of the software window, you will glimpse the “Select Outlook PST” choice. Click on the choice, and a minor window will open up where you desire to subtract the file for improvement.


Step 2: Then Browse the file from your network if you know the setting. If you’re unaware of the file location, then connect on the Find it to compress the file automatically.

Best Of All

Try Professional Outlook Repair Tool – Suppose you can’t figure out a reasonable way to settle the outlook error code 0x80040154. In that case, we can propose the Stellar Outlook Repair equipment. This software can rebuild the honesty of the PST file, which is often the overseeing cause of such omissions. It will reconstruct and regain the data of your Outlook report with exactness. People can download the software for no price from the authorized site. 

How Do I Fix Error 0x80040154?

You can install and launch the application. Click the Scan Now button to detect potential issue causes, then tap on the Repair All button to fix establish anomalies.

How Do I Fix The Windows Error Code?

You can re-start your computer and operate Run SFC and CHKDSK. SFC and CHKDSK to get rid of it.

Final Words

Suppose substantial or important system files are skipping or Windows update services are halt during the establishment of Windows remodeled in the Windows update mistake promptly attains most of the time. In that case, you follow any of the explanations mentioned above.

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